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In our themes you can find many interesting stories and interesting information that can bring you some news. We will do our best to introduce you to various types of arts in our themes, and today we will talk about one particular kind.

In our today’s theme we will talk about music that is very important in the lives of all people and which brings great joy to every man. The music has existed since ancient times and it has always been there to enrich the moments of all people in the world.

Music is something that everyone in the world likes and without which our lives would make no sense. Music is an integral part of every man’s life, and she helps us to relax and forget about the problems.

Our current theme will be based on rap music, which is now very popular throughout the world. This music has gained great popularity over the last 20 years, but the styles of this music have been changing over the years. Rap music is a special type of music and emotions and thoughts can be expressed in this music. In the present period, this type of music has become very modern, but in the previous period it was a lot different.

In today’s text we will meet with the rapper and the singer who started his career during 2002 and managed to make great success in his music career. His artistic name is French Montana and he is one of the African artists who succeeded in making success in the USA.

He managed to make a number of hits during his career and he managed to become one of the most successful musicians in the world. In this text we will get acquainted with his life and his career.

Karim Kharbouch, who is known for his stage name French Montana, is famous American musician, rapper and music producer. He is known worldwide for his songs and music.

He became popular after he released his debut album ‘Excuse my French, this album helped him to become popular and successful musician.

However, Karim did not have a happy childhood, his early life was very difficult, and that is why his family has decided to immigrate to the US.

There are a lot of reasons why we have decided to talk about this talented musician, we think that Karim has a special story, he is one of the rare musicians that believe in his talent, and fought for success.

In this article we will talk about Karim’s early childhood in Morocco, where he was born. We will talk about his High School days in America, about difficult situation which happened to his family. Besides that, we will discuss about his music journey and start of his career, we will talk about his family, friends and private life.

Early life

Karim was born in Casablanca, Marocco, where he lived for 13 years. He said that his childhood was not a fairytale; his parents were struggling for money and for the survival. However, in these days Karim was just a boy who loved his town and who dreamed about being a football player and he was happy.

On the other side, his parents were in very difficult situation, they did not have good jobs and they couldn’t help their children. His mother did part time jobs, sometimes she would clean other people houses, and sometimes she was working in local coffee shop, sometimes she worked in grocery shop. In other word, his mother did any kind of jobs, just to save money for her children.

His father was in same situation, Karim remembers that sometimes he would change two or three jobs in week. He was a laborer, so he often worked outside of the city and his children did not have a chance to see him often.

Karim was a child in this age and he did not notice how much his parents were scarifying and how difficult they were living. He describes his childhood in Morocco through two main hobbies. He was in love with football and music. He has notice his talent for music, since he was little, but he was not thrilled with this talent and he never dreamed that he can make successful career in this field.

His biggest love was football, he loved this sport, and he played in school team. Karim dreamed that his future will be in football, he dreamed about becoming a football player.

When Karim was 13 years old, his parents made a decision to immigrate to the United States, his parent were thinking a lot about this decision, and they thought that this decision will help them to start a new, better life. However, for Karim this decision was a nightmare, he didn’t want to move to completely different country, and he did not believe that this will help them to start a new life.

Despite his beliefs, after couple of months he and his family moved to New York City. First two years in United States where very difficult for his family, they didn’t know language, so Karim spent two years in learning English.  He also admits that Bronx streets helped him a lot in learning this language.

His parents managed to find jobs, his mother worked in kindergarten, while his father kept his previous job, he was a laborer, but this time he earned more money, and he spent much more time with his family.

However, his father was not satisfied, he expected better job and he was very disappointed how people treated them because they were refugees. Karim also admitted that some kids did not want to hang out with him, so he often felt like an outsider.

After three years, his father wanted to go back in Morocco, he did not want to continue his life in New York, but his family did not want to move again. His mother made a decision to stay with kids, in that time she was also pregnant with their youngest child.

When his father left Karim was the oldest man in the house, and he decided to help his mother, who couldn’t work because of the pregnancy.

