In today’s text we will talk about sports and about a famous baseball player. He had a very rich career and was one of the best players in this sport in the USA. We will talk about Sammy Sosa Dominican-American baseball player who has left a great mark in this sport.

He started his career in the 80s and people then recognized him as one of the greatest talents. He did not change many clubs and spent most of his career in Chicago. People in this city loved him very much and respected him, and he was their favorite player.

He has also participated in many commercials and has featured in various shows throughout the USA. He had many ups and downs through his career and many newspapers wrote about him and details of his life.

This man attracted the attention of many media around the world and had allegations that he used illegal substances. However, he managed to build an excellent career and become one of the best baseball players. Many people were curious and wanted to know more details about his life and we will tell you in this text some information about his life.

Early Years

Samuel Kelvin Peralta Sosa is a full name from Sammy Sosa. He was born on November 12, 1968 in a small town in the Dominican Republic. He grew up in a very small town and it was difficult for him to develop certain skills in his life. He dreamed that he lived in a big city and was engaged in sports.

He grew up with his mother and grandmother and they helped him to grow up. As a little, he showed physical skills and wanted to deal with athletics.

The problem was that he grew up in a very small town, and the closest city was far away. He had to struggle to succeed in realizing his dreams.

His mother wanted to become a doctor but she did not have the necessary conditions for it. She acquired knowledge independently and read various books. When Sammy was 9, he was very ill. The hospital was in another city that was far away and his mother decided to cure him alone. She managed to make medicines from plants that grew in the environment.

After 10 days, she managed to completely cure her son and proved that she had a great talent for medicine. In subsequent interviews, Sammy described this event and thanked his mother for making him a good man.

His father lived in USA and worked various jobs. He did not come to his hometown, but he invited Sammy to come to him and start attending school in USA. His mother initially advised him not to go, but later changed her mind and realized that it was a great chance for his future. Prior to his 12th birthday, Sammy packed his suitcases and headed for the USA. He thought he would succeed in making a future in another state, but he was forced to leave his mother with whom he had spent his entire childhood.

When he arrived in USA, his father worked as a waitress at a restaurant. He had a rented apartment in which Sammy moved in. His father decided to enroll him at a school near their apartment. Sammy was curious and delighted because he moved to a big city. He started going to elementary school but did not have good grades.

His favorite subject was physical because he was always interested in sports. When he was 14, Sammy started working in a restaurant together with his father. He had to help him and to make money. Sammy immediately sent a part of his money to his mother from his first salary.

After finishing primary school, Sammy wanted to start dealing with some sport. He always liked athletics and football, but after he watched training of baseball in his part of the city, he liked baseball. He considered that this sport was created for him and he wanted to start playing baseball. After much consultation with his father, he decided to enroll in a club from his city and start training. Sammy thought he would succeed in making a professional career in this sport and he wanted to dedicate maximum attention to this sport.

He began to train at a local club and had a very strict coach. The coach has always wanted to get the most out of his player and Sammy wanted to leave impression to him. He had a great speed and the coach wanted to use it in the best way.

He initially showed a talent for baseball and the coach was pleased with his way of playing. He predicted that Sammy would be successful in the future and he wanted to transfer all his knowledge to Sammy. Sammy was not very interested in learning and did not like to go to school. He devoted his free time to training and wanted to become a successful athlete.

After 2 years of training, Sammy played his first match in high school and was very successful. The coach had great confidence in him and advised him to be persistent and never give up. Sammy continued to train, and in addition he worked at the restaurant and helped his family.

He always sent a piece of money to his mother and told her that he would succeed in providing the whole family financially in the future. He succeeded in that in the future and became one of the best baseball players in the NBL history. 


After finishing high school and playing for a high school team, Sammy continued to train baseball. He did not decide to enroll faculties and wanted to fully devote himself to this sport. He played for the next 2 years for the local club and then decided to enter for the draft of the NBL league.

Many coaches and scouts in the league felt that he was young for the beginning of his career, but Sammy wanted to show his talent in the professional league. He was selected by Texas Rangers and signed a contract with them. In his first season he did not get many opportunities to play and could not show his talent. In the following season, he played several games and was then traded in Chicago Cubs.

He went to Chicago in trade for a veteran and this proved to be a great move. He came to this club in 1992 and immediately got a chance to play as a starter. He showed talent in his first games and proved that he is a very fast player. He did not have impressive figures in the first season, but he proved to be a great hitter. In the upcoming season, Sammy was much more successful and helped his team to win many victories.

In the next two seasons, Sammy was wearing this club’s jersey with success. He became one of the best players in this team and had a great performance in all matches. He became one of the youngest players to reach up to 33 home runs in the first part of the season. He received many praise and gained a lot of fans around the USA.

In 1995, he received a call for his first ALL STAR. In this game, he left a great impression and proved that he is one of the best players in the league. In 1997, Sammy had the best season since he came to Chicago.

This season, his team managed to reach the league final but failed to win. Sammy was named the best league player and had the best stats in the league.

After this season, Sammy was disappointed because he wanted to win the title with the club. In 1999 he succeeded, and that was his first career title. He was again declared as the best player of the league and received various awards as well as the award for the most advanced player. He has already broken many records in the league and has gained a lot of fans around the USA and the World.

During 2000 and 2001, there was a fall in the game of Chicago and they failed to reach the semifinals. They were eliminated from the same team twice and they had to change something in the team.

In 2002 they brought new young players and Sammy was their role model and tried to help them to adapt to the team. But during that year, Sammy experienced a shoulder injury and had to go for surgery. After surgery, doctors told him that he had to take a break for half a year and that he would have to miss the rest of the season.

Sammy was very disappointed because he thought that his team could win the title in that season. After recovering, he returned to the field and played another season for Chicago. His team failed to make a big success because they did not play in the playoffs. At the beginning of 2004, Sammy was suspended and this was a new problem for him.

He was charged for using illicit substances. He was accused for using a corked bat -substance that gives strength at the stroke. He was suspended for 2 months and could not play for Chicago.

In an interview, he stated that he did not use this substance intentionally but had used it before bedtime to make his goat younger. After returning to the field, Sammy played his last match for Chicago.

After the last match for Chicago, Sammy was forwarded to Baltimore Orioles and signed the contract for 2 years. He earned $ 8.5 million per season. In these 2 seasons, Sammy played great, but he did not make much success with his team. They are eliminated at the start of the playoffs in both seasons. He had excellent results and showed that he still plays baseball at the top level.

After finishing the contract with Baltimore he signed a contract with his first team of Texas Rangers and signed the contract for 2 years. He earned $ 500,000 per season and got a veteran contract. In these two seasons he again had a great performance and was one of Texas’s best players although he was at the end of his career. After finishing the contract with this team, Sammy wondered whether to retire or to play another season. He nevertheless decided to retire because he did not have new offers and his professional career was completed.

Personal Life

Sammy had many challenges during his career and life, but he managed to become one of the best baseball players. He came from a poor country and managed to become a great player with training and resistance.

He did not reveal much of his private life. He has a wife and he has six children with her. They are a very happy family and enjoy in life. Sammy was accused of using illegal substances during his career, but was also once charged for using drugs.

He denounced and said that he had never tried drugs in his life and that analyzes proved that. During the appearances for Chicago and Baltimore he was tested several times, but the results were negative. Sammy currently lives in Los Angeles and enjoys in living with his family.

Quick summary

Full name: Samuel Kelvin Peralta Sosa

Date of birth: November 12, 1968

Birthplace: San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic

Age: 51

Profession: Baseball Player

Height: 188

Weight: 97 kg

Net Worth: $30 million