The world of stardom has changed a lot in the present generation, and perhaps Amymarie Gaertner is the best example. She had already won millions of hearts by viners, 6 seconds videos. Learnt dancing herself, busied herself in choreography and is a fabulous Vine uploader.

She uploads her videos on her channel anmymariexox64. She has robbed the mind with her ‘Sanders Shorts,’ ‘Dance Camp’ and ‘The Boonies.’  Within a very short span of a career, she had already gathered net worth around $5.4 million.

Early life

As her special trait, her early life is very much unspoken. She is from Ohio, United States and born on 5th August 1994. Amy has Leo constellation. We know nothing about her upbringing. There has not been any record about her parents or siblings.

As she is a self-taught dancer, we can apprehend that there is hardly anyone who had backed her in her early days. There is no indication of her education too.


Today on the YouTube anyone has the power to reach out to the world. As it looks is not so in real life. You really need to have some material to serve the world. There is no restriction on how you cater. Very few come out with real efficacy which has the power or strength to hold back the viewers at their seats. Amy is one such individual who can make people crazy even with her meager 6 seconds efforts.

She taught herself the art of dancing and extending herself to make others learn, really awesome. A phenomenon video clips up-loader, creating more than 4.2 million die-hard onlookers. She has set an example that you can achieve whatever you wish but you need to be sincere and discipline. She had her engagements in the Dance Camp of YouTube.

On vine “Dylan and I Spend Monday” was her first video. She used to post videos featuring her dogs and cats. She is really popular on YouTube having more than 500000 subscribers who wait for some new videos with some new tips or otherwise. Her videos have been clicked more than often over 20 million times.  In one vine “That throwback song you can’t sit still to,” she worked with Jake Foushee. She had also experienced the group effort of doing a video with Du-Shaunt Stegall in AKA Fik-Shun.

The dancer, who also does a lot of choreography, has touched the sky by creating 6 seconds videos on the vine. Under the umbrella of YouTube, she had created her own channel with the name of amymariexox64. This channel is regularly updated with a new and innovative way of dancing. Actually, she fits in nicely with this fast moving world where people can afford only a brisk time for learning. Her first video “Freestyle Friday” was released in 2015.

The star of the vine world, have recently shown interest in the arena of fashion and traveling as well. She has retainer her composed humble attitude even after getting the life of an internet star. She has expressed that all she does is to inspire and encourage her viewers. She does not restrict herself to any form of dancing. Little snippets of different dancing patterns create a huge difference. Her choreographies are also posted regularly on YouTube.

Personal life

Amy’s personal life has a perfect resemblance with her professional career as vine star. She just not shares her personal affairs with the media or otherwise.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Amymarie Gaertner

Date of Birth: 5th August 1996

Birth Place: Ohio, United States

Age: 21 Years

Profession: Vine Star, Modeling

Height: 1.70 m / 5 Feet 6 Inches

Weight: NA

Net worth: $5.4 million