Jase Robertson Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Jase Robertson Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

In the ‘Duck Commander’ he is looking after the manufacturing. By his hand he makes the duck calls and world knows him as Jase Robertson. He with his family members had really entertained the world through their reality show. In the cable network among all reality series it is one of the most highly rated series. The viewers had always appreciated his effort as Jase tries his level best to give the best calls.

Jase always do something which the viewers really enjoy which is always in accordance with the real entertainment. The earning of Jase has grown up with the followers coming around more and more in course of time. He had accumulated a heft amount of minimum $1 million dollars as his net worth.

Early life

Jase Robertson first touched the soil of West Monroe, Bernice, Louisiana in the United States of America. He was born on 19th August, 1969. Phil Alexander Robertson and Marsha Kay Robertson are his parents. Jase grew up with his three brothers and among them two are also got the name with Jase in Duck Dynasty. The three brothers are Alan Robertson, Willie Robertson and Jeptha Robertson. His uncle is Silas Robertson. Jase had a niece who is Sadie Robertson.

Jase preferred wood instead of school and not bothered to miss out the minimum attendance in his school to enjoy the forest as much as he could. He followed the same route of his father. He made duck hunting as the most aspiring passion. On the very early part of his life he had understood that to accompany his father he should become a Duck Commander as his father and he has to meet Phil anyhow in the blind. It is perhaps worthy for the school than its student that Jase was the student of West Monroe High School.


Today also Jase has the same drive and passion and wants to be as his father. Limiting out is the common feature of any day duck seasons. He is always fascinated by the distinct and unique feature of each duck which make it different from the rest. Overtime he had learned to distinguish strength, weakness, beauty and moods of different ducks. To make his family business a real success he puts his most effort apart from his outing for hunting.

His current task in the ‘Duck Commander’ of Benelli Presents is to be the duckman in the television show and DVD series. Apart from this he is responsible for the manufacturing processes in the reality series. He wants to make all calls by himself as far as possible. His one more lookout is that all the sounds should be hand-tuned. This is really very important to him as he is aware of the fact, that the consumers of his shop demands the best calls. Keeping the demand of the consumers in mind Jase himself wants to provide the best possible calls to his consumers to make them happy.

Willie, his brother is the CEO of their business and in Duck Commander Jase acts as the COO. His major responsibility is related with duck calls. He is expected to make best possible duck calls. He is in charge of bringing out the duck calls with proper adjustments and fine tuning. For one duck calls Jase takes around two or three minutes.

He sometime tries to invent something new in creating such calls. With his creative mind he had succeeded in making some new calls. “Triple Threat” is one such call in which Jase instead of two reeds he had used three reeds. He had released a book ‘Good Call’ in last May. Even during shooting breaks as in the duck shop he always find ways to make the employees laugh.

Personal life

Jase married Missy 23 years ago. He met Missy in the high school for fake dating to make his ex-girlfriend envious. Generally when Jase doesn’t have the busy schedules of the reality show she passes time with his wife Missy and three children. His three children are Reed, Cole and Mia. He is really jovial who always try to make people laugh around him. Whenever he can make out time he prefers deer hunting and camping. He love the nature and do not mind the dirt while playing in the river or four-wheeling. Jase is bit outspoken and always indulge in giving opinions.

Jase Robertson is a fun loving man, recently for some more fun he saved his beard and made his followers weird about it. His beards are as precious as his calls. Jase joined hands with Mia Moo Fund which is the part of Worldwide Foundation doing awareness programs on palate and cleft lip in children. He promised to shave if $100 thousand dollars is raised by the organization. The man sacrificed his beard instead of the shortage in the fund. He has gone beyond recognition. It can mentioned, that his daughter Mia was born with cleft palate. To cure her lips four surgeries have been made to correct her lips. To conclude its worth mentioning that it was due his father drinking habit that Jase had abstained from drinking.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jason Silas “Jase” Robertson

Date of Birth: 19th August, 1969

Birth Place: Monroe, Louisiana, United States of America

Age: 48 years

Profession: Television Personality, Businessman

Height: 6 Feet / 183 cm

Weight: 73 Kg / 160 lb

Net worth: $1 million


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