Roxy Sowlaty is a high-spirited interior designer of American origin and daughter of Sam Sowlaty – CEO of Acuprint. She is known for being part of the show “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” Her estimated net worth is around $100 thousand.

Early life

Roxy Sowlaty was born on 21st May 1988 in Beverly Hills, California. She has a sister, Tara Sowlaty who is a believer in holistic nutrition and is serving many clients by helping them make mindful lifestyle choices.

At the age of 16, both the sisters Roxy and Tara decided to start their own clothing line called RoxTar. This shows how self-driven they were and held their own at a very young age.

She completed her undergraduate degree from the USC’s Marshall School of Business. This was about the time she realized she wanted to try her hand at interior designing. Acquiring a Master degree in interior design from Parson’s New School of Design, was only a nod in the direction that she had foreseen for herself.


Roxy Sowlaty starred in the docu-series “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” which was a reality television series that followed the lives of 20-something rich kids (by inheritance) as they find their own zeal in life. The entire casting is a group of friends who grew up together living the high life.

The show was premiered on E! Channel on January 19th, 2014. It lasted for 4 seasons wherein Roxy was involved only for the first 3 seasons. The cast, however, wanted to go on with one more season to provide a sort of finishing note to the whole show.

The show had mixed reviews at the starting stage – being called scripted and narcissist. In all, the show was not very well received by the audience and even shamed by many critics.

Roxy had a hard-hitting response from her parents at one point when they decided to cut her off and wanted her to support herself financially. This was when she decided to take the leap that she always knew she was capable of.

With the help of her friends, she spread the word of her willingness to freelance for designing interiors. She soon started landing designing projects from clients in San Francisco and New York. This was only a happy ending on Roxy’s part as this nudge from her parents made her plant herself right where she aimed to be.

She wanted to push her limits further and experiment with furnishings (which she always had a keen eye for as well as fashion!) and decided to come up with her own line of cushions and candles. She has a website in the name which she uses as a blog of sorts and also to sell this merchandise of hers.

Her idea with this range she came out with was to create affordable yet chic furnishing details for the best of vibes in any place- be it a dorm room, someone’s first condo or ostentatious apartments even.

Personal Life

Roxy and her sister Tara have always shared a compassionate bond with each other, and this stands strong to date. This compassion and self-supportiveness were passed on to her by her parents.

She was holding her own ever since her parents had cut her off but still was living with them. Later on, she decided to get her own place and moved into her new apartment.

She was going through a bad breakup just as she was finishing her undergraduate degree. It took her almost 6 months to get over it and make a move on. Her close friend Morgan Stewart was her support during this period of her life. She claimed that his relationship had changed her and had trust issues since then.

She was dating someone while she was on the reality TV show according to her interviews. And she wanted to keep things private until then.

She has been recently dating Nicolas Bijan, heir of the House of Bijan store also present in Beverly Hills. Her beau is included in the Forbes 30 under 30 lists for this year.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Roxy Sowlaty

Date of Birth:  May 21, 1988

Birth Place: Beverly Hills, California, U.S.

Age: 29 years

Profession: Interior designer, Reality TV star

Height: 1 .68 m

Weight: 56 kg

Net worth: $100 thousand