21 Savage is an American rapper and an artist, known by his “Slaughter” mixtapes and by his unusual forehead tattoo of a dagger.

Early years

21 Savage, was born as Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph on October 22,1992 in Dominica, in Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. He describes his early life as very common and usual, he had a childhood which he spent playing with his siblings.

He comes from a large family of twelve: his mother Heather, his father and ten siblings. He says that the fact he has so many siblings taught him to be modest, to be thankful for everything he has. He got along well with his siblings too.

He was expelled from every school he went to because of his bad behaviour and after a while it was clear that he will never finish school. He never had ambitions in the areas he had to work in at school and later on he started to feel insecure about his later on life.

After threatening one pupil with a handgun he became one of the most unwanted students in all schools in the County wanted to keep him.

He was forced to enroll a school in Atlanta area but it also turned up to be in vain because he just wasn’t interested in learning and was always making problems and had big authority issues.

After a short period of time he stooped going to school and was finally sent to a youth detention center in hope that he will take that punishment seriously and change his attitude towards education.

It was hard to put Shaaya back on the right track since he was a member of a gang from his early age. As one of the “Bloods” he had already commited a series of many crimes, and some of them were very serious and severe. 21 savage already lost faith in making his life happy again because he was involved into many illegal things.

He thought that with building his rep as a gang member he will become a “big player” so he followed the crew no matter what. Later he became a big player, but in music.

That’s how he brought his life in danger: because he was too sure in himself. In 2013 he was badly hurt after receiving six bullets during an attempted robbery. His best friend was killed in the same event but Shaaya survived.

That was the trigger that has put him back in the real world: he realized that he has to change something so he decided to turn to music. He always loved music and he thought that maybe making rhymes could be his way out of the problems he got himself into.

Career Development

It wasn’t easy for him to turn his life arround but it was easy to turn to music because he loved rapping and making beats.

Patchwerk Studios became his second home and he spent hundreds of hours there and recording his music. This was the first positive sign he acknowledged.

Key!, a very known rapper from Atlanta noticed him and liked the sound of his rap. Key! gave him a chance by introducing him with some producents who were sear hing for something new and liked what they heard.

He came out with his debut single called “Picky” in winter 2014. The single was produced by a very respective producer  called DJ Plugg and  had some very catchy rhymes. This led to him being recognized more amongst other artists and directors too.

The same single was inlisted in a set of songs on hus debut mixtape at the beginning of 2015. It was named “The Slaughter tape” and the word “Slaughter” became his trade mark.

Gucci Mane, one of the pioneers of trap hip hop was always his role model so 21 Savage released an EP in his tribute called “Free Guwop”. He made the single with the help of his fellow rapper Sonny Digital.

He became a member of the “Freshman Class” by ” XXL” magazine which is today the most popular  American hip-hop magazine. This is a very big accomplishment for a rapper who hasn’t been in the industry for too long, it’s a big motivation too.

After five weeks, he released his new EP, made in collaboration with Metro Boomin. Metro is a prominent rapper and record producer and it gave Savage’s EP a greater sound. Metro gave his singles the edge that made them easy to remember.

The EP was named “Savage Mode” and was recognized as one of his greatest works. It became a huge hit, even out of USA and was high on the Billboard chart list. His fanbase was getting larger and larger every day and people were getting to know him on his social media too.

His first Platinum single was named “X” and it broke all Savage’s music records until then. It was recognized by a big record label “Epic Records” and he was offered a deal that he just couldn’t refuse. This is the moment that he realized he became very popular and that this is his true path in life.

At 2016 he performed the same single at BET Hip Hop Awards and that was just an icing on the cake of his success.

He was recording his first studio album called “Issa”  for quite a while but it was worth waiting for: when it came out it made to Nr.2 of US Billboard chart, mostly because of the great success of it’s leading single “Bank Account”.

He made a lot of collaboration and liked to be surrouned with artist who share his view: Young Nudy, Lotto Savage, Mookie Madri Ga, so he formed a rapper group called “Slaughter Gang”. Working alongside other rappers allowed him to develop new sounds, the ones he couldn’t develop on his own, so it is great for his creativity.

Personal life

He is very religious due to the tradition he was exposed since he was a kid: his family has descent in Afrika so his religion is based on that country. He practises Yoruba religion which is the main religion un Nigeria.

He is one of the very few rappers who still believe into a certain religion and he claims that everybody needs to have something to pray to.

Amber Rose, a known American star, is currently his girlfriend. She is a popular model and actress who was once married to another known rapper Whiz Khalifa.

She has dated many African-American men before and some people claim that all she wants is money and have therefore already warned this popular rapper that she might leave him after he buys her enough jewelry and clothes.


Full name: Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph

Nick name: The Slaughter King and 21 Savage

Date of birth: October 22, 1992

Birth-sign: Libra

Birth place: Dominica

Age: 24

Occupation: rapper, producer, songwriter

Education: Stone Mountain Middle School, South Gwinnett High School

Awards: /

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: African American

Religion: Yoruba religion

Father name: NA

Mother name: Heather Abraham-Joseph

Brother name: 4 brothers (Quantivayus, other names NA)

Sister name: 6 sisters (names NA)

Marital status: dating

Girlfriend: Amber Rose

Sexual Orientation: straight

Children: /

Hobbies: NA

Pet own: Bulldog Louie Savage

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Body: Slim

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Shoe Size: NA

Measurements: 39-13.5-32 in

Distinctive Features: tattoos

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $4 million

Social networks

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/21savage

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/21Savage

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/21savage

Snapchat: @savage730

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOjEHmBKwdS7joWpW0VrXkg

Interesting Facts about 21 Savage

His unique tattoo on his forehead separates him from the rest of rapping artist. It is a tattoo of a dagger he put in memory of his brother Quantivayus who died and who had also a tattoo just like that. He says that all of his tattoo’s have a special meaning and that each one of them has a story behind it.

His brother was involved in drug dealing and trafficing and was killed during a drug deal. This was a very hard part of his life and he says that he is very thankful to his mither for staying strong.

Fader, a New York music magazine released a number with Savage on the cover. He started to get recognized by brands who wanted him to model for them too. His tattoo gave him more recognition than his music.

Drake, one of the most popular rappers, tried to persuade him to sign a contract with his own record label “OVO Sound”. This was a very special thing to 21 Savage because he was always a big fan of Drake.

He gets a part of his income by selling merchandise with his name and logo on his web site. This is his second largest income, besides selling albums.

Why did he call himself 21 Savage? The number of his gang included number 21. The “Savage” just seemed to him as appropriate to his character.

He is a father of two, and he was eighteen when they were born. He rarely talks about them or their mother. We don’t know why, but the media has had a few theories including the one where he was popular among girls and they all wanted him to marry them.

In 2016 he learned about a rapper who calls himself 22 Savage and who not only impersonates 22 but  wants to become him. He looks similar to him and released a single with the same name plus an album called “Savage Mode” the same as him.

Quick Summary

21 Savage is a known American rapper, who gained popularity with his  hit called  “X” which brought him wide recognition. His collaborations with a few known rappers brought him recognition and fame.