Lirik Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Lirik Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Lirik aka Saqib Zahid is an eminent Germanian YouTuber who is well known for his intriguing Twitch personality and an internet sensation. He is known for his fabulous streaming abilities and making frequent uploads on the website Twitch.  His videos started getting popular through the online gaming mode of World of Warcraft in the year 2011.

His net worth is estimated somewhere around $1.3 million.

Early life

Lirik whose birth name is Saqib Zahid. He was born in Germany, but his upbringing was in Boston, MA. Presently Lirik resides in the city of Watertown, Massachusetts. There is no such prominent information available about his early childhood days.

Even the institute’s names from which he completed his graduation are not mentioned. Only this much is known that he was born in a family that was facing an economic crisis and was even during his growing up,  he had to face many crisis situations. Lirik has seen the hard ways of life but has never got down to his spirits.

He decided to follow his dreams and proceeded with this unique profession of becoming a streamer. He worked hard, remained with people who would make him know more about the techniques and strategies of streaming.  Today Lyrik is one of the most famous and well streamers who are updates are keenly viewed by people all around the globe.


Lirik started proceeding with his career by getting associated with Towelliee’s channel where he took lessons from his first streaming sessions just before joining his Twitching episodes and making videos games out of several streaming patterns.

In the year 2011, Lirik thought about taking his streaming career professionally.  He started getting associated with the streaming segment of the video games.  He started streaming for the game World of Warcraft and then after started streaming regularly from the year 2012. He worked hard enough to get a strong foothold in the industry.  He started off streaming videos for almost all six days in the week and kept one day for training oneself.

He kept of succeeding and then thought of going for establishing his YouTube channel DatGuyLirik.  He started posting there shorts videos that consisted of few short slides and attributed in them a tinge of comic elements, which came to be known as a unique Twitching style of Lyrik.  Today his channel has more than 180 followers and subscribers.  Some of his most viewed videos are The Burning Ballsack of ILLIDAN, that counted about 2, 790, 22 views in the year 2015. In 2014, his views were 2, 29,583 for the series DayZ Stand Alone: The Tragedy and also the streaming sessions in Rust: How to Stop a Raid had the 2, 11, 193 views.

He is many followed by people for his association with the DayZ module. He is also into playing the RP mods and several other games.  He grabs the attention of all by participating widely in the Showdown events. Lirik gets associated with several other gaming events that make him fetch huge fan followers on Twitch. He has achieved a count of over 1.4 million fan followers who eagerly wait and counts each minute for his latest updates.

His sincerity and hard work has made him know all about the professional world and made him trod all the way to reach the pinnacle of success. Lirik gains about 25k to 35k viewers for his each steam uploads and by making such a huge subscription base and followers he has easily heightened up his net worth count. His YouTube channel is having about 13 million viewers to date and publishing this channel has made him receive some extra worthy fortune to extend his streaming empire.

Lirik’s videos are additionally promoted by several trusted brands whose sponsors add to his net worth. He has been featured with multiple sponsorships while prospering in his gaming career.  He is also involved with other major communities that have made him extend his level of performance giving him stable financial assistance.

His reviews mention a lot about his popularity and his live streaming abilities. Lirik is famous for his random views that have already crossed a worth mentioning count of 20,000 to 40, 000 counts. Some of his games are repeatedly viewed and this added to his income hugely. Lirik even knows how too many a quantitative amount by making efforts to stream videos using the strategies of online advertisements. Only by enabling himself to get seriously involved in Twitching and streaming videos Lirik was one able to make his net worth reach a worthwhile amount of 250 thousand dollars.

His videos are mainly recognized by the teenage group who are amazed by Liriks’s jaw-dropping streaming performances.

Personal life

Lirik is quite a private person and has never shared any of his personal information with media. He is presently single, and if he is into dating someone,  he prefers to keep it a secret story.  He prefers to share his success story rather than his personal stories.

He presently lives in Watertown Massachuset. He remains busy in upgrading himself with the different styles of streaming and finding an alternative style to enrich his gaming videos.  He has a long way to go with his life and perhaps, he thinks that its a better option to take life as it comes.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Lirik aka Saqib Zahid

Date of Birth: 29 Oct 1990

Birth Place: Germany.

Age: 28 Years Old

Profession: Twitch Star and professional streamer

Height:   NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $ 1.3 million


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