Missy Robertson is mainly popular as the wife of famous television celebrity named Jase Robertson who further belongs to the family reality television series named as ‘The Duck Dynasty.’ Missy is an extremely well-known personality, being an amazing homemaker, maintaining a low profile, choosing to remain in the background.

She runs ‘Missy Robertson by Southern Fashion House’ which is a clothing line created by her during 2014. Regardless of the immense popularity of her family, Missy stands out to possess a strong voice for virtue and morality locally as well as globally.

Early Life

Missy took birth in the state of Louisiana in the U.S. on 11th April 1971. She was raised in not so big family as the Robertson. But her strong personality along with an opinionated voice is something which she possesses right from her younger days.

Right from childhood, Missy has an ardent love for vocal music and has played a role of a music volunteer at a local school. She also had been a part of a neighboring Christian camp named Camp Ch-Yo-Ca where she mainly assisted in the department of crafts.


Missy sets a major example of faith and humility in her personal as well as public life. She usually spends a lot of time in volunteering for services towards her community. She was an important figure in for the last six months of summer camp Ch-Yo-Ca which is a local Christian camp for youth, where she played the role of a crafts director. Missy is very actively involved in a number of missionaries works both on a domestic and international level.

Missy is also the author of the book named ‘Blessed, Blessed…Blessed!’ which is mainly a chronicle of the journey of her family, getting a newborn child raised with a palate and a cleft lip. Here, the power and blessings of God have been described beautifully which helped the family to fight the unforeseen challenges along with major heartaches, by blessing them limitlessly. Missy also co-authored the book named ‘The Women of Duck Commander’ along with Miss Kay and also her sisters-in-law where they mentioned some stories about the Robertson family which has never been told earlier.

Missy also devotes a lot of time in her clothing line named as ‘Missy Robertson by Southern Fashion House,’ assisting in designing stylish and modern clothing. Recently, she has launched a jewelry line named Laminin which has been made in West Monroe, her hometown.

She has got her won official website named www.missyrobertson.com. Here, she makes a really good effort of keeping her fans updated about her latest jewelry lines and clothing and also tends to offer a devotional page on a weekly basis so as to assist in encouraging people to take up a personal connection with God.

Personal Life

Missy is said to be devoted mother having three children named Reed, the oldest one who is 18 years old now; her second child Cole, being 16 years older and daughter Mia, being 10 years old. Missy believes in focussing on possessing a happy, loving and strong family.

It has also been 19 years of her marriage with Jase Robertson and continued supporting him throughout. She has also contributed to a great extent in the family business of Robertson, Duck Commander, is an essential part of accomplishment which the family has come across in recent years.

Quick Summary

Full name: Missy Robertson

Date of birth: April 22, 1971

Birthplace: Louisiana, U.S.

Age: 46 years

Profession: Homemaker; Designer

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 59 kg

Net worth: $4 Million