In this topic we will get acquainted with a very interesting artistic direction and we will talk about interesting musicians. This area is one of the most important in the world and it is certain that all people have their favorite musicians.

We will talk about rap music today and we will talk about this musical direction that has been very popular in recent years. Rap music is a special type of music and this music has different styles that have changed over the years.

During the 1970s, rap music was a great success worldwide, helped many young artists find their musical direction and become successful musicians. Hip hop and rap music began to develop in America, and were usually performed by black musicians.

However, very quickly, this music became accepted throughout the world, crushed all prejudices and merged people of different beliefs. This musical genre has proven that music does not know the difference it connects people and helps people to express their emotions, attitudes and opinions.

This music is different from the others because with it we can say everything that is on our souls. From the beginning of this music, to this day we can find different styles and different rappers that have gained popularity all over the world. If you are interested in this kind of music, then we will present you in this text more details about her and about the rapper with whom we will meet today.

In this article, we will get acquainted with an American rapper who started a professional debut in 2002 when he debuted on MTV Television. His name is Travie McCoy and we will talk about his career and his success in rap music.

He has made many good songs and has worked with many popular rappers. In this text we will get acquainted with his childhood and details of his career and private life.

Early Years

Travie McCoy or Travis Lazarus McCoy was born on August 5, 1981 in Geneva, New York, USA.

His father originated from Haiti and his mother is of Irish origin. He grew up in a small town and his parents tried to provide him with the necessary conditions to have a good life. When he was in elementary school, McCoy loved skateboarding and wanted to deal with this kind of sport. However, he experienced an accident when he fell from a skateboard and was in wheelchairs for four months.

This event changed his life because he could no longer deal with this sport. The doctors recommended that he stop interacting with this kind of sport because he could recapture the injury again. When he stopped skateboarding, Travis found another occupation that attracted him very much. He loved drawing and tattoos and he began to made tattoos.

Travis discovered his love for music when he started high school, then he began to discover his musical direction, to write songs and to reveal the other side of his personality. He admitted several times that he was very modest as a boy, that he did not believe in himself and his talent, but High School helped him to free himself and to discover the other side of his personality.

During the high school, Travis began to play drums and had talent for it. In a later interview, Travis stated that during a high school he founded a band in which his father and brother were his.

He said that their songs were very bad and that he would not like to be published ever. During the high school, Travis listened to different types of music, but he was more interested in rap music. This music helped him to become popular and make a good musical career. During the high school he met his future colleague from the band and they founded the Gym Class Heroes band in 1997.

When he finished high school in Geneva, New York Travis entered the art school. When he was 20, he devoted himself to tattooing, art and rap music.

He also did some extra work to secure money for his career. He opened his shop where he worked tattoo and this job was very good to him.

In addition to this work he also worked on his rap career and with his band made debut songs. In 2002, he made a debut on television and recorded a music video for MTV television.


Travie McCoy started his rap career when he and his friends founded the Gym Class Heroes group. They initially performed at private parties and had concerts in their city. Travie McCoy, in addition to this rap group, was dedicated to his tattoo business. This group made their debut on television in 2002 when they made a music video for MTV television.

After this event, they made several singles, but their first album was released in 2008. Prior to their first album, they collaborated with several rap and rnb musicians from the USA. Their first album was a great success and was at number 44 among top 200 albums. After this album they continued to work on music and in 2009 they released another album, which also achieved a lot of success.

Their second album brought a lot of extra success to this rap group, but in 2010 this group split. Travis said members of the group were not fighting, but each of them wanted to continue with his style of music.

In 2010, he released his first album to describe his life and his love life. He was very emotional at that time because he broke up with Katy Parry and it was a very difficult period in his life. After this event he wanted to describe some of his feelings even after the release of the album he moved to Florida and wanted to rest.

In 2010 and 2011, Travis has worked with many famous rappers and singers. His album “Lazarus” ranks 25th among the top 200 albums in the world. During that period he has held a number of concerts in USA, the UK and many countries in the world. He began to build great success and his career started ascending.

During 2011, he co-operated with Rihhana and went to many of her concerts with her. He had excellent cooperation with her but also with a large number of rappers and singers around the world. 2010 and 2011 were the best year in his career and he managed to make a big financial profit over the past two years.

In the coming years, Travie McCoy continued to record songs and released several singles that made great success throughout the United States.

During his career, Travie McCoy made a financial profit of around $ 5 million and managed to make great success in rap music. He made many successful singles and managed to make an excellent musical career. Travie is still active in rap music but has not yet released a new album.

Personal Life

During his career, Travie McCoy had at one time a drug problem. At one time he was in great depression and he said how the drug helped him. But after a while he managed to stop using drugs and began to record different music and recover.

He later stated that he was ashamed because he mentioned the drugs in his songs and that he would not record such songs anymore.

Travie McCoy is active on social networks and he often shares pictures of his private life. On his Facebook profile, he has about 100,000 followers and on his Instagram profile he has over 250,000 followers.

He often travels to different countries in the world and he has said that in the near future he will record new songs that will appeal to his fans.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Travis Lazarus McCoy

Birthplace: Geneva, New York, USA

Date of birth: August 5, 1981

Age: 38

Profession: Rapper, Tattoo artist

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: $5 million