Today’s text is reserved for hip hop music and in this text we will talk about one of the most famous American rappers. He left a great track in this music and managed to make a number of hits that were won by rap fans around the world.

He started his career in the second half of the 1990s and he managed to collaborate with a large number of famous musicians. His artistic name is Ghostface Killah and we will in this text introduce the details of his life and his career.

Dennis Coles is an American rapper and hip hop artist who is known for his artistic name Ghostface Killah. He started his music career very early, shortly afterwards he achieved great popularity and fame throughout the world.

Dennis has always been in love with music and he never took care of other people and their thoughts; of course, he always had respect for his audience and listened to their wishes, but quickly realized that he was not interested in the opinion of music critics, journalists and the media. This famous rapper believed in his talent, worked hard and he was persistent, due to his efforts he soon became one of the most popular artists around the world.

His role in the music world became even more significant when Ghostface became a member of the popular Wu-Tang Clan. This group was one of the most popular groups around the world, and when Dennis became a member of this band, it was clear that his talent and desire for success was very great.

Together with the Wu-Tang member, Dennis held numerous performances and concerts, he became very popular and the audience was charmed by his talent. Wu-Tang was stuck for his quick and big success. The members of the band soon started working on new songs and a new album, which was a great success for the audience.

It was clear that the public was overwhelmed with new songs, the album sales were extremely high, and band members experienced a lot of positive reviews.

Their album was named ‘Enter the Wu Tang’, the songs on this album became very popular, and several of them were also on the Billboard Top List, and they achieved very high positions.

Each of the members of this band had special roles Dennis was responsible for writing tassels, producing sound and for the hip hop and tail elements found in their songs. We must note that the music of this band is very special, their musical style includes various musical directions such as hip hop, rap, electronic sounds and singing. Nevertheless, a great surprise happened when members decided to leave the group and start their own careers.

The crowd did not expect this kind of reversal, especially because of the last album that has been a great success. Dennis repeatedly admitted that he had hardly survived the departure from Wu Tang and that it was very difficult for him to start a solo career, yet he decided not to neglect his career and music.

He continued with hard work, and soon released his first album, Ironman. His new music was completely different from the previous one; he decided to upgrade his style with new elements. Interestingly, RZA, another member of the band, provided him with great help and increased participation in the album production. However this was not the end of his success, but only the beginning, his positive reviews continued with the new albums.

Early Years

Ghostface Killah or Dennis Coles was born May 9, 1970 in Staten Island, New York, USA.

He grew up in this city with his parents and with his two brothers. His parents moved to the State Island before his birth, and in this city they began to work as teachers in elementary school. They tried to give their children a good financial life.

During the elementary school Ghostface Killah was a solid student and quiet boy, but he did not show a lot of interest in the school. He liked sports and music, and when he was 7th grade, he began to listen to rap music. His brother Marc and Tom often listened to the rap song on TV and during this period he began to love this kind of music.

After a short time, they were inspired by popular rappers and wanted to make their first song. They wanted to set up a rap group and to write their lyrics together and to rap.

Ghostface Killah made his beginnings in this music when he performed at school concerts and at smaller concerts in their city with his older brother and friend from his neighborhood. They recorded their first song in late 90s when Ghostface Killah was 16 years old. His dream was to become a popular and successful rapper and to financially help his parents who always tried to give him all love and support. Their first songs were not on a professional level, but the audience realized that they had a great talent and Ghostface Killah continued to deal with rap music.

His growing up in State Island was not easy because he had to learn to cope with various situations and obstacles. His brothers tried to help him to become a fighter and to become a good and sincere man. They were his role model and he often said that they and his parents were always his best friends in life.

During the high school, Ghostface Killah dedicated to rap music and he spent his free time in writing texts and rapping with his brothers and friends.

He did not want to go to college and he had one goal in life, and that is to become a successful rapper.

When he graduated from high school, Ghostface Killah had an incident with a professor from his school. After a couple of days the situation calmed down and Ghostface Killah successfully completed high school and he had a plan to devote his future time to rap music. After finishing his school, his parents and his brothers advised him to enroll in college, but Ghostface Killah did not want to enroll in college and he wanted to make a successful rap career.

In the later period he proved that he made the right choice and made the right decision because he managed to make an excellent rap career.


Ghostface Killah began his career in 1995 when he recorded his first amateur songs. In 1996, he managed to sign a contract with the publisher’s house and released his first album, “Ironman”. After this album he made a break and in 2000 he released his second album, entitled “Supreme Clients”.

This album helped him to gain popularity and after this album he became one of the most famous American rappers.

By 2010, he released seven new albums and managed to make a big success on the American hip hop scene.

He co-operated with a large number of well-known musicians and managed to make an international career. During his career, Ghostface Killah managed to make an excellent financial profit of around $ 30 million.

Personal Life

Ghostface always tried to hide his private life and never spoke openly about him. In 2002, along with many well-known personalities, Ghostface was invited to participate in a documentary about his psychological struggles and the great efforts he has experienced during his career.

Nevertheless, Ghostface rejected this offer, did not want to participate in this documentary and talk about his private life. He said several times that he does not want to reveal his privacy, he wanted to live a free life, like other people.

Ghostface is very good in hiding his life, but we know he has never been married and that he has no children. In addition, he is not active on social networks, but two years ago he did an interview with the Vouge magazine.

In this interview, he said that he never wanted to talk about his private life, he always avoid incidents and does not want to pay attention to his life, he is focused on creating new music and wants to make his audience happy with new songs and albums. In his songs, he reveals a number of problems he faced during his lifetime.

Through his music we can discover that his family had a great influence on his childhood, education and religion. His parents were very religious, but Dennis decided to change his beliefs during his lifetime. So in 2004, he openly said that he was a Muslim, and that he decided to change his faith.

During his career, he had no scandals and he was always focused on his music.

However, for several years he has been in a relationship with famous model Karrine Steffans. Their romance lasted for two years, but Ghostface decided to end up this relationship.

Beside that Karrine never talked about their relationship, she always says that their relationship had a good imapact on her life.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Dennis Coles

Birthplace: State Island, New York, USA

Date of birth: May 9, 1970

Age: 49

Profession: Rapper

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: $30 million