Lil Durk is an American rap artist. His estimated net worth is $400 thousand dollars.

Early Life

Lil Durk is the stage name of Durk Banks who is one of the most popular American rap artist and also a hip hopper. He was born on 19th October 1992 in Chicago, Illinois. His father was Donaty banks, and his mother was a nurse, but her name is unknown. Durk has a brother, named D. Thang who has also appeared in some of the music videos of Lil Durk.

The childhood of this 25-year-old rap artist is really troubled as he has to take the responsibility of his household and family from very early age (at the age of 7) as his father was in jail. In an interview, Durk had admitted that he had seen hungry days in his childhood when there was no food. Poverty was not the only enemy that Durk has to fight with. He has brought up within a violent neighborhood which had a deep impact on his mind. Even, at his teens, he was incarcerated for certain period for the allegation of possessing weapons.

But, talent can’t be suppressed. His love for music and sense of beat has brought him into this industry. You will be surprised to know that Lil Durk has no formal training in music and his only teacher was the music videos on TV. Slowly, he started rapping and soon got popularity. He took rapping as a full-time career after the huge success of two singles, ‘I’ma Hitta’ and ‘Sneak Dissin’.

Social media plays an important role in making people celebrity overnight. Lil Durk is a burning example of that. His first break was through social media channels like YouTube and Myspace. Soon, his online fan base is rising, and he was encouraged with so many positive vibes. There is no doubt that Durk is running hit, but he could be more famous if he wouldn’t become a father at the young age of 17. He got stuck into serious responsibilities.


It was in the early days of his career when he joined a band, Glo Gang, which was under the supervision of another Chicago-based rapper, Chief Keef. He was associated with the gang, but never signed under this label. Soon he planned to create his new image in the world of music.

The initial singles of Lil Durk were popular, and then he released his mixtape, ‘Life Ain’t no Joke.’ As soon as it released, the mixtape was downloaded 216,000 times on the online mixtape distribution center DatPiff. It was December 2012 when Lil Durk released his new track, ‘L’s Anthem.’ It featured French Montana and became hugely popular.

This game helped him to proceed in his life, and he took the next step towards success by starting a joint venture with Def Jam Recordings. Under this label, he released another mixtape, ‘Signed to the Streets’ that released in October 2014. In 2014, he started his own label OTF and ‘Signed to Streets’ was released on DatPiff under his own label and the Coke Boys. On July 2014, a sequel to ‘Signed to the Streets’ was released.

So far, he was working hard and getting success on a small scale. His career took a huge lift when he released his first album, ‘Remember My Name.’ This album was a memorandum of his violent childhood days that he experienced in his early life.

Soon it became a huge hit and marked its place on the Billboard 200 list. But, after the release, the sale of the album on the first week was limited only to 24,000 copies while a single track, ‘Like Me,’ on this album spread through social media like blazing fire and downloaded for multiple times from Spotify and iTunes. ‘Remember Me’ was also occupied the second place in the list of top hip-hop and rap albums.

For his so much contribution in the world of rap and hip hop, Lil Durk was honored and titled as the Best Rapper of the year by the popular music blog, ‘Underground Interviews.

Personal Life

Once he became a celebrity, people took interest into the personal life of Lil Durk. Well, he is a married man to Nicole Covone and father of two sons and a daughter. The names of his sons are Zayden and Angelo, and his daughter is Bella. Grief had also touched Lil Durk when he lost his cousin McArthur Swindle. He was murdered by a mobster in Chicago. McArthur was trying his luck into rapping and an essential crew member of the OTF team of Lil Durk. Again in 2015, Uchenna Ageina, the manager of Lil Durk was shot and killed by mobsters. This incident had a great impact on Durk. He was working with his manager against the mob violence in America.

Controversies and celebrities are conjugal terms. But, Lil Durk’s early life was so disturbed that he was in controversy before getting success. In 2011 he was arrested and put behind bars for keeping unlicensed weapons. He had to spend three months in the jail.

He was released on bond only to return after 87 days. Again in 2013, he was alleged to throw a .40 caliber handgun when police approached him.

He was also charged for using illegal weapons. But, this time he managed to be free as his lawyer arranged witnesses to prove his innocence. But, the charge of 2014 was far more serious as he was alleged by someone to commit second-degree murder. His house was searched. But, this time he was proved clean and the judge dropped the case. So, Lil Durk’s life is full of legal issues. It is sheer talent that he manages to showcase his talent no matter what upheavals he is going through.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Durk Banks

Date of Birth: 19th October 1992

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, America

Age: 25 years

Profession: Hip-hopper/Rapper

Popular as: Lil Durk

Height: 1.80m

Weight: 155lbs (approx.)

Net Worth: $400 million