Are you ready for a new interesting topic in which we will describe a special kind of art and an artist who is no longer alive?

In our themes you can find many interesting stories and interesting information that can bring you some news. We will do our best to introduce you to various types of arts in our themes, and today we will talk about one particular kind.

In our today’s theme we will talk about music that is very important in the lives of all people and which brings great joy to every man. The music has existed since ancient times and it has always been there to enrich the moments of all people in the world.

Music is something that everyone in the world likes and without which our lives would make no sense. Music is an integral part of every man’s life, and she helps us to relax and forget about the problems.

Throughout history of mankind, music has always changed and various directions of music have been created. In this text we will talk about the type of music that came into being during the 80’s and which has become very popular in the world today.  We will talk about rap music today and we will talk about this musical direction that has been very popular in recent years. Rap music is a special type of music and this music has different styles that have changed over the years.

In the 1980s, rap music was a great success worldwide, helped many young artists find their musical direction and become successful musicians. Hip hop and rap music began to develop in America, and were usually performed by black musicians.

We can say that, very quickly, this music became accepted throughout the world, crushed all prejudices and merged people of different beliefs. This musical genre has proven that music does not know the difference it connects people and helps people to express their emotions, attitudes and opinions.

This music is different from the others because with it we can say everything that is on our souls. From the beginning of this music, to this day we can find different styles and different rappers that have gained popularity all over the world. If you are interested in this kind of music, then we will present you in this text more details about rap and about the rapper who died in 2018 and in this text we will talk about his career and his life.

We will today talk about XXXTentacion, which in a short period managed to achieve great success on the American rap scene. His career lasted briefly because he died in June 2018. Nevertheless, he managed to leave a large number of hits and good songs, and his fans will surely remember him forever. He was a very young rapper and he wanted to become very successful in rap music, but unfortunately he was shot in 2018. His songs left a big mark on rap music and we will be introduced in this text with his childhood and details of his career and private life.

Early Years

XXXTentacion or Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was born on January 23, 1998 in Plantation, Florida, USA.

His parents are from Jamaica and he grew up with three siblings. His childhood was not easy, and his family was not in a good financial situation.

His father had problems with crime and drugs, and when XXXTentacion was 2 years old, his father ended up in prison.

His mother remained alone and she had to take care of her entire family. Because of such problems, he spent most of his time with his grandmother. She helped him to grow up, and in the later period she gave him love for music when she included him in the church choir. His mother had many problems because she often lost her job. She had to change jobs and try to gain financial profit. Onfroy, along with his grandmother, spent a lot of time with his uncle who had taught him to become dangerous.

His mother found another job and they moved to another part of the city. She’s beginning in this business was more successful than in the previous one, and she’s material situation began to improve. However, after several months, an incident occurred when an unknown man entered in their house and attacked his mother. Onfroy slammed a man with a knife that attacked his mother and he was 6 years old at that time. After this event, his mother had to change the apartment again, and Onfroy was forced to live with his grandmother.

When he was in the 4th grade of elementary school his interest in music started. His grandmother decided to join him in the church chorus. After several months, he was expelled from the church choir as he attacked another student. In the following period, Onfroy often made incidents and problems, and he often went on to fight other students from his school. After many of his incidents, he was expelled from school in the 7th grade and his mother decided to enroll him in the religious community. He spent 6 months in this community and he began to listen to various types of music such as rap, hard rock, etc., during that period.

After becoming interested in music, Onfroy wanted to learn to play musical instruments such as guitar and piano. In the following period, he went to several music lessons, but he gave up after a short period of time.

He enrolled in a high school in his city and during the first year he did not make trouble and wanted to change. But during the second year he made a new problem and after a short period he decided to leave school and said that the school was not created for him and that he did not have the will to continue.

After half a year his mother returned to old apartment in theirs city and their father get out from the jail and he also rented a new apartment in this city. At that time, his father wanted to return to live with them, but his mother and children did not want to. He wanted to get a second chance, but in that period it was too late. His mother began to work a lot of time during the week. They still did not have much money but when Onfroy and his one year older brother became teenagers they wanted to have much more money.

