Troy Aikman is considered as a living legend in the fort e of American football. Born on November 21, 1966, he was born in West Covina California. He has done his graduation from University of Oklahoma.

He has played for varied championships from the school. He was transferred to UCLA Bruins in the year 1986. He turned a professional in the year 1989 while receiving the first contract with the Cowboys of Dallas. He is a former football quarterback of America while spending the whole 12 year career participating for Dallas Cowboys. He played for the team in National Football League.

He became number 1 draft pick in the year 1989 while playing for twelve seasons successively. All of the seasons were played being a part of the Cowboys. At the time of his career, he was selected as a Pro Bowl choice for over six times. He further had guided team to three distinct victories and then was the XXVII MVP of Super Bowl.

He currently functions a superstar of television and is a part of Fox Network. He is a sportscaster in Fox Network. The year 1999 saw him and other cowboys being squared against Washington Redkins. This season had started with a bash for the team.’

He had fired a career having high 5 passes of TD. This further includes the winner of match in OT for defeating Washington. The year 1999 marked final appearance of playoff for Troy Aikman. The season of 2000 was the final season of Aikman as a football player as professional. Aikma further suffered from varied concussions through the season along with a revolving door at QB which took place between former Eagles QB Randall Cunningham and Aikman.

The final match played by him took place at right from Washington Redkins. Here he was further hit by Lavar Arrington who is a linebacker while enduring the tenth along with the final concussion of the career. He ended his career being a leading passer at all times.

Presently, Aikman is considered being third on list while trailing Tom Brady. Later in the year 2013, while in a radio interview, he further revealed the actual reason for retiring which were issues with the back. This issue was faced by him while he was in his tenth season.

He also clarified having a back surgery in the off season next to Super Bowl XXVII. Here he did not face any complications.

However, after he reached the final season, he always faced issues with the back. He was in medication of the back. He clarified to the world that it was the back pain due to which the concussion took place and not the concussion which made him end the career.

He sold his grand mansion for about $5.95 million. AllieBeth Allman was the property agent who is a part of Allie Beth Allman and Associates. The mansion that he lives in measures about 10,728 square feet while is located in the posh zone of Highland Park. It comprises four bedrooms while six baths. It has other amenities like an elevator along with an outdoor area of entertainment which has a wet bar. The mansion is accessed through portico while the updated plan of the floor comprises a chef’s kitchen, a living room which is a formal one, a dining hall, an office or sturdy, four bedrooms, six bathrooms and four fireplaces.

He has achieved an estimated worth of $25 million.

Quick summary

Full name: Troy Aikman

Date of birth: November 21, 1966

Birth place: West Covina, California

Age: 49

Height: 1.93m

Weight: 99.8 kg

Profession: American footballer

Net Worth: $25 million