Harrison Ford Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Harrison Ford Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Harrison Ford is still one of the leading Hollywood stars. This charming American gained worldwide popularity for his remarkable and easily lovable portrayal of Han Solo, in planetary popular George Lucas’s “Star Wars” franchise, back in the early 70s. Both his acting career and life were full of interesting facts few people know about Ford.

Did you know Harrisson Ford survived a plane crash and a fall from helicopter and had a role in one Yugoslav ‘partizan’ movie? Now one of the rich and famous, Ford has quite an inspiring background. His charm and charisma doesn’t seem to fade away, even at his present age. Ford will always remain one of the most attractive and charismatic Hollywood stars, that is for sure.

Harrison Ford was born in Chicago, Illinois, 13th July 1942. His father Christopher was of Irish and German roots and his mother, Dora Nidelman, was Jewish. Ford spent his early childhood in Illinois, where he finished primary school and entered East Maine high school. After finishing high school, Ford enters Ripon College in Wiskonsin. While studying English language and philosophy, he realized acting was his call. He had signed up for a drama course and started to build a path to his future worldwide famous roles and achievements. According to his public confession, he was petryfied to stand up in front of people, at first, but he did enjoy the attention and the storytelling role.

In 1964, Ford had signed the very first contract in his acting career for the well-known „Columbia Pictures“ movie production company. He was earning 150$ a week, which was a fine money sum at the time. His first major role appeared in 1973, in „American Graffiti“. After that, he started to get more and more important and recognizable roles. His astounding breakthrough to the glamour of Hollywood came up with planetary popular franchise „Star Wars“, in which he played a role of heroic, charismatic and ladies’ heartbreaking Han Solo. His „Indiana Jones“ roles were of the same success. Thanks to his physical attractiveness and a natural charisma, it was quite easy for Harrisson to get good and well paid roles.

Besides his appereance, Ford was always attractive to movie producers because of his extraordinary facial expressions and ability to easily transform and portray the character he performs.

Appart from his astonishing move career success, Ford stands for one of the most misfortunate Hollywood actors, in terms of physical injuries and accidents. He had experienced a series of misfortunate events both as an actor and in his private life. Ford still makes jokes about his ill-starred destiny. Ford had survived a car crash, which left him with still visible scar on his face, a plane crash followed by serious head injuries, a helicopter crash and several more. He has also had a series of misfortunate events while filiming.

However, Ford has always wanted to do his job the best he can, so he would never complain about pain and physical effort he had to dedicate to get completely connected with a character he portrayed, even if it means to get seriously injured.

This intimidable Hollywood richie keeps the most of his private life away from paparazzi and tabloids. He only visites the promotion events of newest movies he starrs, but he tries to avoid public the best he can.

However, so popular actor can never hide from journalists and rich and famous curse of publicity. He was married several times and has four children, as well as adopted son.

In 2010, he married famous actress Calista Flockhart, star of popular “Ali Mac Bill” television series. Ford said Calista was a woman of his life and that their love would last forever. Ford’s life and acting career are full of interesting trivia facts. You may not know he had never signed any contract for his breakthrough role of Han Solo in „Star Wars“.

He also rejected the role in popular franchise „Jurassic Park”, but he replaced Kevin Costner in „Air Force One“. In 1997 Ford was ranked as number one on „Empire’s“ top list of the best 100 movie stars of all times.

Charismatic Hollywood actor still breaks ladies’ hearts, even at the age of 74. Back in 1988, he was claimed the sexiest man on Earth, according to “People” magazine’s list. His luxury life lets him enjoys his flying passion, which also got him a series of crashes and injuries, unfortunately. However, Ford is still often seen piloting his private jet and flying with his wife and adopted son from place to place. Appart from passion for flying, Ford also uses his private helicopter to help in rescuing missing hikers.

He also supports several non-profit organizations and often helps by sending medical personel and supplies in critical situations, such as the Haiti earthquake in 2010 was. The father of five and an amazing actor and producer, Ford is a true modern age Indiana Jones. Not surprising at all, since Jones is Harrison’s favorite role.

Full Name: Harrison Ford

Date of Birth: July 13th, 1942

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Age: 74

Profession:  Actor, producer

Height: 6 ft 1in (1.85 m)

Weight: 98 kg

Net Worth: $210 million

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