John Madden is an American coach and sports commentator, who began his career as an American footballer, but very soon he gave up his career and decided to change his lifestyle.

John has achieved a lot of success in his career, and has remained famous in sports history as a coach who, together with his team, won the Super Bowl two times. John has always been in love with sport, especially in football, but during his career he has gained experience in many other spheres of life.

Nevertheless, love of sport marked his life, when he gave up his coaching career, he continued his job in sport journalism. He became one of the most popular NFL commentators, criticized numerous players, but he also advised them how they should improve their game.

During his coaching career, John held numerous speeches and participated in many conferences in which he said that a large number of clubs who were supporting American football were closed and that this situation must change as soon as possible.

In addition, he said that football is an integral part of American history, saying that if young people stop playing this sport, one part of American history will disappear.

In addition to sports, Madden also showed talent for writing, he has written several books about his career, sports, art and the numerous struggles he has encountered during his lifetime. In one period of his life Madden was a color analyst for several major television stations, such as Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC. After a long and successful career, Madden decided to retire.

This decision was quite difficult for him, as sport and television were always part of his life, in many interviews he said that he never experienced his job as an obligation because he was in love with what he was doing. His family and friends had not had time to see him for years and spend a lot of time with him, and that was the only reason why John Madden decided to retire.

John has left a big mark in the history of American football, he is still known as a great fighter and friend of this sport. During his career, he won numerous awards, held many conferences and seminars.

In addition to his career, John will be remembered for his humor and comical comments, in this text we will also talk about his private life.

Early life

John did not have well-known parents, he did not grow up in a wealthy family and did not have many privileges like other children of his age. He was born in Austin, Minnesota. Yet John likes to say that he had a happy childhood, his parents were always with him, and they gave him support and believed in his efforts and talent.

His father was a car mechanic, he had a small workshop and liked his job, he even wanted John to be involved in this business, but he had other dreams.

In his spare time he helped his father, but he did not find himself in this profession. His mother was a housekeeper, she usually worked in the homes of rich people, and when John was a child, he frequently spent time with her. While his mother was cleaning the houses of wealthy people, Madden fantasize that one day he will have the same life like rich people, but no one believed that he would accomplish this.

Meanwhile, his father had less and less work and sometimes his parents were unable to pay bills, so they made the decision to move to Daly City, hoping to find a better future in this city.

John did not want to leave his hometown, but had no choice, he was aware that his parents were not in a good financial situation and had to accept their decision. He attended the Catholic School, and then graduated in Jefferson High School.

Staying in Daly City opened up new opportunities for him and his family. His father had much more work, just like his mother, they were able to provide a pleasant life and a future for their son. As a child, Madden was obsessed with sports, he was watching football and basketball, and at the age of eight he began to train American football.

His talent became obvious when he was in the High school, and it was clear to everyone that an exciting and successful career awaited him. John Madden was a star in high school, he enjoyed a popular company and had all the privileges as well as rich children.

He started his football career for the college of San Mateo, where he remained for one season. He proved to the coaches and teammates that he had talent, but he was aware that his talent requires a lot of work and effort. In addition to sports, Madden was a very good student, so he decided to enroll in law studies, and he believed that if he was not a good athlete, he could be a good lawyer.

His parents were impressed by his will and desire to become successful, and they were his support from the very beginning of his career. After graduation, Madden received a scholarship from the University of Oregon, where he studied law and played football.

His career was in two directions, he believed he could achieve success in both spheres, but his coach asked him to spend time training and improving his abilities. Sports critics began to comment on his game and moves at the very beginning, but unfortunately during one game, Madden injured his knee. Although the injuries seemed harmless, Madden had to operate his knee and pause his career.

At the time when it was necessary to test his skills and trained more than ever, Madden experience a very serious injury, which affected the continuation of his career.

