Caroline Stanbury is a British entrepreneur and a fashion stylist, widely known for her role in Bravo TV series Ladies of London.

Early years

She was born on April 28, 1976. She grew up in London, in Dorset,  and always hoped to work in the fashion industry. Her father Anthony also worked in the fashion business, as a director of the Jaeger group and her mother Elisabeth had a knittwear fashion business. Her mother was born in the upper class so they were constantly surrounded by many famous and wealthy British families. She had a very peaceful childhood, always surrounded by nannies who watched over her and her siblings.

She went to Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire, where her brothers and her sister also attended school. Caroline is very close to her brothers, Alex and Edward, and to her  sister Victoria.

Career development

After high school ot was kind of expected for her to go to University, but even then she had different plans. She took a job in PR and made great success in that field. She became very known, and it is not wrong to say that her family name helped  her going that way. She was a personal stylist for many years and she was focusing on the rich and famous clients.

She launched an online service, in 2008,  called The Gift Library. It was an online selling company based on luxury items. After that her company grew fast, and she even got to the number of over 50 employees.

In 2013, she added  wedding industry to her business list, when she bought the  “The Wedding Shop”, which was  an wedding service in the U.K.

“The Gift Liabrary of Caroline Stanbury” was eventually sold to Amara, and the whole name was changed to Amara. That was really surprising because it was a very successfull company, but everybody knew she wanted to try something else, something new. And it seemed that she had some debts to pay to the banks, too.

Since she was always in action, trying out new things, she was getting bored of being in the same place, she moved to Wentworth Estate with her husband and children.

She is a multitalented person: she has a very popular blog named Stanbury – Perfected in London; she is constantly launching new products and still manages to handle both her job and care for her family.

She became very known by starring in the first season of Ladies of London. This reality show first aired in 2014. She became very popular in the show, but a lot of other stars in the show think she is a little intimidating. Her ex sister-in-law, sophie, joined the show and that seemed to become a problem after she divorced Caroline’s brother in 2016.

In 2015 Caroline appeared  in the late night talk show  „Watch What Happens“.

Personal life

Until she was married she was on the yellow pages a lot, since she dated many famous people in her past: Hugh Grant, prince Andrew, Silverster Stallone and Ryan Giggs.  In 2004 she married Cem Habib, who  worked as an investment bankar and his origins are from Turkey.

She is a mother of three children: Zac, Aaron and Yasmin  from her marriage with Cem Habib. In 2015 they moved to Dubai because her husband Cem runs a very serious business as a partner in an investment firm. Like her, he is also very ambitious.

Cem doesn’t appear in the show very often, but when he does he is very  supportive  and is trying to help his wife as much as he can. During one season, when he had to take a business trip to Kazakhstan, it was obvious that Caroline was very sad and didn’t cope well with his absence. So, she is a though lady, but very much in love.

She is known for her great passion for  “Hermen Birkin” bags  and she has all the collection – more than 100 000 pounds worth of bags.

Philantropic work

She is involved in a lot of charity events. She and her husband Cem Habib attend almost every charity event they are called to., like the annual Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Party which they attend every year. Although they seem to be very interested in donations and helping people, it also seems they like all the attention they are getting from the media, and surely love to mingle with the rich and famous.

This year she visited Haiti companioned by workers from the organization Artists for Peace and Justice. She visited the children’s hospital and their high school. She gave a motivating speech and promised to raise some funds for the children’s eduacation.

Quick summary

Full name: Caroline Stanbury

Date of Birth: April 28,1976.

Birth Place: London, United Kingdom

Age: 41

Proffession: entrepreneur, fashion stylist, TV star

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 53 kgs

Net worth: $ 30 million