Young M.A is an American hip-hop artist who got famous quite quickly and is widely known for her 2016 song “Ooouuu.”

Early Life

The passionate rapper was born on 3rd April 1992 and was named Katorah Marrero; she later chose Young M.A as her rapper name. She began rapping at a very mere age of 9, and this shows how music always intrigues her.

She was born in New York, but since then she has moved between places for numerous times mostly in cities of South. But now she mostly stays near Brooklyn. In her adolescent years, she has had the shock of her brother getting shot and murdered. She was determined to do something, and that is the reason why she began recording in 2013 at a self-funded recording studio. As seen she has the tomboy quality in her, and she played basketball in her school.


Music was the path she chose when she got depressed because of the death of her brother. Music became her passion, and she fully dedicated herself to the art. She soon sponsored a recording studio and in this some of her known local music producers helped her and started to venture into recording and to upload her own rap songs. She started off slow with tracks like ‘Kold World,’ ‘OG Bobby Johnson’, and ‘Levels,’ and they were uploaded onto her rising YouTube channel. She worked quite hard on her channel and the content, but she never realized that she would go viral one day.

She uploaded the track ‘Brooklyn Chiraq Freestyle’ on her YouTube channel, and it soon bombarded on YouTube with a huge amount of views and made her a sensation in just a few days. She soon picked up followers who really liked her music, and she became confident to make herself a place in the music industry.

In 2015, she came forward with the track ‘Body Bag’ which garnered quite a lot of critical acclaim even from the Rolling Stones magazine and the YouTube video has over 4 million views. This also helped her to get securely into the music scene. In 2015 another surprise waited for her fans when she released her first ever mixtape, M.A. The Mixtape. The mixtape was self-released, and it contained several tracks like ‘Henny Dance,’ ‘M.A. Bitch (Freestyle)’, ‘Hot Nigga, ‘Girlfriend,’ ‘Kold World’ and ‘No Trust.’ The mixtape was also a great success among her fans, and it made her quite renowned among the entire hip-hop world. The album streamed online over more than 470,000 times and has built up her reputation.

Her second mixtape Sleep Walkin’ was also released in 2015, and it contained thirteen titles in total with tracks like ‘ ‘Brooklyn Poppin’, ‘Through the Day, ‘ ‘Quiet Storm,’ ‘Karma Krys,’‘HennyNHoes,’  and ‘Get This Money,’ and This mixtape has been quite popular among her fans, and it has been streamed for almost 1,000,000 on the internet. So, it is quite obvious that 2015 played a key role in giving her popularity.

In 2016, she released the track ‘Ooouuu’ which obviously made her sensational. The single was produced by the U-Dub of the NY Bangers fame, and the song had been written by her. She answered in an interview that she recorded the song in a drunken state because she felt it was needed. The single was received warm heartedly by her fans, and she got into lists like Billboard, Pitchfork, etc. The music video for the single has garnered around 2 million views on YouTube. The song is quite popular and brought quite a lot of revenue to her.

Young M.A appreciates collaborations, and she has done quite a lot with renowned artists like C.A.S.H. Montana, Statik Slekah, Dae Dae, Unckle Murda, Project Pat, and Young Thuf. Some of the popular ones among them are ‘Murder Game’, ‘Hella Bars’ etc. Artists have praised her talent a lot.

She has been seen in TV programs like Verified, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Wendy Williams Show, and 2017 MTV Woodies. These have helped her grow a fan base outside internet too.

In 2017, she will be most probably release her debut album called Herstory in the making.

As a young rapper, she has had to work very hard. The first mixtapes were self-produced, but now she is getting producers who are willing to work with her. Her singles are reaching charts so it can be estimated that she is doing a good business from them. She also owns a YouTube channel with 1 million subscribers, and her videos have quite a lot of views. So, she earns quite a bit of the ad revenue on YouTube.

She also performs at different locations and has an Instagram with around 1.2 million followers. She does endorsements and sponsorships like any other musician. She earns a good amount of money from the sponsorships as well. Her net worth was assessed to be $200,000 in 2012, but now it is estimated at being around $1 million which is quite a spike for a young rapper without a single album. Social media is one of her plus points due to the huge following.

Personal Life

Young M.A is quite clear about her sexuality and has come out to everyone as a lesbian. She has talked about her experience with being a young woman in the LGBT scene. It has been rumored that she may be dating a 22-year-old model called Tori Brinxx and her fans believe they often share their coziness on Snapchat and even picking her.

She openly tells that she realized she was gay at the age of 9. She is comfortable with herself, and it is also the reason why she tells everyone to first believe in themselves.

She is planning on increasing her career and be something in the world.

Quick Summary

Full name: Katorah Marrero aka Young M.A

Date of birth: 3rd April 1992

Birth place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Age: 25

Profession: Hip-Hop artist

Height: 1.65 m

Net worth: $1 million