Nikki Bella Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Nikki Bella Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

She is a rare combination of strength and beauty, and the world knows her as Nikki Bella. Undoubtedly, no one would deny that she is the only deserving and matching figure beside the name John Cena. The glamorous power had proved her tremendous supremacy over another lady wrestler by clinching the WWE Divas Championship twice.

She broke the longest WWE reigning Divas Champion record of 295 days achieved by A.J. Lee and created new for 301 days. She had also won Slammy Award twice.

The most accomplished women wrestler had steadily improved upon her wrestling ability with her sister Brie Bella, and after the Divas, she is featured in the SmackDown. Nikki is not only blessed with the beauty but she is also an enviable character as far as beauty is concerned, and with it, she is churning out enough money from the entertainment world. Currently, Nikki is the highest paid women WWE wrestler.

In the last eight years, her earning has increased by 300%. So far the magnificent splendor of glamour has earned with extreme determination in the game a total of $5 Million of estimated net worth which would grow steadily in the coming days.

Early life

Nikki was born 16 minutes earlier to her twin sister Brianna on the 21st November 1983 in San Diego, California, United States of America. She was born to Jon Garcia and Kathy Colace as Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace. The two sisters along with their brother JJ Gracia were raised in Scottsdale in Arizona. Her absolute blending of grace and strength has its roots in the Italian and Mexican descent with which the Scorpion girl was born.

The sisters were keen in different sports, and with age, their interest grew in soccer, and they played for the Scottsdale Club in Arizona during their elementary schooling days. She was enrolled in the Chaparral High School, and after completing the education at her school, Nikki got in Grossmont College San Diego.

Both the girls were quite serious with the soccer particularly Nikki had a deep longing to build her career in the soccer as a professional player, but an injury jeopardized her mission. Before the injury, Nikki had been on the benches of Sereno Golden Eagles as a professional soccer player. Nikki had to rejuvenate herself as she shifted to Los Angeles after a year. Little disarrayed she got into the floors of Mondrian Hotel in the capacity of a waitress and kept on trying for a genuine agent.

It was not worthy of beauty to take orders from the visitors of the hotel, and she moved towards modeling and promotional works along with some irregular acting opportunities. She played a small role in the movie titled “Confessions of a Womaniser.” She is also seen appearing on the show “Psych and Clash Time.”

The fortune opened up for Nikki as she got a chance to appear on the television. Her debut appearance on the national television was made in one reality show titled “Meet My Folks” which is featured on the Fox. After this TV appearance, two sisters were hired for Budweiser as the World Cup Twins. The twin sisters gave posses holding the trophy of the World Cup together. The two sisters have always kept them busy and always remained focused to get a real opening in their life. Nikki and Brie contested “International Body Doubles Twins Search” in the year 2006.

Same year both they tried their chance at the WWE Diva Search but does not achieve the much-desired platform. The twin sisters dropped the idea of relocating themselves to Florida for the Florida Championship Wrestling and build their career in WWE. Later after the twins were convinced by their mother, they got into an agreement with the development contract in the WWE to compete. The two sisters got into the rings as Bella Twins and rest is history.


Nikki’s first appearance in WWE was made as the Bella Twins. The tenure extends from 2008 till 2012. The two sisters were too heavy for the opponents with their self-developed unique maneuver and Twin Magic under which the twin sister switch ends mid-match unbeknownst at the referee which gave them ample chance to get advantages against the opponents. Though they are equally notorious in the squared circles but are predominantly more severe in the backstage areas. Nikki won her first WWE Divas Championship in April 2012 in one of the episodes of Monday Night Raw. In a Lumberjill encounter, she overpowered Beth Phoenix. Her sister was already got the title last year, and the WWE gave twin sisters their due farewell.

The twins made a re-entry within a year after the spell of the independent tour.  The second run of the Bella Twins was even better as the rose to enormous height with experience. In the Total Divas which was is a reality show, Nikki took center stage. For the second time, Nikki made a grip on the WWE Diva Championship in November 2014, and she retained the title for 301 days breaking the earlier record. With an intense urge to return in the rings after being severely injured in the neck which could have been a curtain down, her fans roared in the SummerSlam 2016 as Nikki returned in the ring.

During this period as the twin sister got fame through their wrestling ability in the WWE are signed to appear on the “Right Side OF The Bed,” a music video by Altreyu band. In October 2012 the twins were seen on the MTV appearing as guests for the series “Ridiculousness.” In 2014 Nikki and Brie were signed for “Na Na,” another musical video by Trey Songz. Nikki and Brie, both the sisters are highly energetic and full of enthusiasm about their new assignments. The two sisters opened up a YouTube channel, “The Bella Twins” on 21st November 2016. The channel covers all sorts of fashion, travel, beauty, fitness, health videos and relationship with the regular video blogs. The videos of this channel are created by Nikki and Brie themselves.

Apart from all these endeavors, the twin sister had appeared in some video games under WWE. With the WWE SmackDown! Vs. Raw 2010 Nikki made her debut in the gaming videos. Then Nikki again made an appearance in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011. Each Year the most exotic wrestler appearing in the WWE series as WWE 12(DLC), WWE 2K13, WWE 14(DLC), WWE 15, WWE 16 and WWE 2K17.

Personal life

Before the episode of John Cena, Nick Nemeth another WWE Superstar was there in the life of Nikki. Nick who was better known as Dolph Ziggler had been in the life of Nikki since 2008 but the relation lost the reason for togetherness after 2011.

The beauty has to be harnessed, and now it is John Cena’s turn to approach his lady luck in the ring of WWE after the WrestleMania 33 mixed tag team encounter.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace

Date of Birth: 21st November 1983

Birth Place: San Diego, California, United States of America

Age: 35 Years Old

Profession: WWE Wrestler, Actress

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches / 1.68 m

Weight: 54 Kg / 119 lbs

Net worth: $5 Million


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