Once he had ruled the American Football League and would always remain an icon in the Hall of Fame. He had considered Football as the honest game which teaches sharing in the team and hence a life learning platform.

During the 60s and 70s, he had dominated the National Football League (NFL) and American Football League (AFL) as a quarterback. New York Jets would always retain their respect for the idol, and many have considered this person as their source of inspiration. Yes, we are trying to enumerate the deed of Joe Namath. His efficacy in the game has earned him a name; he is more famous as “Broadway Joe.”

His tremendous fan base has encouraged many brands to approach him while he was playing and that continued further long even after he kept he shoes on the racks. His immense strength is reflected in the record book as in a season Joe is the only player who had thrown 4000 yards.

Along with his splendid performance in the NFL and AFL Joe had also made several appearances in some television series and Hollywood films. It is quite evident that this eminent personality has been earning handsomely throughout his life. As all the deeds cannot be stated so is his net worth which can be estimated to be around in the range of 18 million dollars.

Early life

Joe was born as Joe William Namath on 31st May 1943 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, United States of America. He was born to János Andrew Namath and Rose Namath who belong to the Catholic faith. His father was a steelworker. Joe is youngest of all siblings and had a love of three brothers and a sister.

During the upbringing of these children, their parents decided to divorce when Joe was a very young. After the separation of their parents, Joe lived with his mother. As any normal baby, Joe was very fond of sports from his early childhood days.

In Pennsylvania, Joe was enrolled in the Beaver Falls High School. While in the school Joe did take part in various sporting events. Although he took part in different games, he got special inclination towards ball games. In his schooling days, he was much privileged because of his special dunks shots in the basketball and his guarding capacity in the same game. He was also good in football, in the quarterback position and also a regular pick on the Baseball team as an outfielder. So Joe’s first fan base had come up in his school itself. In 1960 during his high school days, his school won the WPIAL Class AA Championship by the record-breaking margin of 9-0. Joe was trained by Larry Bruno during that time.

Later he got training under Larry. Initially, Joe was a focus on the baseball and wanted to play like Roberto Clemente. His mother had other ideas and wanted her son to focus on his higher studies so getting into the college campus Joe sacrificed his ideas and started playing football seriously.


While studying in the college, Joe was playing in the quarterback under Bryant for Alabama Crimson Tide. Alabama went to National Championship in 1964 under the leadership of Joe. In his day at the University of Alabama, he enabled his side to win a match by a 29-4 margin. Bryant had opined that Joe is the greatest athlete of all that he had coached. Joe was selected by the St. Louis Cardinals for the National Football League with 12 overall picks.

Simultaneously he was also selected by the New York Jets for the American Football League with the 1st overall pick.  Joe signed with the New York Jets. In 1965 he was awarded the American Football League Rookie of the Year.

His immaculate performance in the American Football League title encounter earned him the title of the best professional player of the year in 1968. In 1969 in the Super Bowl III, his team defeated Baltimore Colts by 16-7 margin. During his career, Joe played 143 matches and while losing 71 times clinched win 68 times with four ties. In this tenure, he made 220 interceptions, 173 touchdowns and covered 27,663 yards for 1,886 passes. In 1985 Joe was honored by including him in the NFL Hall of Fame. In 1974 Joe received the NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

His terrific playing ability and personality made him the icon for any brand promotion and was an automatic choice even after his retirement from the game. Along this successful career in the NFL and AFL Joe had also appeared in several television series. His personality had a tremendous appeal and was explored in some Hollywood Movies. His appearances include “The Waverly Wonders,” “C.C. & Company”, “The Brandy Bunch,” “The Simpsons,” “The A-Team” and some more. During 1969 his “The Joe Namath Show” got high recognition.

Personal life

Joe was impressed by the beauty of Deborah Mays and after some time married her in 1984. Deborah and Joe became parents of two daughters whom they named Jessica and Olivia.

Unfortunately, in 2000, the couple settled for the divorce.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Joe William Namath

Date of Birth: 31st May 1943

Birth Place: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Age: 75 Years Old

Profession:  Former American Footballer, Actor

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches / 1.88 m

Weight: 91 Kg / 201 lbs

Net worth: 18 Million Dollars