Charismatic television and radio star, Ryan Seacrest, gained worldwide fame for hosting one of the most watched competition shows, not only in the United States, but also in the whole world, the popular “American Idol”, in 2002. His early days were, however, not so shiny.

Ryan, now completely fit for his new fancy clothes, was a fat high school DJ, who had to wear glasses and was constantly bullied by other children? Well, that is just the beginning of his Cinderella story. Nowadays, Searcrest is one of the richest people on the world, a popular TV and radio host and producer. Thanks to his amazing skills, Seacrest paved his way to glory and luxury life.

Seacrest was born in Atlanta, Georgia, December 24th 1974. While still in his school days, Ryan has known he was meant for showbiz industry. He entered the world of radio magic pretty early and got his first job as a DJ at a radio station back at home.

However, his high school days were not bright at all. He was a fat boy with glasses, constantly teased about, as he once said to “New York Times” reporters. No matter of tough teenage circumstances, Seacrest was really ambitious. His first step to entertainment industry was broadcasting announcements at his school.

His ambition to become a famous entertainment program host has never ceased. While studying at the University of Georgia, Ryan got a job at Atlanta radio station. In the mid 90s, he started his own radio show in Los Angeles, titled “Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home”. A syndicated television daytime program “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” and “American Top 40” followed this.

After his DJ-ing beginnings and several radio hosting jobs, Seacrest had finally won a great prize. He was chosen for hosting “American Idol” competition show and his worldwide popularity took off in 2002. His entertaining skills and charisma have got him other showbiz engagements. He soon started hosting a great number of entertainment events, which earned him fame and fortune and placed him amongst the most popular television hosts in the U.S. However, his passion for radio magic has never gone away. Saecrest still continues to lead his radio programs, despite amazing success on TV screen.

Seacrest’s television career really took off in LA. After several engagements in 90s TV shows, he finally got the major thing with “American Idol” in 2002. The high rated television show has earned him a national popularity and made him an overnight sensation. The show’s popularity has grown ever since and Ryan’s fame followed it, as well. His hosting skills and talent proved he is far more than one hit wonder.

Seacrest was so good that he remained the only host of this worldwide known entertainment show for all subsequent seasons. “American Idol” program’s popularity has spread over the national borders and resulted with numerous worldwide versions. Seacrest’s other stunning accomplishments were hosting Dick Clark’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” and “E! News”.

He also assisted the covering of 2012 Olympic Games in London and expanded his television career success even more.

According to his idol and coworker Dick Clark’s advice, Ryan Seacrest negotiated for a part of the ownership for his “On Air” television show, hoping it could make it a never fading brand name. According to Ryan’s words, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” was meant to be a show for young adults who had overgrown other programs, such as MTV’s “Total Request Live” and so on. This show cost the production house a great deal of money, but it also gained it an incredible fortune.

Ryan there hosted celebrities such as Missy Eliot, Donald Trump and others. Fox Television invested a real treasure in Seacrest’s show and it turned out to be a perfect move. They’ve built him a new studio for radio and TV program, for a cost of incredible $10 million.

According to reports, Seacrest started to earn the same amount of money on a yearly base! This shining television and radio star has also created and produced a number of television shows. He worked on “Keeping Up With Kardashians” and spin-offs of the same program, as well as Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”. A few years ago, Seacrest started “Ryan Seacrest Media”, launching a pop culture entertainment television channel.

Rich, now handsome and famous, Seacrest has dated several Hollywood actresses and notable showbiz women. He himself lives in a three-story mansion in Hollywood hills. Seacrest is known for his metro sexual tendencies, which he is very proud off, underlining it in his interviews. He confessed he just couldn’t resist fancy hairstyle products, fancy clothes and such. “I could lie and pretend that I hunt and camp, but that wouldn’t be me. Clothes? Shopping? That’s stuff I like!”

Fortunately, his great showbiz success has got him the full opportunity to enjoy his metro sexual caprices, buy well-tailored shirts and expensive cosmetic treatments.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Ryan John Seacrest

Date of Birth: December 24th, 1974

Birth Place: Dunwoody, Georgia, United States

Age: 41

Profession: Radio and television personality, screenwriter, producer

Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)

Weight: 69 kg

Net Worth: $65 million

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