Sean Dwyer is a known American Captain of the vessel named “Brenna A” as a part of the reality TV series “Deadliest Catch”.

Early life:

Sean  was born to Jenny Gore Dwyer and Pat Dwyer who is a known commercial fisherman.

He was always very close to his father Pat and he wanted to be just like him. Sean spent a large amount of time on “Jennifer A” which was his father’s ship.

He worked very hard on the boat of his father and on his schooling so he earned himself a degree in Diesel Engine Maintenance which helped him in his new role as an engineer on the boat.

He attended Inglemoor Senior High School from which he graduated in 2010. After that he enrolled South Seattle Community College. Two years after he was a engineer.

At the same period, in 2005 to be exact, his father was diagnosed with ALS (motor neurone disease) which came as a big shock to the family and especially to Pat who was very close to his father.

Career development:

He became the captain of “Brenna A” in the season of fishing salmon at the age of 21 and it was his learning season.

As the captain of “Brenna A” and in his first season he showed his firm hand and his fair leadership for a very versatile crew which has the minimal fishing experience of all other crews. Sean calls his crew “The Lost Boys”.

He joined the reality TV series “Deadliest Catch” in the Season 13 as the new captain of “Brenna A” after he has spent over 3 years on the vessel named “Jennifer A”.

His father’s dying wish was for his son to became the captain of the boat because he wanted his son to continue his footsteps. Pat was a very respectable fisherman in the Bering Sea.

Sean has learned everything he knew about boats and fishing buisness.

Sean made a beginners mistake for which he had to pay the fine of $1,500 and received a probation of two years.

Alaska Fish & Game organization came to inspect his boat “Brenna A” and discovered that the crab pot on Dwyer’s boat wasn’t up to regulations.

Another event that has to be mentioned here is a big loss during the filming of this series. It was the the loss of a ship called “Destination” which wasn’t a ship included in the series but this great tragedy which included a dissappearance of their six crew members left a great impact on Sean’s crew.

Personal life:

His loving dad Pat passed away from ALS in 2013.

He fought with this uncurable disease for  eight years and Sean, his mother Jenny and his sister Brenna always by his side.

His father was trying to achieve to goals before he died: his first goal was putting a second boat in the water which meant the growth of their business and the second goal was in helping to get closer in finding a cure for ALS.

In 2015, two years after Pat died, the family succeeded and they launched their new vessel “Brenna A” named after his sister Brenna Adele from Dutch Harbour.

The first wessel was named after his mother Jennifer.

The family founded a “Pat Dwyer Fund” which donates and raises funds for the research of the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

The family has also put Pat’s  initials on the bow to always remind everyone of his good character and stunning captain abilities.

Sean has a wife called Simone and they have a rock solid marriage. They often put their photos on their Facebook accounts.

Quick summary

Full name: Sean Dwyer

Date of birth: 1992

Birthplace: Seattle

Age: 25

Profession: commercial fisherman, reality star

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $900,000