Becoming a successful musician and accomplishing a great career can look very easy and simple, but the truth is quite different. If you want to achieve a great career, become famous and gain a lot of wealth, then reality can be different, for such things you will need a lot of work, effort, persistence and talent.

Many modern musicians have same dreams, they want to become popular, rich and successful, but the question arises is this enough?

We are witnessing that the world is changing and that every day we get new opportunities and new chances for realizing our dreams, and the truth is that only a decade or two ago it was much more difficult to achieve your goals.

Today, social networking and many platforms provide opportunities for all artists to demonstrate their knowledge more easily and successfully, but of course it is not a promise that they will succeed in their intention.

Many things have changed over the past few years, and so are the values. Musicians no longer have the same goals as they had, their wishes became much simpler. Slim Thug remained consistent with his goals, he never thought like others, and did not have the same desire as the others.

Slim wanted to do something different, initiate changes and create a different musical direction. He was one of the first hip hop and rap artists on the American scene.

In the first few years of his career, he experienced numerous criticisms and negative comments, but this did not discourage him, but gave him the strength to continue his work and to prove that there are many young people who support these musical directions.

During his career, Slim was criticized for many decisions, and he had a lot of obstacles in his path of fame and success. Although 20 years ago, the USA used to be a democratic, modern and most successful country in the world, Slim argues that these were just fairy-tale, he said that he had never felt tolerant and understanding for his choices and decisions, he was discriminated against because of the skin’s color. Slim has spoken several times about this problem, and he has dedicated some of his song to this subject.

In his interview for Magazine People, Slim Thug admitted that he had been unable to find a music production house for years because he was a black man.

In the last few years, Slim devoted his attention to solving this problem, but in his own way, through music. He tried several times to hold speeches and debates on this subject, but he soon realized that this problem can be solved only through his works, he wanted to pay attention on the people who are surrounded by these problems and he wanted to solve them forever.

Slim Thug is someone who left a deep trace in our music, his songs and album forever changed music, and helped many young musicians to get rid of their fears, exit their comfort zone and show the world their talents. Slim will always remain a great inspiration because he has proven that with the help of work, effort and perseverance you can always achieve what you want, you just need to believe in yourself and in your talent.

Early years

Stayve Jerome Thomas was born in Houston, where he spent his childhood and his teenage days. Later, when he became independent, Slim moved to Los Angeles, where he still lives.

Stayve’s famous nickname Slim Thug got very early, even in teenage days. As a boy he was very tall, in High School he had a height of 198cm, so many thought he would be extremely talented and successful basketball player, but Slim never had interests in sports as much as for music and art. The High School offered him many opportunities for developing his talent, he participated in school music events, and performed a freestyle rap.

Slim Thug had a lot of problems and obstacles before he became known and achieved his goals. Unfortunately, he could not count on the financial support of his parents, because they too lived very hard, and had even a few jobs. Slim Thug was aware that if he wanted to become a musician, then he would have to fight for his dreams.

Despite the harsh living conditions his parents provide him support and gave him a confidence to realize his dreams that was the reason why Slim Thug was so persistent and did not want to give up his goals.

His mother and father were not educated; they did not attend High School or College, and believed that this was the biggest reason why they could not provide a peaceful and modest life. Slim Thug’s mother wanted a different future for her sun, and she was ready to sacrifice in order to provide her son a better life.

Slim said that his childhood was very difficult, not because of money or financial situation, but because of the parents’ ailment. He never had the opportunity to spend spare time with his parents because they were always at work or busy.

His father performed various physical tasks, worked on building sites, and often found part-time jobs that provided him with little income, but that earning meant much to his family.

When he started high school, his friends and professors believed that Slim Thug was great for sports, especially for basketball. In the first few years of High School, Slim devoted his time to basketball and athletics, but soon he realized that he wanted to start something new and he wanted to open a new page and his life.

Soon after that he realized that he wanted to direct his attention to music. As a child, Slim Thug realized that he had a gift for music, but he never thought he would deal with this profession. He started his first musical steps in the High School; he participated in numerous school events, and left very good impressions. Immediately after that, he began with writing lyrics for his songs and recording mix tapes.

Although the teenage day looks like the most beautiful days in our lives, it can sometimes be quite the opposite. Slim Thug acknowledged that the environment in which he grew up was violent, in his neighborhood; children had begun to start drinking alcohol and drugs early. These substances looked passionate for him, but also tempting.

In those years when many of his friends chose a darker way, Slim Thug decided to dedicate himself to music. He freed his thoughts, feelings, emotions and fears in music.


In 2005, Slim Thug officially started his career with releasing his debut album ‘Already Platinum’, this album featured singles ‘Three Kings’, Still Tippin’, and ‘Check on it’.

On this album Slim Thug worked with many famous celebrities such as: Mike Jones, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and others. His singles appeared on Billboard Top List, and they reach very high position.

Slim worked very hard on releasing new music, in two years he made three albums; unfortunately they did not receive positive reviews from audience and music critics.

In 2008, Slim Thug decided to go on the music tour around the world, during the Tour ‘I Run’, he has visited all countries in United States and many European countries.

After the tour, Slim Thug started his acting career, first he appeared in the late night show ‘The Daily Show’, with many other wealthy rappers and hip hop artist. Slim revealed that he wanted to start serious acting career, and that he want to participate in serious movies and documentary.

In 2016, Slim reveled that he needed to make a pause in his career, and that is why he stopped making new music and releasing new albums and songs. He reveled that he is planning to make a huge comeback, and that right now he is working on his new album, in this album he will talk about modern age and problems which are facing people in today life.

Slim is also planning to participate in new Netflix TV Show, which is called ‘Black Mirrors’, he is hoping that this TV Show will helped him in developing his acting career.

Personal life

Slim Thug was never open about his life; he did not want to talk about his privacy and personal life.

Through his life, Slim Thug has faced with many difficulties and problems and in documentary ‘Hip Hop Saved My Life’, Slim has decided to talk about all of them.

This documentary revealed many secrets about his life; here he talked about street life, about his childhood and beginning of his career. Slim has revealed that he had big desire for success and that he wanted to become popular and successful artist.

However, his life path was not easy, he faced with many difficulties in music industry, he had a lot of trouble because of his skin color, and he said that these situations helped him to be more realistic and to look at the world with wide open eyes.

In 2016 Slim Thug decided to write an article for Black and White Magazine, in this article he revealed many things about black people problems. He talked about his experience, and about many unpleasant situations that he experience during his career and life. Thug also supported Beyonce in this period because she released her album ‘Lemonade’; she dedicated this album to the all black people in the world.

Slim Thug is active on social media, especially on Instagram, where he posts photos with his family and friends. At the beginning of 2019, Slim Thug announced that he is planning to write a book about his life and past, he also said that there are people from film industry which are interested in making movie about his life and beginning of his career.

Slim Thug revealed that the big impact on his life had his mother and that he will always be thankful for that. She was always encouraging him to do thing that he loves, and never to give up from his dreams and music. Today Slim Thug admits that his mother had a big role in developing his career and life. 

Quick Summary

Full Name: Stayve Jerome Thomas

Birthplace: Houston, Texas, United States of America

Date of birth: September 8, 1980

Age: 39

Profession: Rapper and actor

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $2.4 million