Bjergsen is definitely one of the few young gamers who had earned enormous fame by applying their playing abilities in the League of Legends. The Danish gamer playing for the Team SoloMid as a Mid Laner has really impressed the followers in the North American League of Legends Championship Series or NA LCS. Starting his gaming journey at the very young age of seventeen and reached the pinnacle height already if full of promise to grow even further with his intrinsic playing skills.

Quite abnormal, but the fact remains that the young gamer had already accumulated enough prize money to proclaim his mastery. This earning is further aggregated by his engaging videos on the YouTube which has 450,000 subscribers already with 45 million views. The estimated net worth of this young wizard come around in the range of $1.5 million US dollars.

Early life

Bjergsen was born as Soren Bjerg in Denmark on 21st February 1996. He was quite a reasonable student, but unfortunately, as the world would never stop to bully down the aspirations, he always felt to remain away from the school campus. His only resort had been the video games that he used to play to clear off the depression. Sometimes the parents also do not give much importance to their children’s expression which is more often genuine. Somehow he managed regular bullying and got into the eighth grade when he was migrated to a new school. Hoping to get a better environment Bjergsen was disheartened as the bulling this time got more severe with physically thrashes.

Left with no other option Bjergsen made an early exit from the school because of the extreme anxiety and provocation. Perhaps destiny has prompted the schoolmates and the teachers to harass the little skinny teenage that he makes a successful entry into the world of gaming. Instead of parents made various attempts to get back their child to the school the boy never appreciated their idea. Rather gradually he was getting higher on the Elo ranking, and good players started recognizing that a young talent is approaching the gaming world with great expectation.


In the beginning, Bjergsen was playing many other games along with LOL, but in LOL he got more interest because he can make some money out of it. He has tasted success in NorthCon eSport and Eclypsia Chrismas Cup. In April 2012 the professional career of Bjergsen began with the Western Wolves. In 2013 he was there in the League of Legends as one of the youngest gamers. He was failing to make a real entry with Copenhagen Wolves in the third season of European LCS because of the age restriction as per Riot Games.

The first two weeks saw CowTard temporarily replacing Bjergsen. On 21st February after attaining 17, he started playing and played the remaining matches. Copenhagen Wolves tasted the success and was acquired for the Summer by Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) and remained until November 2013. In early November same year, Bjergsen left European LCS and joined North American LCS as he moved to the United States. There he joined as a mid-layer in Team SoloMid.

Bjergsen violated leaving his position to Lemondogs and was fined $2000 dollars by the Riot Games on 23rd January 2014. There was a great expectation as he had replaced the founder-owner of TSM, Reginald. TSM performed much higher to their expectation as the team got 22-6 at the end of the round robin which was just two short of Cloud9. TSM loses to Cloud9 early. Then with some replacements, the team accomplished winning over the rivals with a 3-2 win in the playoffs. He never turned the expectations and went on winning to reach the final of all the NA LCS with his TSM. With the NA Split MVP, Bjergsen was awarded for a record three times. Among the top 20 gamer, he was the highest Western gamer.

In 2015 season Bjergsen was awarded MVP title. His team won the third NA Championship surpassing Team Impulse and Cloud9. The victory got them to the 2015 Mid Season Invitational where they followed IEM success. In this Bjergsen was not qualified to be a part of the playoffs. In the 2016 Preseason, the TSM made several changes in the player list excepting Bjergsen the only gamer who remained in the team from the starting lineup. With 50% success in the starting weeks in the NA LCS, TSM were invited to IEM Katowice and lost to the eventual winner SK Telecom T1. TSM finished at a third place tied with Royal Never Give Up. After returning to the US the TSM tasted the lowest rank in their history of League with a massive loss to Echo Fox. Recover by psychologist Weldon advice. Defeated CLG 3-0 and Cloud9 3-1 to qualify for World Championship as top-seeded from America. Bjergsen became the Most Valuable Player Award.

Personal life

Bjergsen has two brothers and is currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He is also very much on YouTube with his astonishing video gaming uploads. His style of playing is highly appreciated by the followers of the channel.

Along with the YouTube on the Twitch Bjergsen have more than 1.2 million followers.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Soren Bjerj

Date of Birth: 21st February 1996

Birth Place: Denmark

Age: 21 Year Old

Profession: Profession Gamer and YouTube Star

Height: 1.62 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1.5 Million dollars