Colin Firth is a British actor.

Early years

He was born in Hampshire, England on September 10, 1960. and lived in an extremely  educated family of academics.

He spent his childhood in Nigeria, due to the fact his grandparents were missionaries. After that he attended a school in Winchester.

He enrolled an Eastleigh college and failed.He joined The National Youth Theater after what he studied Drama in London where he got his first role in the play „Another Country“ and afterwards in the movie based on that play.

Career development

In 1989. he starred in a TV film „Tumbledown“ and in 1995. „Pride and Prejudice“ and in both occasions he was nominated for BAFTA aword.

After his great success with „Pride and Prejudice“ came another big hit, in 1996.

He starred in a romantic film  „Bridget Jones’s Diary“ in a similar role.

This movie was a great commercial success and gave him  great critics.

Colin’s next role was  in“ The English Patient „ the same year and that was one of his most successfull tragic acts.

He appeared in „ Shakespeare in Love“ in 1998. and in „The Importance of Being Earnest „ in 2002. with Reese Whiterspoon.

He  was nominated for Emmy Award for the role in a TV series „Conspiracy“ in 2002.

„Girl with a Pearl Earring“ came in 2003. with him and Scarlett Johansson in the leading roles.

In 2008., he  filmed  „And When Did You Last See Your Father?“ directed by Anand Tucker , and it had a great impact on him going through a very emotional life of his film character.

His first trip to musicals was in „Mamma Mia!“ which became a huge hit and earned a lot of money worldwide.

„Easy Virtue“ and „Genova“ were filned the same year.

In Tom Ford’s „A Single Man“,where also starred the famous Julianne Moore, he was coping with the death of his boyfriend in 1960s, when love affair  like that could hace  caused only outrage.

It was a very difficult role to play, but Colin Firth did it ingeniously. His first Oscar came in 2011. for his excellent performance in „The King’s Speech“.

He appeared in a film „Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy“ with Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy. The same year he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

His next film was pretty unsuccesfull crime story „Gambit“.

That was forgotten in 2015. when he played a key role in „Kingsman: The Secret Service“ which was a worldwide success.

Philantropic work

He is a member of Survival International, an organization that fights for the right os native tribal people.

Personal life

In 1990. he became a father in a relationship with an actress Meg Tilly.

They broke up in 1994 and he returned to England from Canada where they lived.
In 1997.he married Livia Giuggioli and they have two children.

She is also in the movie business; directing and producing italian movies. 

Quick summary

Full name: Colin Andrew Firth

Date of birth:  September 10, 1960.

Birth place: Hampshire, England

Age: 57

Profession: actor

Height: 1,88 m

Weight:  76 kgs

Net worth: $14 million