Jonathan Park is also known by the stage name of Dumb foundead. Jonathan Park was born in February in the year 1986.

His professional name is Dumb foundead. Jonathan Park is a rapper from America who is of the Korean descent. Jonathan Park is basically from the neighborhood of California Los Angeles.

Early life

Jonathan Park was born in Argentina Buenos Aires. The family of Jonathan Park is immigrants from South Korea. Jonathan Park and his sister smuggled their way to Mexico, and then they moved to Los Angeles and started living in Korea town when he was three years old. Jonathan Park was into hip-hop from and very early age, and he was looked like a class clown by everyone around.

At a very early age, he joined the community center at MacArthur Park where he met people such as Poppin Chuck, Mark Luv of the Zulu Nation, Ez rock, and Cre8 RTN. This helped Jonathan Park to learn a lot about the technique of freestyling and hip hop. Jonathan Park also went to Project Blowed which is an open mic workshop for musicians, poets, and artists in South Central Los Angeles.


Jonathan Park park went to college at John Marshall High School, and he dropped out from there in his sophomore year. The reason why he drooped out of college was that of low attendance. After he left college, he rented an apartment at MacArthur Park where he stayed with his sister. Before starting his career, he used to work in odd jobs like in bail bondsman. Jonathan Park started his career by uploading videos on YouTube. Jonathan Park used to upload rap battle videos. Jonathan Park started collaborating with artists like Wax, Jay Park, Traphik, Epik High and Anderson Paak. Jonathan Park was praised by Drake when he saw him in a rap battle. Jonathan Park was featured on a famous show on NBC for Jam Session 2.0 which he attended with seven other artists. Jonathan Park has also been featured in Los Angeles Times. Jonathan Park has also acted on a horror movie called Detention which was directed by Joseph Kahn.

Jonathan Park got all his fame from raping. Jonathan Park has also acted in a lot of movies and also has a career in acting. Jonathan Park is currently 31 years old and is born with the birth sign Aquarius. Jonathan Park also participates in rap battles with other artists and posts them on YouTube. Jonathan Park also does a lot of comedy, and people love him for being funny. Jonathan Park went to Canada once so that he could battle in King of the Dot hosted by Organik where he battled with Kid Twist a Canadian Rapper. Jonathan Park ended up losing the battle to Kid Twist. Jonathan Park has a sibling named Natalie Park who is very close to him. Jonathan Park and his sister immigrated to Mexico when they were a kid so that they could have a better life. Jonathan Park is not one of the big rappers of the rap industry, but he surely is known for his dedication towards music and his funny music videos.

The reason why Jonathan Park became so much famous is that of his diverse background. Jonathan Park has always been bullied in school, and that gave him a lot of motivation to do well in his career. Jonathan Park never was affected by negativity. His love towards hip-hop has always been there from his early age. Jonathan Park is a true inspiration towards the people from the rap world. Jonathan Park is known to take stand on racism even in the Oscars with his music video.

In the year 2016, Jonathan Park released his famous music video Safe with which he gained a lot of attention worldwide. The video went trending, and it was a viral hit. Jonathan Park has also been a part of the documentary called Bad Rap which was a movie about four Asian American dudes who were trying to make their way to the hip-hop industry. Right now Jonathan Park is doing him. We Might Die Tour so that he could promote his latest album named We Might Die. Jonathan Park sold all his tickets in Vancouver, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle. Jonathan Park is part of the collective Project Blowed where he participated in different rap battles. Jonathan Park also participates in the 2007 World Rap Championship.

Personal life

Not much of his personal life information is known.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Dedrick D’Mon Rolison

Date of Birth: 18th February 1986

Birth Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Age: 32 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Actor and Film Score Composer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $0.8 Million