Phil Taylor is a well known Dart Player. He is so talented in the game that his nick name is The Power.

He has won almost 214 tournaments which contain world championships of about 16 and about 86 titles.

No other dart player was able to achieve such great scores. He has grabbed the award from PDC for the tile PDC Player of the year for 6 years  which were in 2006, 2008, then in 2009 ,followed by 2010, then the very next year,  as well as in 2012.

He was also nominated 2 times in 2006 and 2010 for the title of BBC Sports Personalities of the year. He is the one and only one person to have hit the score of nine dart finishes in a single match. He has been ranked as number four in the PDC ranking.

He has also actively participated in various competitions which were organized by the BDO.

He was associated with BDO for long time, later left the organization in order to form another organization which comprises of the top sixteen players of dart known as the Worlds Dart Council. This council is now known as Professional Darts Cooperation.

Taylor in the 1990s was nick named The Crafty Potter. He was nicknamed as The Power by the production manager of the Sky Sports which was during the World Match play that was conducted in the year 1995.

Phil Taylor was born in the year 1960 August 13, in Burslem located in Stoke on Trent.

He left his studies at the age of 16 and started to do various jobs which included the job of metal sheet worker. He was interested in Dart but has not taken up the game in a serious manner till the year 1986.

His wife has gifted darts for his birthday and he started practising in the Bristow’s Pub. In the year 1988, he was given the opportunity to be a part of the Country level team who was playing at level Super league.

The Bristow pub was ready to sponsor him but on one condition that he has to leave his current job in the ceramics field.

He later quit his job and started concentrating on his career on Dart. In the 1988 Canadian Open he was able to win the title.

The estimated net worth of Phil Taylor is about $7.9 million.

He has become the first man in winning $1.7 million in dart.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Phil Taylor

Date of birth: 13 August 1960

Birth place: Burslem

Age: 56 Years

Profession: Dart Player

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: $7.9 million