Celebrity net worth has always been a curious subject and seems like everyone wants to know more about how much our favorite celebrities earn yearly and how big is their actual wealth.

Besides being interested in their income, we also love to learn new information about our favorite celebrities, so today we are going to present as much information as possible about Billy Beane, a former baseball player and currently a successful businessman.

Early years

William Lamar Beane III was born on March 29th 1962 in Orlando, Florida. He grew up in a military family, since his father was a naval officer. He was the one who taught Billy how to pitch, and this made a huge impact on him as a young boy.

He went to the Mt. Camel High School where he showed exceptional talent in basketball, football and baseball. He almost couldn’t decide which sport to take on, since he enjoyed being in sports in general.

His coach decided to add Billy to the baseball team in a freshman season, and this is when Billy started to fall in love with the game.

In his first season, Billy batted 501 but by the end of his senior season, his batting fell down to 300.

Even though he didn’t excel in his senior season, the scouts liked him instantly and considered him to be very talented. Billy enjoyed playing football as well, but to pursue his baseball career more seriously he gave up on football all together.

Stanford University loved Billy’s talent and wanted to give him the baseball – football scholarship. This only speaks of his great talent and skills.

Career development

The American revolutionized the world of baseball with a vision where success does not only go through money. The life of the former player, who prioritized the values ​​over statistics.

Billy Beane, the man of great results at low cost. William Lamar “Billy” Beane III, was born in Orlando, Florida in March 1962. Son of a military father, he grew up in the areas of Hollywood and San Diego, California, places where he would take his first steps in the world of baseball.

Billy’s professional career started in 1980 when he was selected in the first overall selection in the Major League Baseball Draft. He was chosen by the Mets as the 23rd pick and the amount he signed for was 125,000$. He often recalls this moment as the first moment and the only time he took charge of his money.

In 1981 Beane was moved up to the Jackson Mets Class AA Texas. In 1984 he moved to the New York Mets. Beane got transferred to the Detroit Tigers in 1988 and stayed there until he transferred to Oakland Athletics where he played in 37 games. In 1990 he came back to the Athletics together with minor – league players.

Beane decided to ask Athletics GM Sandy Alderson to become an advanced scout, to which he replied positively and Beane stayed there until 1990. In 1997 Beane replaced Alderson and continued the job he was operating on until that moment.

In 2002, Beane got an offer from the Boston Red Sox to be their GM. Beane decided to decline in 2012, Beane became an owner of a small part of the Athletics. The contract got extended to 2019. Beane made a huge impact on the way how players are valued especially the high school players. In 2009 he appeared at the top 10 GM’s of the decade in sports.

NetSuite named Beane at the board of directors. His character also appeared in a video game called MLB Front Office Manager.

The movie Moneyball was based on his life, in which he was depicted as a strong leader who makes sure to spend as less as possible in order to run his team in the best possible way.

His step as a player was not very outstanding. He considered that not only met the expectations of the “explorers”, who projected him as a star, but also, they only saw in him their qualities and numbers and not their mental preparation to dispute the best leagues. That is why, from there, all its competitive nature would be transferred to the team management.

After having finished his career as a player, Beane asked to work in the humble team of athletes as “scout”, i.e. as “scout”. After a while, the leaders, satisfied with their work, gave him the position of general manager. From there and based on his experience, he modified the way of “recruiting” players.

The executive marked a stage in the history of baseball by using an unusual technique at the time, since it minimized costs and increased the value to players who were not hired by the most powerful teams. Convinced of his action and despite criticism, he believed in his method that made him a true leader in the sports industry.

The former baseball player, instead of studying players’ athletic ability or blindly following “old and unfounded” concepts, focused on exploiting the errors of his competitors by applying statistical, economic and financial analyzes that seek “objective knowledge” about baseball. . Through this methodology, Beane reveals not only the current difficulty of questioning the viability and logic of concepts rooted in business, but also shows the inefficiency of the markets.

“He created a new way of managing teams by focusing on exploiting the mistakes of his competitors, applying an exhaustive statistical, economic and financial analysis, in search of ‘objective knowledge’ about baseball.

Once I made a decision based on money and vowed never to do it again “, was one of the key phrases for the success of the man, whose name was taken to the cinema in 2011 under the name of” Moneyball: breaking the rules “, in a film directed by Bennett Miller and starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill.

Under that slogan, Beane understood that success and money do not always go hand in hand and that with little resources much can be done. With cunning and vision, the businessman who refused a salary of $ 12.5 million to become general manager of the Boston Red Sox, which would transform him into the highest paid general manager in the history of sports, knew how to exploit opportunities that others they do not see or underestimate.

Years of management as general manager were not at all easy for Billy Beane. In 2001, with the imminent departure of several of the team’s star players, he had to reassemble a practically new competitive group with few resources. This is where, Billy Beane shows that he is a leader not only because of his way of thinking, but also because of his actions. He knew, with his instinct and innovation, to cope with a complex situation with opportunities that many had not yet been able to observe.

The American, who was named Sporting News’ Executive of the Year in 1999 and received Baseball America’s 2002 MLB Executive of the Year award, has all the qualities that a person with leadership can acquire, from the ability to lead, to creative responses with decisions in a timely and safe way.

A leader, in addition to being committed to their goals, should never give up. This was demonstrated by Beane, who always, despite the criticism, continued with his project.

Some of his famous phrases that he will be remembered for: “You do not have a crystal ball, you cannot look at a boy and predict his future, nor can I.” “Once I made a decision based on the money, and vowed not to return ever.” “When they answer what you want … hang up.” “Let them make mistakes and when the enemy is making mistakes, do not interrupt.”

“The problem we are trying to solve is that the teams are rich and the poor. Then come six meters of shit and underneath all that, come on. ““The people who run the teams think about buying players. They should not think about buying players, but victories. And for that, they need to buy careers. ““It does not matter if we lose if we play the game that was designed.”

Beane’s net worth is estimated at 6$ million and most of the money comes from his investments and his GMs salary.

Personal life

Beane married twice in his life and from one of the marriages he has a daughter Casey, Brayden and Tinsley. Beane graduated from the University of California in San Diego.

Beane is highly praised for him work on improving the position of players and his exceptional GM skills.

After having finished his career as a player, Beane asked to work in the humble team of athletes as “scout”, i.e. as “scout”.

After a while, the leaders, satisfied with their work, gave him the position of general manager.

From there and based on his experience, he modified the way of “recruiting” players.

Quick summary

Full name: William Lamar “Billy” Beane III

Date of birth: January 1st 1958

Birthplace: Orlando, Florida

Age: 56

Profession: Baseball

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth: $6 million