Born on 11 July, 1980 in Calgary, Canada, his real name is Theodore James Wilson. He is a professional wrestler from Canada and signed with WWE.

He performs with the Tyson Kidd in the ring. At the age of 15, in year 1995 Tyson fought his very first match in the Stampede Wrestling held in Calgary.

When he was 16 year old, he competed in an opening match of the World Wrestling Federation house show held in Calgary and teamed up with the Andrew Picarnic to compete Harry Smith and Teddy Hart.

The next year, Tyson started his training in the company of Bret Hart.

In the years 1995–2007, Tyson was a part of the Stampede Wrestling. He was nicknamed as the Stampede Kid.

Then he started his tour of Europe in the year 2005, wrestling mostly for All Star Wrestling.

In year 2006, at age of 26, he had signed with the World Wrestling Entertainment and then moved to the WWE Developmental Territory, the Deep South Wrestling and the Florida Championship Wrestling

Tyson has won many championships and achieved great net worth during the winning years of his career.

Hence, he became very popular among WWE fans.

Due to the spinal/ neck injury that he had suffered after receiving his opponent Samoa Joe’s ‘ Muscle Buster finishing maneuver during a dark match  during last June, he may never wrestle again.

It is also rumored that the company is reluctant to clear him.

Tyson Kidd has a net worth of approximately $ 3.2 Million as of 2019.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Theodore James “TJ” Wilson, ring name Tyson Kidd

Date of birth: July 11, 1980

Birth Place: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Age: 39 years

Profession: Wrestler

Height:  1.78 m

Weight: 93 kg

Net Worth: $ 3.2 Million

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