She is simply a conventional political analyst and has her way to express the commentaries with expletive attributes. She had surged up in the media world with some controversies, but without blaming, she enjoys her job as she does.

She had earlier hosted ‘On Point with Tomi Lahren’ on OAN network but rose to fame with ‘Tomi’ on TheBlaze. Recently Fox News had recognized her talent and wanted Tomi as their contributor. Its long way to go but it won’t be wrong to acclaim that Tomi has already created an image in her world at this very early age.

Her look is sometimes too much appealing, for the news desk and hence have created overwhelming followers in the social media. She has become a familiar face in some program or the other because of her tremendous acceptance.

For the endorsement and to promote her products she is very much active in the social media. All these had enabled the exotic lady to earn handsomely from different sources. Her net worth is supposed to be in the range of $3 million dollars.

Early life

Tomi Lahren was born in Rapid City, South Dakota on 11th August 1992. She had expressed many times that her family has been very much supportive of all her wishes and assignments. She was brought up in the strict disciplines of a military family. Lahren had learned to do her job herself much early in her younger days. She has a Norwegian and German descent with white ethnicity.

Lahren was enrolled in the Central High School which is at her native place and as his parent was in the military. She has a voice to make people listen from her early childhood days. The controlling attitude had enabled her to be the student body president in the school. She was also among the representative of the school board. After the schooling campus, Lahren got into the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She cleared her graduation as a Bachelor of Arts. She got her specialization in political science and broadcast journalism.

She was inclined to the political arena because her family had a tremendous interest in political happenings around. As she is very much expressive and wants that she should be watched, she needs to have some idea to be a swaying participant at the dinner table with her family. She is also very much proactive in her college. To cover a television program of her university she was selected as the host and the associate producer. The show was based on ‘The Scramble’ which was a political roundtable display. She was also related to the Republican congresswomen Kristi Noem. Sometime later she had expressed that her intern on Kristi had helped her to acquire a better grip on the political affairs. From this juncture of her life, she was rather turned towards the commentary than to be in any political office.


After completing her educational undertakings, Tomi Lahren to give full-fledged effort for her career in her field of political affairs, she shifted to San Diego, California. At the very outset point of her career, Lahren wanted to earn an internship as a political commentator. She applied in the office of OAN, One America News Network but after the interview, a slot was offered for her own show. On the channel of OAN ‘On Point with Tomi Lahren’ had started in August 2014.

Next year in July 2015 she got the focus of attention in the media world with the Chattanooga shooting. Some months ago she had turned the press for the first time when went on to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. She might not join the military, but because of the family ground, she was free on her expressions, if not bullets, which created a space for the upcoming political commentator. Quite successfully she had begun her career in OAN and took off from the desk for the last time in OAK on 19th August 2015.

Now her journey is through TheBlaze of Glenn Beck with her own show ‘Tomi.’ She was then in Irving, Texas and she began her days in TheBlaze from November 2015. In the ‘Tomi’ a segment ‘Final Thought’ was specially designed for three minutes slot at the termination of the program. She used to comment hurriedly during this concluding moment which was much liked by the followers. This portion was much appreciated in the social media but also commented as rants or screeds. Some of such tiny rapid elaborations had gone viral on the social media on Twitter and Facebook.  For any reason, Lahren’s fame has gone up high, and she was she quite frequent in media appearances. During her stay in TheBlave, she was even more popular among the conservatives. Sometime she will appear in Republican conferences giving her views. She might also come up with some prominent shows.

She is perhaps one of the best concoction of beauty and arrogance. In the very early part of her life, she is already a known figure all around. She is frequently in controversies with her little wild expressions. In March this her view on women abortion had fueled further arguments. She had not cared even to go against her ex-boss Glenn Beck for wrongful termination which was later settled by the two. In July Lahren’s tweet on Black Lives Matter caused great upheavals. Many opposed such view and filed a joint petition although that was not appreciated by the court.

She is perhaps tough to handle, but the promise of her caliber would always tempt people. After being jobless for few months, she had an offer from the Fox to join them as a contributor. She will be seen engaged with a digital gadget, which is currently in the development process. In the concluding part, it can be well mentioned that Lahren has been appreciated by The New York Times as “rising media star.” BBC had commented in her favor her as young Republican who on Facebook more common than Trump.

Personal life

Jerad Christian, a navy personnel, has the honor of becoming the first interest of Lahren as her boyfriend. It was somehow believed that her outrageous rants against Obama, as the President is not looking for the warrior’s security is due to this relationship. Lahren met Jerad when she was staying in San Diego for her assignment with OAN. Her Instagram account was then with the appreciation of the relation and frequent snaps. She even reached out to confer the man with a caption in his favor as ‘On this Man Crush Monday… God Bless America….’, which can be thought of as the highest seal for the relation.

But flashes of the navy seal were slowly gone off the shore, and after some time those photos were no more being boasted on by the love. A new name emerged in her life; he is Chase McNary, the second runner-up in The Bachelorette. The new pair is seen in LasVegas. Social media again have enough posting of Lahren. The relation has not taken any further turn of settling together and both claims as on date as single.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Tomi Lahren

Date of Birth: 11th August 1992

Birth Place: Rapid City, South Dakota

Age: 25 years

Profession: Political commentator



Net worth: $3 million