Eddie Guerrero was a known American professional wrestler and one of the members of a famous wrestling family. He died in 2005 of heart failure. He was known for his nickname “Latino Heat.”

Early life

He was born as Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes on October 9, 1967, in El Paso in Texas, United States.

He graduated in 1985 from Thomas Jefferson High School in El Paso. He wasn’t interested in studying but was very interested in sports.

After that, he enrolled the New Mexico University for which he received an athletic scholarship.

During his collegiate years, he started wrestling there. That was followed by his relocation to Mexico where he trained professionally.

His brothers and father were all wrestlers in Mexico, and he was going to find a place for himself amongst the popular wrestlers there.

His father Gory Guerrero held wrestling promotions at the El Paso County Coliseum, a giant arena where a variety of events were held. This gave him an opportunity to watch other professional wrestlers and their matches. He also spent a lot of time with his nephew Chavo, and they trained together. Chavo also wanted to be a wrestler.

Career development

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre is a professional wrestling promotion from Mexico City, and he wrestled there until 1992. Then he decided to pursue a career in AAA or “Asistencia Asesoria Administracion” and teamed up with another wrestler to become “The Atomic Pair.”

After that, they formed “The Crazy Americans” and feuded one against each other a lot. He started to be recognized amongst the wrestler fans.

In 1994, Paul Heyman, the owner of “Extreme Championship Wrestling” approached him and asked him to wrestle with him. He liked his unusual way of fighting and the way he looks so he wanted him in his organization.

In 1993 he also wrestled in Japan where he was called “Black Tiger.” Japanese were mesmerized by his Latino character.

In 1996 he won the “Best of the Super Juniors” tournament in Japan. He liked fighting there because he had many fans.

He won ECW World TV Championship and received the title.

In 1997 he lost his US Heavyweight Championship title.

Guerrero was very successful but still frustrated because he was never the start of WCW. He left the company for a few months but returned later.

Guerrero formed LWO (“Latino World Order”) which was a protest against WCW President Eric Bischoff for not pushing Latino’s more into the front rows. He felt they were underestimated although they had much to offer and were very popular.

In 1999 he founded a new clan, called “The Filthy Animals” and feuded with another clan called “Dead Pool.”

He debuted in the WWF in 2000 in “Raw Is War” episode.

He got into a relationship with Chyna, who was also a pro wrestler and a bodybuilder. He teamed up with her, but after a while, she realized that he would even cheat to retain his title so he was mad at her, and on the other side Guerrero was upset by her Playboy photoshoots and the time she spent in the Playboy mansion. Although it seemed that she was going to leave him, he proposed to her and she accepted.

The engagement was eventually called off after Chyna caught him showering with other two female wrestlers.

In 2001 he got arrested for drunk driving which caused his release from WWF. They have a strict policy about their wrestlers.

After that, he started independent wrestling and tried to manage his career. In 2002 he returned to WWE.

He formed a team “Los Guerreros” with his nephew Chavo with whom he trained when he was younger.

He won the WWE Championship in 2004 which became his Triple Crown.

Personal life:

He married Vickie Guerrero in 1990 after they were dating for three years and they have two daughters together, Shaul Maria and Sherilyn.

Vickie is a beautiful pro wrestler who has appeared on the WWE Diva’s Division. But she is more known as a manager, and she managed both Eddie and Chavo. She was known for her catchphrases, and she was always by the ring to encourage Eddie. She has a big net worth herself which increased after she inherited her husband’s money after he died.

He was separated from his wife for two years and was in a relationship with Tara Mahoney. After that, he came back to his wife, and she took him back.

In 2005 his nephew Chavo found him unconscious in his hotel room, and it was revealed that he had an atherosclerotic cardiovascular illness which caused his heart failure. There were rumors that he took steroids which caused his death.

Quick summary

Full name:  Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes

Date of birth: October 9, 1967

Birthplace: El Paso in Texas, United States.

Age: deceased (2005)

Profession: former wrestler

Height: 1,73m

Weight: 99 kgs

Net Worth: $6 million