During that period, they began to hang out with members of the gangs, and during that period they began to deal with drugs. They had the desire to make big money and in that way provide a good financial situation. They did not often consume drugs, except marihuana, but sales were very good. After a couple of months their mother discovered for their jobs with drug and she decided to throw them out of the house.

After this event, they had to find a new apartment and had to work on their own. In that period, Onfroy had love for rap music and he started writing songs in their rented apartment. His first songs were amateur because he did not have the necessary equipment for recording professional songs.

After moving into a new apartment, they continued to deal with the sale of drugs for several months, but after XXXTentacion began to professionally deal with rap music they ended up with this job. They also had much happiness because they did not have problems with the police in that period.

In 2013, XXXTentacion officially began to deal with rap music and he made his first song named “News\Flock”. He posted this song on his Sound Cloud profile and this song has achieved a lot of success on the Internet. After this song he started a successful collaboration with his friend Ski Mask the Slump God. They started their cooperation when they came out of the juvenile prison. Their beginnings in rap music were successful, and after they bought new microphones and equipment, they started recording professional music.

XXXTentacion spent half a year in a juvenile center and he was indicted for possessing weapons and a small amount of drugs. At this center, he changed his behavior and in that period he met a great friend – Ski Mask the Slump God, who, after leaving the center, became his best friend and colleague. In this center, XXXTentacion made several incidents, and one of those incidents was when he attacked a homosexual who watched him when he was folded his clothes. The police wanted to extend the sentence to him and said that he was staying in this center for a long time, but he was finally forgiven, and when he was leaving, Onfroy thanked them and said that he was sorry for the incidents in this center.


XXXTentacion began his rap career in 2013 when he released his first single on the Internet. This single has achieved a lot of initial success and he wanted to continue recording rap songs. His professional start in rap music began in 2014 when he and his friend Ski Mask the Slump God got the necessary recording equipment. Their first songs were released on the Sond Cloud profile and on other websites. XXXTentacion released his first EP in November 2014 and these songs have achieved a lot of success on the Internet.

This EP is named “The Fall” and after publishing this EP, he continued his collaboration with Ski Mask the Slump God and they started working on their debut album.

Their first album was released in early 2015 and is called Members Only Vol. 1 and their second album was released by the end of 2015 and is called Members Only Vol. 2. Their second album has achieved a lot of success and rap fans were delighted with this album and they began to gain popularity across the USA. In early 2016, XXXTentacion released his second EP called Willy Wonka Was a Child Murderer. This EP has achieved a lot of success and has achieved great popularity on the Internet. During that period, XXXTentacion began to gain great popularity and began to gain financial profit. He worked as a call operator and he decided to leave this job and pay all his attention to rap music.

At the end of 2016, XXXTentacion was arrested for possession of weapons, physical attack and possession of a small amount of drugs. After paying a $ 10,000 fine, he was released and started working on his first solo debut album “Bad Vibes Forever”. This album was released in 2018 because XXXTentacion spent several months in prison. When he got out of jail, he recorded 3 new singles that he posted on the Sound Cloud profile and on YouTube, and these songs received many positive comments from fans of rap music.

In this period he found a new manager with whom he signed a contract. In the following period, XXXTentacion recorded several singles and released his second album. After the release of the second album XXXTentacion signed a contract with a new production house for which he was supposed to make a new album that would bring him $ 10 million. He recorded this album, but it was released in December 2018 after his death.

Personal Life

XXXTentacion had a very turbulent life and he made many problems during his lifetime. He ended up in prison several times, but he managed to make a short but successful career in rap music. When he signed a contract for the third studio album he managed to make a big financial profit but after signing the contract he was killed.

On June 18, 2018, XXXTentacion went out of the store at Deerfield Beach, Florida and at that moment he was killed by two attackers in dark jackets. After the shooting, the witnesses stated that the killers had stolen the bag from his car and had escaped. After the shooting, XXXTentacion was transferred to the hospital, but after a few hours he passed away.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy

Birthplace: Plantation, Florida, USA

Date of birth: January 23, 1998

Date of death: June 18, 2018

Age: /

Profession: Rapper

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: $15 million