Gene Cheeseman is a renowned contractor who has been involved in building of buildings and roads in and around Alaska. He is highly talented and has great expertise dealing with the mechanical parts as well as good knowledge about the same.

He has been a part of the Gold Rush which was a reality series. He has worked with the team of Parker during the initial series.

This reality series is about the mining companies around Yukon, Canada. In the reality series, Gold Rush, Gene has joined the team of Parker in the fourth season and has been a part of the Scribner Creek Gold deposit helping as a foreman during the series.

Later they had been in bad terms and finally Gene left the team. He was given an opportunity to join the dredging team of Beets in the reality show and was greatly excited about the new opportunity. Currently, Gene is employed with Viking Dredge which is at Eureka Creek Claim as a skipper.

Gold rush is the reality series which features men who are ready to do adventurous tasks and ready to go in search of gold. This deal is relatively tricky in nature but the attractive point is that it is highly rewarding.

In the sixth season of the Gold Rush, Parker and his crew were able to gather almost 3,372 ounces of gold which has a rate of about $3.5 million. They are in competition with the Team Hoffmann who is right behind them at $3 million gathering about 3000 ounces of gold.

Gene has worked as a foreman as well as skipper; this in turn has bought him great fortunes. The estimated net worth of about $250,000.

His hometown is Juneau, Alaska. His grandfather and uncle were in this path of work long before. He has encountered with heavy machinery from the age of 6. He is mainly interested in highly difficult jobs. He is always ready to take up challenging jobs like the expansion of a road related to mining in Alaska which is in the mountain region. He has worked with heavy machineries and used explosive substances at the edges of the cliffs.

The program Gold Rush has been telecasted in Discovery Channel every Friday at night. This has been one among the series which has a top rating and the program has succeeded in keeping the viewers excited throughout the program duration.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Gene Cheeseman

Date of birth: Unknown

Birth place: Alaska

Age: Unknown

Profession: Television Personality and Contractor

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: $250,000

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