The world knows him as the most efficient rapper who handles his label ‘Get Low Records’ effectively. The career has a memorable opening as featuring in the Jay-Z’s album ‘Reasonable Doubt’ track ‘Coming of Age.’

He had so far released four albums, and two bagged the reputation of Gold records. The most proficient rapper had matured under the guidance of prominent American rapper-producer Jay-Z. Roc-A-Fella Records had brought him into the limelight. Apart from his rap schedule, he had also tried his luck in movies.

He is very much wanted for the live shows all over. His raps contain real-life experience with a unique style of delivery. Memphis songs are composed one the childhood experiences, the encouraging friendship and for the causes how he supports. It is heard that his name is a homage gesture towards the pimps and Memphis is the short form of “Making Easy Money, Pimping Hoes In Style’. This depicts that the rapper had respect for all the profession. So far Memphis had accumulated enough money to take his net worth to the estimation of 2.5 million dollars.

Early life

The American rapper is not Memphis Bleek from the beginning rather he was named as Malik Cox by his parents. He was born on the 23rd June 1978 at Marcy Houses, Brooklyn, New York, United States of America.

There is no information available about his early childhood, parentage or schooling as the rapper preferred to keep away his details.


He has been in a good friendly relation with Jay-Z for long and had accompanied him in many performances, but the real opening came when Jay-Z released his much talked about LP Reasonable Doubt. Memphis featured in one track “Coming of Age” produced by Clark Kent. The album topped the Billboard 200 chart reaching the seventh rank. This gave Memphis an excellent exposure in the music world. After the success of a commendable entry in the rapping world, Memphis signed a contract with Roc-A-Fella Records which was an obliging gesture to his longtime friendship with Jay-Z.

After some time with the assistance of the same friend Memphis founded his label in 1998 as getting Low Records. Through this Memphis created his debut album in 1999 which was coincidentally named as his introductory track, it is ‘Coming of Age.’ In some of the singles, Jay-Z collaborated with Memphis which includes “Change the Game,” “Hey Papi” and “It’s Allright.” The songs went up to the #61 rank in the US Billboard 100. In the first week of the release, more than 115,000 copies were sold. Though the album made an entry in the Billboard 200 still the album does not meet the expectation of the music world nor the rapper either.

Then he started working for his second album with a high expectation to gain popularity. He came out with the album ‘The Understanding’ in 2001 and the album reached the top rank on the United States R&B chart for the album. The Recording Industry Association of America or the RIAA certified the album with Gold. The album contains some excellent tracks which are highly appreciated by the music world of his genre. In the most prestigious US Billboard 100 and R&B charts it gained a high rank. Twista, Missy Elliot and obviously his longtime friend Jay-Z had collaborated in this album.

After the achievement of ‘The Understanding,’ Memphis had two more successful albums to his credit. He came out with M.A.D.E. in 2003 which went up to the fifth rank in the United States R&B charts. Then the rapper brought out another album his fourth in 2005 titled ‘534’. The album made a significant appearance on some of the prestigious charts of United States. However, instead of albums reaching high ranks in the charts, the singles have remained far off from the expectations of the music world. The best outcomes had been his “Is That Your Chick (The Lost Verses)” featured by Twista, Jay-Z and Miss Elliot which had appeared on his second album. Another song “It’s Allright” appearing his first album featured by Jay-Z reached 9th rank on the American chart.

After the release of 534 Memphis was expected to release his fifth album ‘The Process’ but the album has not been released disappointing his fans. The rapper signed a contract with Mass Appeal Entertainment in 2009 and finally ‘The Process’ was released in 2010. After this, his major contribution towards the music world was his re-release of ‘The Movement.’ For this, he worked with prestigious “The Liberty Music Group.” On 21st March 2014, the remix of ‘The Movement’ was released, and it has gathered over 125 thousand downloads.

Apart from this Memphis had made some remarkable guest appearances for Jay-Z videos. This includes “Get Lifted”, “Lyrically Untouchable” which is a remix, “Brooklyn In My Mind”, “Roc Reloaded”, “We Still Here”, “Ryders (Da Ville to da Stuy)”, “M.A.R.C.Y “, “Hands on the Pump”, “The R.O.C, Parking Lot Pimpin”, “Get Your Mind Right Mami” and some more which are highly acclaimed by the followers.

Beside his rapping career, Memphis had appeared on the cinemascope in 2002 with his role with Beanie Sigel, Damon Dash and Jay-Z in the movie “State Property.” Instead of negative critic report, the movie convinced the movie lovers. In another production od, Damon Dash titled “Paper Soldiers” which was released in 2003 Memphis had given his appearance with Beanie Sigel, Stacey Dash, and Kevin Hart.

Personal life

Memphis had never shown any interest to inform the world about his personal life. But the rapper never kept his long romantic engagements with his longtime beloved. He is known to Ashley Coombs from the very early part of his life, and today they are a married couple.

On 13th December 2014 at The Merion which is situated at Cinnaminson in New Jersey, he exchanged vows and rings with Ashley Coombs.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Malik Cox

Date of Birth: 23rd June 1978

Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, United States of America

Age: 40 Year Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches / 1.72

Weight: 69 Kg

Net worth: $2.5 Million