Robert Goldwater Net Worth, Bio, And Services

Robert Goldwater Net Worth, Bio, And Services

Robert Goldwater, the founder of Birth Injury Lawyer, was blessed with triplets in the year 2002. Unfortunately, they all were born prematurely by four months.

As a result of which, they all suffered from various disabilities.

These various congenital disabilities included intraventricular hemorrhage, bradycardia, retinopathy of prematurity, jaundice, respiratory distress, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, cerebral palsy, etc.

Although his children’s injuries were not because of medical negligence, a significant number of birth injuries are a result of medical malpractice.

Birth Injuries are critical, frequent, and costly. For every 1000 newborns in the United States, 7 to 8 have a birth injury. That means that approximately one in every 9,714 people in the U.S. are born with a birth injury.

Serious birth injuries may result from causes like Cerebral Palsy as a Result of Infertility Treatments, Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, Vacuum birth injuries.

Robert and his wife had to face the tough road ahead. Similar was the case for their newborn triplets. They had to spend the first four months of their life in the Intensive Care Unit for treatment of the Injuries. They were placed on the feeding tubes for months.

Life had been struggling for Robert’s Kids, who had to be in several hospitals for almost a year. Two of his kids were identified with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral palsy is one of the common disorders in children of the United States. Approximately Ten thousand children are born with Cerebral Palsy every year in the United States.


Robert laid the foundation of the Birth Injury Lawyer group in 2003. This group aims to help the families of the children injured at birth by providing useful information.

They assist the families in finding out if the birth Injury to their child was preventable. In the case of Birth Injury, because of medical negligence, the person has the legal right to hold the respective party accountable.

The Birth Injury lawyer group connects you to an Experienced Birth Injury lawyer, who understands the legal right of the parents in case of birth injuries to their children.

The lawyer will work diligently to make sure that the parents get maximum out of court settlement possible from the insurers.

Whereas some birth injury lawyers may specifically specialize in one birth injury, such as Cerebral Palsy as a Result of Infertility Treatment, the majority are focused on a variety of birth injuries. The risk of cerebral palsy is twice when the children are conceived post the infertility treatment. 


The most important thing in selecting a birth Injury Lawyer is the proven track record and experience in handling the birth Injury cases. As demonstrated by statistics, the lawyers who specialize in birth injury cases have better chances to obtain a higher amount of compensation to the clients than the general practice lawyer.

The team at Birth Injury Lawyers has collaboration with several specialists and national attorneys who have a proven track record of handling birth injury cases successfully.


Mostly cause of birth injury is settled. It means the case is solved before going for the actual trial. Monetary payout is the resolution. The various settlement and verdicts are mentioned below:

  • Settlement in case of Navy Doctor Malpractice Case For $11.5 Million
  • Settlement Awarded to the Girl With Shoulder Dystocia

The parents of birth injury affected the child; it is a tremendous amount of emotional and financial pressure to improve the child’s quality of life.

The Birth Injury Lawyer group makes sure that the case of medical negligence in investigated thoroughly, and the maximum amount of claim can be won for the client.


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