In many interviews John commented on this moment in his career, he said that he would never be clear whether this was a good or a bad moment for him. If he was not hurt, he would probably be a professional footballer and continue his career at Philadelphia Eagles, but this injury brought him many other benefits, thanks to her he became a coach.


When he recovered from knee injuries, John became an assistant coach of San Diego State, he loved this job and decided to improve his career. Great influence on his career had Don Coryell, he was his great motivation and with the help of his advice Madden built his career.

In 1967, John Madden received an offer that would forever mark his career, and became an assistant coach of Oakland Raiders. He was backing the head coach Sid Gillman. Madden showed a good knowledge of football and helped Raiders to win the Super Bowl II. This was a great success for the team, but also for their trainers.

After this success, Madden received numerous bids from other teams, but decided to stay at the Oakland Raiders because he thought that only this team could help him improve his skills.

In 1969, John Madden became a head coach of the team, he also become the youngest coach of the Oakland Raiders as he became coach of the most successful American team with only 32 years. He has been the coach of this team for ten years, and with this team he has won numerous titles, and won the Super Bowl.

However, his starts were not great, the team lost five games in AFC Games in seven years. All five games were lost in the finals, and many thought that this was a team that cannot win big victories.

Many sports critics thought that Madden was not ready to accept the big challenge and that his players were not prepared for big matches. However, according to statistics, Madden remained remembered as the most successful coach of the Oakland Raiders. He remains remembered for winning Super Bowl, and as the youngest coach of this team.

In 1788 Madden decided to leave his sports career, this was a great surprise for many athletes, and especially for his team, as his coaching career was extremely successful. A few years later, Madden discovered that he received great offers from other teams, but he decided to start a completely different chapter in his life.

After finishing his coaching career, John Madden began his career as a sports reporter and commentator. He began his journalistic career in CBS Sport Television, after two years he commented on NFL games.

On Fox TV, Madden was the host of a sports show where he and his guests commented on the NFL Championship Games. At ABC Sport, Madden was also home to Monday Night Football, on this television Madden earned over $ 5 million a year.

His shows were appreciated, the audience was pleased to hear his comments, and he was always honest, open and he always gave good arguments.

Many sports critics thought that Madden was the only honest sports analyst and that his criticism was constructive and objective. Although he was just a sports reporter, it was clear that the audience liked his personality and his appearance.

John made his first steps in the film industry in the movie Christine, where he acted as a coach. Madden took part in the film The Replacements where he acted himself.

Personal life

When we talk about his private life, we can say that Madden was married twice and had two sons. Madden met his wife in Pismo Beach, and immediately fell in love with her.

John was a great support to his children and his wife, but because of his excessive work Madden did not have enough free time, and his family had to suffer for that. Madden is a great travel enthusiast, while working on ABC Sport TV, Madden daily informed his viewers about their travels.

His repulsion and fear of flying is well-known to the public, even though Madden does not like to comment on his personal life, has admitted several times that flying is his biggest fear and that he has not flying for nearly 30 years.

There are two reasons why Madden does not like to fly. Namely, in 1960, his best friends and colleagues died in the fall of the plane, Madden was also supposed to be on this flight, but at the last moment he decided to move his journey.

In this accident Madden lost the best friends and colleagues, and this has left great consequences for him and for his private life.

In addition to this situation, Madden experienced a panic attack when he was on a plane.

Madden does not like to talk about his family and about his private life, but in his show on Fox Sports television he admitted that flying is his biggest fear and that he has been visiting psychologists for years and has been solving this problem for years, but he does not succeed. It’s a great irony that Madden’s wife owns a private airline license.

Madden was always focused on his career, he never liked to talk about his private life, although for years he was a television person, we do not have a lot of information about his life.

Quick Summary

Full name: John Earl Madden

Nickname: John Madden

Date of birth: April 10th 1936

Age: 83

Birthplace: Austin, Minnesota, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: Football player, Football coach and television personality

Net worth: about $40 million

Height: 6 feet 5 inch

Weight: 112 kg