Ray Bourque is a professional retired Canadian Ice Hockey player who has been famous for his elegant styles and unique technicalities. He had taken active participation in leasing the team Avalanche and made its way to the finals and make it finally win the Stanley Cup.

Bourque retired from his gaming profession in the year 2005, but still, he served as a consultant for the team Bruins. He was ones picked up by the vigorously strong team Bruins during his career at the NFL Drafts in the season 1979. Ray’s net worth is estimated somewhere around 20 million dollar.

Though Ray is retired from his professional career, still he has a worthy net worth that worth’s mentioning.

Early life

Raymond Jean ‘Ray’ Bourque is the full birth name of the professional ice hockey player.  He was born on 28th December 1960 at Saint-Laurent, Quebec, and Montreal, Canada.

He was born to Ray Bourque Sr. Ray’s upbringing was along with two other siblings Richard Bourque and his only adorable sister Lise Desmarais.


Ray had launched his career professionally while playing under the team Trois-Rivières Draveurs. While playing for the team, in the middle of the season, he was hired by the Sorel Eperviers and was finally picked up by the famous team Boston Bruins while he was an active core participant in the NFL Drafts during the session of 1979. He remained under the team Bruins for almost long 21seasons and made his combination in the offensive actions brilliantly.

He also served as an outstanding defenseman. On being required by Colorado Avalanche, he never took much time to move on to another team. He was spontaneous with his action of switching over another team in the year 2000. He served as a coaching consultant for the team Boston Bruins in the year 2005. After playing for a long time for the team Boston Bruins (almost 22 seasons) and Colorado Avalanche, Ray declared his retirement in June 2001.

Ray was even inducted into the prestigious and honorable award of the Hockey Hall of Fame in the year 2004. It was considered as his first eligible year. Ray is capable of holding a reputable stature by achieving the NHL Records for consecutive years serving as the All-Teams.  No other players exceed his berth count except Gordie Howe who has more counts of a berth in the whole of the All-Star team.

Before he was traded to the team Colorado Avalanche, Ray had a choice for being able to play with the outstanding team Philadelphia Flyers. He was not fortunate to get an opportunity as there were some internal conflicts among the team officials. Philadelphia already offered the team Bruins, the center player Daymond Langkow and the capable defenseman Andy Delmore.

The most astonishing fact was that Bruins had outrightly rejected the game and never proceeded further. He presently holds the most number of record goals and even after retirement he remembered for his outstanding defending techniques.

He got his first inspiration by the Firewagon Offence and the techniques of Oppressive defense. After Ray served as a final freshman and moved on to Verdun from the team Sorel,  he managed to make his way to an all-new outstanding and extraordinary level.  Ray was able enough to make his way through the offensive outputs with an impressive score of 93 points.

He earned a reputable position in the Hockey arena and was the receiver of the prestigious award King Clancy Trophy in the year 1992. He represented Canada in consecutive three Canada Cup Tournaments.  Ray was talented enough to participate in the 1998 Winter Olympics held in Nagano, Japan where he represented Canada.

Personal life

Raymond Jean Bourque leads a simple life with his wife and three children.  He has been married to Christianne Bourque. He knew her wife for a long span of time since he was 11 years old. His children’s are named Chris Bourque, Melissa Bourque, and Ryan Bourque.

Ryan was also successful enough to get drafted by the team New York Rangers till the third round. His son Chris made his debut at NHL under the team Washington Capital in the year 2007. Ray is known for appearing in the movies NHL2000: A Millenium of Memories in the year 2000, he appeared in NHL: All-Access in the year 2001. He filmed himself in the Lord Stanley’s Cup: Hockey’s Ultimate Prize and finally went for appearing in the movie Les Boys IV( 2005). He appeared there not as himself but as Lui-meme.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Raymond Jean ‘Ray’ Bourque

Date of Birth: 28th December 1960

Birth Place: Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Montreal, Canada

Age: 57 Year Old

Profession: Former Ice-Hockey Player

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches / 1.80 m

Weight: 99 Kg

Net worth: $20 Million