Justin Barcia is a known American bike racer who originates from New York. He goes by nicknames “Wild Child” and “Bam Bam”. His estimated net worth is $1 million.

Early years

He was born as Justin Barcia on March 25, 1992 in Patterson in New Jersey in the United States.

He was interested in motors from an early age and always made trouble to his parents Lorraine and Don. He was a very hyperactive kid who always had more energy than most of the adults.

He was only five when he started  learning handling dirt bikes and become addicted to racing. He wasn’t interested in education and schools so he never went to college. His parents always forced him to go to school and take his education seriously.

Career development

He started training at “Milsaps Training Facility” in Georgia. Justin has 25 major titles won in his amateur career. The biggest one of them was the title won at National Amateur Championship. It was a big thing for him, and his parents realized that this was his career and that he’s living his dream.

He started training professionally in 2009 (17 years old). He debuted on Lucas Oil Pro Motocross where he gained the fifth position which was an awesome success for a new racer.

His official sponsor is Monster Energy. It’s a known energy drink made by  Monster Beverage Corporation who is very known for supporting extreme sports events such as MMA,, BMX, skateboarding and snowboarding, etc.

He has over 0,5 million followers on social media. In 2010 he also debuted on Monster Energy AMA Supercross East race where he was amongst Top 3 contestors.

After that he joined on international race Bercy Supercross in Paris where he was a winner and received his first “King of Bercy” title. In 2011 he was again on Monster Energy where he had five moto finishes. He was also second in a Massachusetts round.

In 2012 at Monster Energy, he took part in nine races and won six of fhem. He was second overall due to the fact that he was constantly in the Top 5 contestors. He represented the USA Team in Motocross of Nations where the team gained the third position. He continued his great achievements in 2013 where he was fourth in overall. He joined Genova Superceoss in Italy in Europe and went to Paris to race in “Bercy Supercross” where he was again first.

In 2014 he injured his ankle and couldn’t perform at Monster Energy Series.

In 2015 he suffered another injury, a cracked pelvis, and stayed away from racing for a long period of time. After he recovered he was invited to be a captain of the USA team for the 2015 Motocross of Nations. They gained second place.

He always exaggerated in his stunts and forced himself to gain the throne so he often overestimated situations and got himself hurt.

As a rider for JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing) Enterprise he went through two seasons without a win and fell to 14th place overall.

After that he decided to take a break and get back to the races as a privateer, with the help of some loyal sponsors.

Personal life

He married his longtime girlfriend Brooke Maylee Bunker and they have a little son together, called Cade. They often posts their family pictures on their social media accounts.Their marriage is stabile and they trust each other.

He has a great relationship with his parents and often goes fishing with his dad. It’s their ritual and they try to keep it no matter what.

Quick summary

Full name: Justin Barcia

Date of birth: March 25, 1992

Birthplace:  Patterson in New Jersey.

Age: 26

Profession: motorcycle racer

Height: 175 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $8 million