Mark Edward Fischbach is a renowned American Actor, comedian, an internet personality, a philanthropist, last not but the least a  famous and fan favourite commentator for games.

His estimated net worth was about $ 5.1 million.

Mark was born in O’ahu an American Military base in Hawaii. After his birth, his father resigned the job from the military and later moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he found job in a publishing company as an artist. He has started his career in Ohio.

He was born in 28 June 1989 in Los Angeles, California. He gets paid for the endorsements, sponsorships, advertisements, and so on. All these effectively increase the net worth of Markiplier.

His channel has got about 2,865,000 of subscribers and has got total viewers of about 590,000,000. His channel can be regarded as the 24th most viewed channel in YouTube. He is also known for his commentary on comedy Gameplay.

Fischbach’s Let’s Play Gameplay commentaries are famous, especially the action video games as well as the Survival Horror. He is the younger brother of Thomas Jason Fischbach who is a author of comics, as well as a gifted artist.

Some of Mark’s famous games are Five Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia,The Dark Descent, Slender, Minecraft, and Happy Wheels.

He often collaborates with his friends for making the videos; some of them are Bob Muyskens, and Wade Barnes. Mark is the youngest amongst them but he is acting as the leader of their group.

Mark has several comedy skits in his account, `mainly collaborating with his friend, Cyndago.

The main channel for Mark is Markiplier/markiplierGAME and he uploads updates on Vlogs, comedy sketches, as well as the playthroughs. He had to incur great loss with his former channel due to some issues with the Adsense. This channel was created by Mark on 26, May 2012.

Since the Mark has raised lots of money for charity purposes, the rough estimate of which is $628,670.14.

Mark is also involved in the live streaming which includes streaming video games mainly Twitch. His live streaming starts with the simple games like Minecraft. He always states his game Minecraft as “Something slow to start with”.

The GamePlay is broadcasted by Mark as a source of entertainment, between the games, during the breaks, he usually interacts with his followers or fans for contributing some amount as donation.

Mark has also done some sessions with his fans on Omegle which is a chat site where he interacts with his fans. The live streams as well as the ones broadcasted in the past can be watched in the Twitch Channel.

He has the fame of most caring and loving Youtuber. This might be the main reason for his rapidly increasing fan value.

Most of his streaming are aimed as fundraising for various events on charity.  Some of them are Living Beyond Breast Cancer, American Cancer Society, Child’s Play and so on.

He asks his viewers to donate for the cause as well as he too makes donations occasionally.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Mark Edward Fischbach

Date of birth: 28 June 1989

Birth place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Age: 27

Profession: Internet Personality, Actor, Comedian, Philanthropist

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 75 kg

Net worth: $ 2.5 million