The famous professional wrestler Jerry Lawler with his huge expertise and knowledge of the game has earned an automatic seat as the wrestling commentator. Along with his schedule for wrestling, Jerry is also cast for acting in the films and is also an artist.

In spite of this busy engagement, Jerry finds time for his business endeavors. At the present moment, Jerry is in contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment better known to all as WWE. The eminent personality of the wrestling world is also enriching Memphis Wrestling Promotion though his wrestling and commentary. Excepting winning his much coveted WWE title, Jerry had bagged 168 championships during his long wrestling career.

All his strength had earned him the status of ‘The King.’ The famous wrestler has been the talk of the town because of his severe feud with Andy Kaufman.  The champion wrestler has been an AWA World Heavyweight Champion.

His glory is further strengthened by WCWA World Heavyweight Championship which he had won thrice. It does require any extra prudence to understand that this strong personality who had ruled the ring of wrestling has earned enough pecuniary strength through his game and various other occupations. Jerry’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of not less than 7 million dollars which is obviously a testament to his success in life.

Early life

Jerry was born as Jerry O’Neil Lawler on 29th November 1949 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America. Jerry was raised by his mother, Hazel Lawler. He was born to a middle-class family and was raised at his place of birth. There is no detailed information available about his entire childhood days.

Perhaps the contribution of his father was noteworthy, and the entire strength has been achieved only through his mother’s care. Jerry Lawler holds the American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. The zodiac sign of this stalwart and sturdy personality is Sagittarius.

In his hometown, Jerry started his life as a disc jockey. The artistic ability of Jerry impressed Aubrey Griffith who was a known promoter of wrestling in this area. Soon Aubrey Griffith agreed with Jerry that if Jerry works for his Griffith’s publicity of wrestling around, then Griffith would provide free wrestling training to Jerry.

Jerry accepted the proposal and started giving free publicity and in return got the proper training for wrestling. Jerry picked the game well and started participating in the local tournaments. Jerry got his initial wrestling lessons from the trainer Jackie Fargo, and by 1970 Jerry was ready to challenge any dominant wrestler in the locality.


In September 1971, he won the first championship of his career and established himself as a true wrestler. Then he started workout under Sam Bass who was his then manager, and he got the result as he won the NWA Southern Tag Team Championship. On 24th July 1974, a great thing happened in his life as he got into the ring to fight in for the title ‘King of Wrestling.’ After his success in the brawl, Jerry was always referred to as “The King” in the wrestling world.

Jerry started his World Wrestling Federation career in 1992 in the capacity of an announcer at the WWF Superstars of Wrestling. His nine years of attachment with WWF have earned him enough fame, and it was believed by the wrestler who made the imitable presentations as he is the only king of the ring of WWF. In 2001 along with his partner Stacy “The Kat” he departed from WWF. After this, he started to test his potency in the independent circuit in North America and Australia. After some time Jerry was seen in the rings of International Wrestling Cartel. He was also seen wrestling with another powerful warrior in the Maryland Championship Wrestling.

On 19th November 2001, WWF felt the absence of Jerry as ‘The King’ was never substituted by any other. He took up the mouthpiece to make his special commentary and also engaged in part-time wrestling. After a year or two, he left WWF but kept him demanding in the wrestling world with some responsibility. On his 61st birthday, Jerry called upon The Miz for the WWE Championship who refused in the first instance but later revered. In a semi-retired state, he is under contract with WWE. Since 2015 Jerry has been featuring in the color commentary on SmackDown wrestling.

He is also working for the PPVs the in WWE events. Jerry has set up a record of winning 168 championships during his most enviable career. Though Jerry earned enough fame from his wrestling ability, he had been in the news also because of some grueling feud with Andy Kaufman.

Personal life

Many ladies have appeared in the life of this strong man and had married thrice. First, he got in with a relation with Kay Lawler whom he married in 1971, but the relationship was ended in 1978.

Then after some time he fell in love with Paula Jean Carruth and settled for marriage in 1982 but as the first marriage, the second wedding also saw the end of 1991. The strength has always been nurtured in the close feminine forte, and his tremendous potency failed before Stacy Carter. Stacy was a Diva at WWE as ‘The Kat” Carter. The due decided to marry and got married in 2003, but again the man was left alone as the two could not stay together after 2003.

The man who himself was not well cared by his father had become the father of three children who are Kevin Lawler, Brian Christopher, and Heather Lyn Lawler and has taken the care as a father would do. Jerry had created some musical recordings. In 1999 he ran for the Mayor of Memphis. He painted the cover page of Headlocked, a comic in wrestling, in 2007.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jerry O’Neil Lawler

Date of Birth: 29th November 1949

Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America

Age: 69 Year Old

Profession: Former Professional Wrestler

Height: 6 Feet

Weight: 110 Kg

Net worth: $7 Million