If you are interested in a particular type of music that every person does not like, then you are in the right place. This music has become more and more popular in the past 20 years and is now one of the main genres in the world. This text will bring you a different story, and we hope you will like it.

In today’s text we will deal with rap music which is specially music and we will talk about this kind of music which is becoming more and more popular year after year. If you are interested in this kind of music, then this text will surely be interesting to you and will reveal some new information you may not have known up to now.

Rap music has always attracted many artists who want to express their freedom of speech. In these songs we can always find different opinions and in them rappers always express their emotions. Rap is music that is not accepted well in all countries in the world.

This music is most popular in the USA and from this country we have a large number of artists who have gained global fame. This music was their inspiration to express their thoughts and their everyday lives through songs.

This type of music is now very popular in the world and becomes more popular every year. Rap is a way of expressing your emotions and ways of thinking through songs and rhyme. This kind of music has been very controversial in the past because we could hear many of the poems that we cannot hear in other types of music.

In this text we will talk about a rapper whose artistic name is Swizz and which is one of the newer rappers in this kind of music.

He continues to seek his share of fame, but he has succeeded because he made songs that were delighted by the fans of this music. His real name is Justin Ritter and in this text we will reveal the details of his life and we will talk about his beginnings in rap music and about his career.

This rapper has drawn attention from the public because he has a great talent and it is certain that in the future he will succeed in making a much better career. He did not have much turbulent life, but with his work and perseverance he managed to build a rap career. During his career, he has worked with several famous rappers, but he recorded most of his songs with his brother who is also engaged in rap music.

They formed their own music studio together and formed a group that made several popular songs. If you are interested in finding out more about the career details of this rapper then you are in the right place and this text will help you.

Early Years

Swizz or Justin Ritter was born on September 28, 1987 in San Fernando Valley, California, USA. He grew up with his parents and a brother and we can say that they have always been a harmonious family. He has been trying to be an exemplary boy from his childhood who will help his family.

He did not make trouble during childhood, but he was not interested in school or for learning. At the beginning of high school he rapped rap music and decided that this music would be his direction in the future.

This music has become the meaning of his life and it can be said that he neglected the school and wanted to deal with this music.

His parents provided him with all the necessary conditions in order to become successful in his life and not defended him to decide on his future. During high school, he did not have good grades and did not like school. But when he finished high school, he decided to enroll in Carolina’s college, but after a short time he left college because he wanted to deal with rap music.

At one point he was undecided and did not know what he would do in the future and had no interest in other areas other than music. When he left the college, his friends and family felt that it was a bad move and that he should continue to study. He did not listen to other advice and he felt that rap music would become his future and that he would succeed in securing enough money to provide him with a good life.

When he was in high school, Swizzz met Hopsin who became his best friend. The two of them made love to rap music and began to hang out. They had the idea to form a rap group and set up a studio where they would record songs. They managed to do it after 2 years of college and their rap career began.

Swizzz has a younger brother who was also interested in this kind of music. While they were young, they together listened to rap songs and together they wrote songs. When Hopsin founded his studio, the three of them decided to create songs together and make a music band.

When Hopsin founded his studio, three of them began to create songs that were initially popular.

Their first songs were downloaded from the Internet over 100,000 times and this enabled them to launch a good rap career. Swizzz was very pleased because he realized that he made a good move in his life because he decided to pay 100% to rap music.

During his childhood he had many problems with the school and people thought that he would be unsuccessful in the future.

When he made a rap career, he proved to everyone that he had great potential and that he would become successful in the business that he loved. When he began to deal with this music he received support from his friends and family and he was very motivated to continue to deal with this kind of music.


Swizzz began his rap career in 2009 when he and his brother and friend founded a studio where they began to record rap songs. Their studio was called Funk Volume and immediately started with serious work. Swizzz and his brother recorded for a month 2 songs that immediately gained popularity on the Internet.

Their first songs were downloaded from the Internet over 100,000 times and this enabled them to launch a good rap career and to prove to anyone that they have big talent for this music. Swizzz was very satisfied because he realized that he made a good move in his life because he decided to dedicate 100% of himself to rap music.

During 2010 and 2011, Swizzz has made several more songs that have reached popularity on the Internet. In 2011, he recorded a video for the new song, and this spot was checked by half a million people a few days later.

In 2012 Swizzz, his brother and Hopsin began to hold concerts all over the USA. During 2012 and 2013, they held over 15 concerts and slowly gained popularity. In 2014, Swizzz released his first solo mix tape and announced that he would record his first album.

During 2015, there was a clash between members of this group and they decided to stop cooperation. In 2016, Hopsin recorded a song describing their discussion. In 2017, Swizzz replied and recorded a song in which he said that Hopsin had betrayed him and his brother.

This song was diss track for Hopsin and after a few days this song has reached great popularity. Many journalists wanted to know the true truth and wanted to know the real story. Hopsin said that Swizzz and his brother were guilty of the breakup of the band.

Swizzz said that Hopsin was guilty of the breakup of the group and no one could know the true truth. During 2017 and at the beginning of 2018, Swizzz recorded several other songs and stated that he would soon release his first album.

Personal Life

During his lifetime, Swizzz never made public appearances and he always tried to hide his private life details from the public. Journalists often wanted to know the details of his life and the reason why his group broke up, but he did not want to publicly talk about it.

In 2015, the newspaper wrote that he was in relation to the famous RNB singer. After a few days he denied this news, but people shared a photo on social networks where they can see that they are together.

After this photo, Swizzz did not want to give statements yet and this news remained a mystery. He is active on social networks, and he has close to one million followers on his Facebook and Instagram profile.

He regularly shares photos of his concerts and his fans have the opportunity to see his activities. He announced that he will have many concerts during 2019 and 2020 and will continue to work on his rap career.

He currently has a girlfriend and they live together in Florida. He stated that he still does not intend to marry, but that he is currently very happy with his love life. They often travel around the world and we can see their photos on social networks. Swizzz said that in the future he would be much more productive and would record many songs.

When his band collapsed, Swizzz was thinking about continuing his rap career. His brother convinced him to keep shooting rap and not to give up. They continued to record songs, and that was a great move.

During a concert in Los Angeles, an incident occurred when a part of the audience began to say that Hopsin was a better rapper than him. Swizzz then wanted to cancel the concert and he returned to the audience with the words that Hopsin was nobody and nothing.

After a short while, the incident calmed down and the concert continued. At the end of 2018, Swizzz was in a show where he first discovered some details of his career. Many people were curious to find out many things in it and in this show he revealed some details of his private life. He stated that he still does not plan to have children and to marry but that he will probably do it in the near future. He also stated that he might try to act in one movie because he was attracted to the act when he was young.

He is a rapper who still has time to gain even more fame and it is certain that in the future we will hear many of his songs. Swizzz and his brother are still recording together and they announced a new song that will be released in 2019.

Quick Summary

Full name: Justin Ritter

Date of birth: September 28, 1987

Age: 32

Birthplace: San Fernando Valley, California, USA

Profession: Rapper

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Net worth: $1 million