In today’s theme, we will deal with sports and talk about an American athlete. We will talk about a former American football player. His name is Vince Young and he was a very successful player. He had many career successes and received various individual awards.

Vince has played for several clubs in the professional league and has achieved great results. He had a difficult childhood but he managed to become a great footballer.

Vince had many ups and downs through his career, but he managed to make an excellent career and make a fulfilling financial life. In this text we will talk about his childhood and his career, but also about the details of his private life. If you are interested in finding out more about Vince Young then this text will help you.

Early Years

Vince Young was born May 18, 1983 in Houston, Texas, USA. He did not have an easy childhood and grew up with his mother and grandmother. His father missed much of his childhood because he had problems with the law. He was in prison several times, and Vince watched him very rarely.

That’s why his grandmother and his mother helped him in growing up. He had to help them in all jobs and he had to do various jobs. His childhood was not easy because he had to grow up without a father. His father was at liberty when Vince was 18 years old, but after 2 years he again went to jail for jewelry theft. Vince suffered a lot because he was not there when his career and his new life began.

Vince also had problems when he was very young. When he was 7 years old he was hit by a car when he was riding a bicycle. Vince suffered serious injuries and was immediately transferred to the hospital. He barely survived and the doctors fought for his life.

After the operation, Vince recovered, but he had to be in hospital for the next 5 months. He had to slowly recover and had a lot of luck because he stayed alive. In subsequent interviews, Vince said he was grateful for this event because it made him more ruthless and more sustainable in the future. This event gave him the strength to never give up. He always thanked God for giving him a chance to make a new life.

Vince grew up in Houston in a place where people were pretty poor. There were gangs in this part and there were always calculations in this part of the city.

His mother always tried to keep him away from these gangs. It was very difficult for him, because several of his comrades were members of the gang. They had a very hard life and wanted to deal with crime.

In the struggles that almost has happened everyday many people lost their lives. Vince was trying to get out of the street and not to hang out with gang members. His comrades who were in the gang were killed in the following year and Vince thanked his mother for not joining their gang. He stated that his mother helped him and directed him on the right path.

He loved sports and wanted to become a basketball player. He began to practice basketball when he was 10 years old and for the next 4 years he was very successful in this sport. He achieved great results and people thought he would become a basketball player in the future.

But when he started high school, Vince loved football and began to train this sport. He had to give up the basketball and dedicate himself to this sport.

He started off with training at the beginning of the high school and the trainers saw his talent for football. During the first year he began playing for Houston High School in the quarterback and people immediately recognized his talent and felt that Vince would make an excellent career.


Vince Young started his career in high school playing for Houston High School. He received a call from Houston coach to perform for their team and he immediately accepted the call.

He started the season in the quarterback and he was great at this position. He had excellent results during the high school and many coaches and scouts saw his talent. He played in this team for the next 3 years and scored excellent results. He had numerous individual awards and won several awards. He was named the best striker of the league and for the best young player. He also knocked down several records in the league and won the award for the most talented player in the league.

When he went to college, Vince received a call to compete for the University of Texas team. He received a call from former coach Mack Brown and played in this team from 2002 to 2005. He was part of one of the best college teams ever and played with the players who in the future made great success in the NFL league.

In his first season for this team he scored a large number of points and at the end of the season was named as the best quarterback in the league. He was very motivated after this prize, and the next season was even more successful. He and this team reached the finals and they were unstoppable.

They managed to win the title that year and Vince was named as the best player in the final. He was also again declared as the best quarterback in the league and continued to achieve excellent results. He played another season with this team, but he failed to get to the finals. After that, Vince decided to take on the draft of the NFL league.

At the beginning of 2006, Vince wondered whether to do the senior season in Texas or to go to the draft. He appeared in a very popular show and talked about his future.

Many people wanted to know whether he would play another college team season, or he would go to draft and start a professional career. He replied that he would make a decision before the start of the draft and he would talk to his family and trainer. He made the decision to go on draft and to try to make a career in the NFL league. Vince Young was selected as the 3 pick of the first round by the Tennessee Titans.

The coach of this team thought that Vince would be a great player and that he would help this team because they needed a very strong quarterback. Vince signed a contract with this team for 5 years. The contract was $ 58 million and Vince had a guaranteed 27 million.

Vince Young started his professional career and the first professional match on October 1, 2006 against the Dallas. He went into the game in the second half and immediately showed his talent. In the next few games, Vince entered the game in the second half. After that, he began to play as a starter and began to score great results.

In the first year of his professional career, he and his team reached the playoffs but were eliminated. In the coming season, Vince started each match as a starter and was one of the main players in this team. This season they reached the semifinals, but were eliminated again. Vince was very disappointed because he thought that they deserved to enter the finals. In his 3 years of playing for this team, Vince was named the best quarterback player and was in the top 5 of the best players in the league.

He had experienced a knee injury in the last contract season with this club and had to miss almost all season. He was very disappointed because he had to make a big break.

After returning, Tennessee did not want to extend the contract with Vince and he was transferred to Philadelphia Eagles. He played for this team for a year but did not have much success. They failed to enter the playoffs, but Vince again had good results.

After the expiry of the deal with Philadelphia, Vince had two more one-year contracts with Green Bay Packers and Cleveland. After the expiration of the contract with Cleveland, Vince decided to complete his career in 2014. He earned over $ 35 million during his career and made excellent results.

Personal Life

Vince Young had many ups and downs during his lifetime, but he managed to make a great career. He did not give many statements about private life, but he mostly talked about difficult childhood. He said he had to go through many obstacles to become a successful and good athlete.

He succeeded in securing his family financially and currently enjoying life. He is now married and has one child. On his profiles on social networks, we can see his wife who has always been a big support to him.

Quick Summary

Full name: Vince Young

Date of birth: May 18, 1983

Birthplace: Houston, Texas, USA

Age: 36

Profession: Football Player

Height: 196 cm

Weight: 105 kg

Net Worth: $35 million