A real inspiration for any individual who had a misdirected teenage and wants to start afresh. Behind bars just after schooling for eight long years, make a worthy turnaround and robbed the hearts of innumerable by sheer hard work and determination.

Today Max B is an established personality who had achieved unbelievable success and fame. Began with The Diplomats then prone up with ByrdGang where his lyrics and rapping talent got the maturity and finally reached the ‘Public Domain’ as a ‘Million Dollar Baby.’ But who can read the destiny the eminent rapper is currently serving a 75 years imprisonment at New Jersey to prove perhaps, morning shows the day.

Today no one would disbelief his immense stardom and a resultant worth. Max has maximized his acceptance in the world of music as a rapper who sings and writes too. The estimated net worth has gone beyond $1.5 million marks and is an inspiring real-life narration for the story of the movie world.

Early life

Max B was born as Charly Wingate on21st May 1978 in Harlem, New York, United States of America. The early childhood would not display anything exemplary of his elders and Max was raised up by his grandparents. His mother Sharon Wingate struggled a lot to arrange for eight siblings the matter went worse when his brother Baltimore was murdered 1996.

Max grew up in the converging streams of religious belief, misdemeanor excitation, and musical affluence. But quite evidently the struggle has always given more life to music and Max life was no exception, very early he started performing with Boys Choir in Harlem.


It was all going well with the Boys Choir and the in the ByrdGang. Although his songs were getting enough appreciation, the world remains unaware of the real person behind such creation. The songs, verses, and snares fail to manage more than 300 dollars while Jim Jones was earning a staggering $15 thousand even for each live show. The meager amount was felt by Max as an insult to his gifted creation. The rap fans were soon got deprived of the unique combination of two personalities.

There is no doubt that this highly talented rapper could have given more thrilling raps to the world if he and his destiny have reacted otherwise. Instead of having such an irksome and vexing life Max had gifted some unusual and superb creation for the followers to cherish. The unparallel rapper with his extraordinary hip-hop has worked with Styles P and Jim Jones like personality. He had been the reason for releasing Mixtapes which got high rank on the charts.

After the release in 2005, Max started his rapping career and occasional recordings. Max began with “You Gotta Love It,” “Baby Girl,” “G’s Up” and much more which are highly appreciated by the watchers and listeners. In the course of various appearances with eminent rappers through the passage of time, Max started gathering public attention and also improved in his creations.

In short intervals, Max started giving some exceptional lyrics and amazing raps. He was already there in the “Public Domain: The Prequel” as a “Million Dollar Baby.” Max was then coming up with one creation after the other. Before the “Wave Season,he came up with “Wavie Crockett.” Sometime later Max wrote “Toothy Wavy,” “A Wave Called Yes.” All these Mixtapes have given Max, the mind-blowing popularity in the rap circle and to the ultimate deciders, the audience, who create the fate of any musician.

Besides his own identity, Max had also enriched some popular musical personalities as Funkmaster Flex, Styles P, Cam’ron, Kurious and few more whose troops would have appeared quite ordinary if Max was not with them. Max had contributed highly in the release of some splendid albums as “The Best of Max B & Al Pac,” “Max Payne,” Hook King,” “Wave Music” and some more which would remain a worthy collection for any rap lovers. It has been a great regret for his fans and followers that can have only one studio album of their favorite rapper and that is Vigilante Season.”

Personal life

The ladies always wanted to be around an individual who can give security.Unfortunately, Max himself was disarrayed and perhaps remained away from any false promise of togetherness.

Today Max is perhaps not counting his days for parole which would come in 2042. No one knows what is written ahead; future might unfold with some real gems from this most talented musical wizard. Some sensational composition can still come out of bars and breathes the fresh air exhilarating rap lovers.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Charly Wingate

Date of Birth: 21st May 1978

Birth Place: Harlem, New York, United States of America

Age: 40 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Singer, Lyricist

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1.5 Million