Jovita Moore Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Jovita Moore Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Jovita is one of the most popular people on TV in United States. Talented, educated, professional, warm, confident and intelligent lady, who will help you to start your day, and who will make you smile.

We can surely say that Jovita is the most popular journalist in the United States.

Jovita is famous News presenter, but also she is great friends, kind person and most important she is good mother. In this text we will talk about Jovita, we will help you to understand her work and to get know her much better.

We will talk about her childhood, we will tell you many interesting facts about her and about her parents.

Also, we will talk about her career, her jobs and her work. But this is not the end, we will also tell you something more about her private life and interesting facts about it.

We hope that you will get to know her much better, we are sure that she is strong and amazing woman.

Early years

Jovita was born in New York, where she finished primary and high school. She was raised by her mother. Jovita has never met her father. Childhood was very hard period for her because her mother was constantly working, and she didn’t have time for Jovita.

In many interview, Jovita is talking about her childhood, she said that in this life period she was very lonely, she didn’t have a lot of friends and her family was living in different part of the World.

Since these days Jovita was hardworking child, in her elementary school she was very good pupil. She was participating in school activities, she was very good at writing, since her childhood she has had unique style, and she was recognize for it. In has finished high school with high grades, and she was one of the best students. Also, she has won many awards in New York, for many articles that she has write in the high school.

Jovita was studying on Bennigton College, her professors were fascinated with her work and they wanted her to develop herself and to work more on her writing skills. Jovita did not only had a support from her professors and other students, but also she had big support from her mother, who has supported her in every life choice.

In university, Jovita has traveled a lot, she visited Europe more than three times and she was stunned with other cultures, languages and people. It is interesting that Jovita is speaking English, Spanish, German and Italian.


Her career has started before she has graduated, she was devoted to the idea that she want to become a journalist. In her last year of college she took internship in Amsterdam, where she was working for Amsterdam News. This was her experience as a professional journalist, in this period she show to be hardworking, dedicated and professional.

After her graduation she has got her first job at KSFM. This was her first professional job, also it was a big task for her, but she was very good at it. It is interesting that she reported about different thing, about weather, political situation, war situations…

She had a team and a small van, they were driving to different location and reporting about different situation in country. Jovita says that this job was very hard for her because she was spending her own money on car, gas, food and she had a minimal payment. But this didn’t stop her, she was determined to succeed and to make great things.

After four years of work Jovita changed her job. One time she said that this job in KSFM was the hardest job that she loved her team but conditions were very bad. She admitted that sometime she wanted to change her career and to start working in different areas. But changes were coming, as we mention after four years of working she has got promoted and she became WMC TVs anchor.

When she got this job she needed to move to Memphis.

She was very good, and she had a respect from other people, that is why she became one of the biggest faces in WMC Television. Through time Jovita has proven to us that she is hard working, dedicated, professional and devoted journalist.

In 2017 Jovita was declared for the best journalist and TV presenter. Also she has won Emmy for her work in this area. 

Personal life

Jovita keeps her life in private zone. The truth is that Jovita was raised by her mother that is why she had such a big impact for her. Jovita is also known as a fighter for woman rights. In her first journalist days she dedicated a lot of attention to this subject.

She was travelling to different location and she was reporting about hard situation for women who were living there. Even if her first job was the hardest one Jovita always said that if there wasn’t this job she would never succeed.

She is a mother of Shelby, Marley and Josh, we also need to mention that Jovita is a single mother. She has never talk about her personal relationship and her ex-husband. She only talk about him once and she said that he didn’t understand her needs and her job that is why she could not be the right woman for him.

Jovita is active in many social communities, she is a vegetarian, and she has her own foundation for woman who cannot afford their children education. She is very open when we are talking about hard situation for black people in America.

She has also experience a lot of difficulties because of her skin color. Jovita says that her goal is to help other people, to spread love and to fight for truth.

Quick summary

Full name: Jovita Moore

Date of birth: October 5th 1967

Birthplace: New York, United States of America

Age: 52

Profession: Journalist and TV presenter

Height: 1,71 m

Weight: 62 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million


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