Maya Moore is an American professional basketball player.

Her estimated net worth is around 150$ thousand.

Early life

Maya April Moore was born on June 11, 1989 in Jefferson City, Missouri. Maya fell in love with basketball at a very early age. Her mother set her first hoop up in their apartment and Maya started playing around with it.

She attended the Moreau Heights Elementary School and Collins Hill High School. In high school she played for the school basketball team, and during her four years she was named the Sophomore All-America Teams and the USA Today Freshman.

Besides playing basketball, Maya enjoyed spending time on the tracks and running. Her school grades never suffered and she managed to finish high school with a 4.0 grade point average. Maya then decided to play basketball for the University of Connecticut.

During college, her talent was finally coming out at its best and she managed to become the fastest player in the history of the University. In her college career she won 150 games and lost only 4 games with the total of 3036 points.

She was named the Cosida Academic All-America of the Year 2010 and All-Sports Academic All-America of the Year in the following year.

Professional basketball career

In 2011 Maya was selected by the Minnesota Lynx in a WNBA Draft. In her first season she was named the Rookie of the Year the same year when her team won the WNBA championship.

Maya signed a contract with the Minnesota Lynx to extend her presence on the team in 2015. She is currently still playing for the team. In Olympic Games in London 2012 she won a gold medal and in 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games Maya and her team scored another gold medal.

In World Championship in 2010 and in 2014 her team brought home two more gold medals. Besides from her contract, like almost all great players, Maya earns her money from sponsors and endorsements.

She appeared on the commercial for the Pepsi Max, Uncle Drew, as the character of Betty Lou. This commercial has been directed by Kyrie Irving and she was the first WNBA player to be a part of the project.

Even though numbers in woman’s basketball are not as high as they are in the men’s basketball, this amazing and talented athlete has shown that girls can play basketball fiercely.

Personal life

Maya has been raised as a Christian. She often mentions her faith and thanked the Lord for everything she has been offered and for everything she received in her life. In 2015 Forbes named her one of the 30 under 30: The Sport’s World’s Brightest Young Stars.

Maya’s father played basketball when he was younger, and he was even chosen by the L.A. Lakers in 1976 but he never played in the NBA. He wasn’t around when Maya was growing up, but the talent for sports was passed on to her even though he never taught her anything.

Maya’s sister also plays basketball for the Rutgers Preparatory School and she is currently one of the best players at her team. Her other sister Ashley, was also a track and field star during her vcollege years.

Seems like the talent for sports runs naturally in this family and we are hoping to see more of this talented athlete in the future, as well as from her sister.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Maya Moore

Date of Birth: June 11, 1989

Birth Place: Jefferson City, Missouri, United States

Age: 28 years

Profession: professional basketball player

Height: 1.83 m

Weight: 79 kg

Net worth: 150$ thousand