At the beginning he worked in local club, where he served drinks, but after a couple months, he decided to develop his music talents. He started to write songs and produce music for other artists.

During that period, Montana met a girl who moved to his city from the UK. They had been friends for several months and then entered into a love relationship. Their loving start was ideal and they spent a lot of time together. She helped him to write texts and she helps him to perform his everyday tasks. They became a great couple and they spent a lot of time together.

French Montana thought that she would be his future wife and he devoted several of his subsequent texts to her. After a year and a half they terminated the relationship and his girlfriend moved to Ohio.


French Montana started his rap career as a battle rapper and he was very young when he started this career. In 2002, he and his friend began a rap career when they started selling their CDs on streets, parks and concerts.

French Montana began his professional career during 2007 when he recorded his first mix tape called French Revolution Vol. 1. He promoted this mix tape via Internet sites and through his friends from the city.

After several months, French Montana recorded another song and then received an invitation to be a guest on the album of a famous American rapper. After this event, French Montana began to build a professional career and in 2008 he recorded his second mix tape “Live from Africa”.

This mix tape after a few months has reached a lot of popularity on the Internet. After this mix tape Montana immediately started work on his third mix tape with Max B and in 2009 he released a new mix tape titled “Coke Wave”.

When we talk about his musical career, French Montana recorded his first studio album called “Excuse My French” after 2 years of pause in his career.

This album came out in 2013 and gained a lot of popularity. With this album, French Montana announced that he is still engaged in music and that he will not stop recording rap music. This album was among the top 1000 albums and French Montana recorded 2 video spots for songs from this album.

After this album he made a new mix tape in 2014. In 2014, Montana recorded one of his biggest hits and then released several more singles.

After 2015, French Montana devoted himself to acting and television and he rarely recorded new songs.

In addition to his musical career, French Montana made an excellent film and television career. He recorded his first movie in 2016 and he was in the main role. This film is named “The Perfect Match” and in this film, his name is Karim. During his career, he recorded another 2 films that came out in 2018 and 2019. The 2018 movie is “The After Party”, and the 2019 movie is called “All-Star Weekend”.

Karim, along with the film, made a much better career on YouTube and on television. His channel on YouTube has been operational since 2010 and has over 5 million followers. On his YouTube channel we can find many different videos and he has achieved great success on this site.

During 2013, he appeared on TV show on a television called Wild N’ Out. This show was very popular and he has achieved a lot of success with this TV show. In the coming years he appeared on many TV shows and his popularity was growing and bigger.

In the following years, French Montana recorded various TV shows and he was the main role in the most popular TV shows. He also appeared in episodes of several popular series and managed to build a good career on television. Since 2014, he has begun to appear in many TV shows that are still on TV.

French Montana succeeded in achieving his goals that he set in his youth and he is therefore very proud of himself. He managed to gain popularity and he is still one of the more popular American personalities. During his career, French Montana earned over $ 30 million and he managed to make a great financial profit.

He is still very active on television and also in his music career and he has planned to make another album in 2020.

French Montana released his last album in 2017 and this album is called Jungle Rules. This album has achieved a lot of success, but after the release of this album, French Montana recorded several more singles but did not release a new album. He announced that by 2020 he will release a new album that will delight his fans.

Personal Life

French Montana has never hiding its origins and he is very proud because he is an African. During his career he never made incidents and he was always moderate and honest. He lived in New Jersey and then moved to Calabasas where he bought a house from Selena Gomez that worth $ 3.3 million. French Montana married in 2007 with Deen Kharbouch. They divorced in 2012, but their divorce was finalized in 2014. They have one son who was born in 2010.

French Montana is very active on social networks and he often publishes images from his private life. He is very popular on social networks and on his Facebook and Twitter profile he has 1.2 million followers and on his Instagram profile he has over 2 million followers.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Karim Kharbouch

Birthplace: Casablanca, Morocco

Date of birth: November 9, 1984

Age: 35

Profession: Rapper, Actor, TV Personality

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Net Worth: $30 million