If someone is wondering how life can glow from the very core of a human personality, then Gina Carano is perhaps claimed to be the best illustration. She had given her best in the mixed martial, fitness arena and in the field of acting. “The face of Women’s MMA’ had amazing 12 wins in the Muay Thai Competition with a lone loss and single draw. Never forget that she is the first American female who had proved her superiority over all in the Muay Thai.

As life does not restrict its way, Gina had gone through almost every bit of movement in dance and sports. Her terrific skill and tremendous techniques have earned her a high seat in the MMA. She had appeared in some Hollywood blockbusters as “Fast & Furious 6” and “Haywire.”

Quite obviously this elegant lady had earned quite handsomely through various endeavors. Though it is not easy to reach her real worth for the estimation, her net worth comes around in the range of $4 million dollars.

Early life

Dana Joy and Glenn Thomas Carano are the proud parents of Gina Carano. She was born as Gina Joy Carano on 16th April 1982 in Dallas County, Texas, United States of America. Gina’s aptitude in sports has its root in his father’s propensity in football in which he had performed successfully as a professional player.

On the other hand, Gina’s indomitable strength and stunning elegance have its origin in Italian ancestry with the blend of Scottish, German and English culture.

She comes in between her two sisters Casey and Christie who are older and younger to their sister Gina. Unfortunately, her parents failed to raise their children together because of their separation. Though her mother Dana had played the major role in her childhood still her father Glenn had also contributed quite significantly to her upbringing.

She is definitely one the most wanted alumnae of her school Trinity Christian High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. During her days, the Trinity Christian High School got the title as the state level basketball team.

After clearing the campus of the school, she moved towards the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to gain a degree in psychology. She had also attended the classes at University of Nevada, Reno.

She had grown while learning ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics and even horse riding. Further, in the schooling period, she bettered her performance in various sports as volleyball, basketball, and softball. She is no novice in wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu too. It is not that she had only looked upon her life only but also lends her hand when others require. As to support her sister in crisis she dropped her last year of graduation.

When she attained 21 years, Kevin Ross her friend suggested her to train herself under Master Toddy to accomplish her dream in Muay Thai. Instead of being having more weight she impressed her trainer by her dedication and willpower. She is already very agile and powerful, and with it, her deadly elbows, powerful punches, and hard kicks have made her, even more, commanding for the competitions. Gradually she gained status among the female fighter in the training center at San Francisco.


Her career begins with her appearance in the “Ring Girls,” the movie depicts the five female fighters of Muay Thai who challenge the strong fighter all around the globe. She was also seen as an icebreaker in Thailand playing the role of female boxers. In 2006 June she got an invitation to show her ability in the Mixed Martial Arts at Nevada. She emerged the winner by winning against Leiticia Pestova; amazingly she clinched the victory within 38 seconds in the first round itself.The same year in the month of September at Las Vegas she got better off Rosi Sexton in the dying moments of the second round. On 8th December same year, she smashed Elaina Maxwell in a jaw-dropping bout at the inaugural Strikeforce: Triple Threat Female Fight.

In February 2007 first time a female fight was televised on the Showtime when she faced Julie Kedzie. In the “Fight of the Nights,” she thrashed her opponent in the second round, and the spectators gave the two champion fighters a standing ovation. Then she got over Tonya Evinger in 2007 September and Kaitlin Young in 2008 May at EliteXC: Primetime. In 2008 October with her deadly blows and kicks, Gina outclassed Kelly Kobold who got a deep gash on her right eye. In 2009 on the 15th August Gina fought against Critiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos at San Jose, California. In this biggest Women’s MMA fight Gina was defeated, but for any single brawl, she became the first female combatant to earn $100 thousand.

Her fan base rose high through the years with her appearance first in a reality show titled “Fight Girls.” Then she was seen in “American Gladiator,” a television show and “Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3”, a video game. In 2009 she was seen in the cameo role in the movie “Blood and Bone” of Michael Jai White. She faced high criticism by posing topless in the “ESPN The Magazine – The Body Issue.”

After the ring of MMA Gina kept the excitement of fans high with her appearances in movies “Fast and Furious,” “In The Blood,” “Dreadpool” and some more. It will be an injustice if it is not mentioned that Gina had always done her stunts herself.

Personal life

Actor Henry Cavill had impressed Gina for some years. Gina got in relation with Kevin Ross much earlier but got off due to some issue which revived after a decade once again.

It is no wonder that this person would be envied by a group who would indulge in her criticism. But the criticism instead of jeopardizing her career had given more thrust to excel even further. 

Quick summary:

Full Name: Gina Joy Carano

Date of Birth: 16th April 1982

Birth Place: Dallas County, Texas, United States of America

Age: 36 Years

Profession: Mixed Martial Artist, Fitness Model, Actress

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: 65 Kg

Net worth: $4 Million