The American rapper hailing from Atlanta, Georgia has earned quick fame in the music world. His ‘Wish Me Well 2’ which happened to be his debut mixtape released in 2016 has introduced him to the vast audience of the rap world. The music lovers have welcomed the rapper and wished him for a long musical career. A wonderful start has given him enormous confidence for a long musical journey.

Another single titled “Every day We Lit” has gained huge popularity and reached a respectable rank on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. Earlier the wonder boy of rap world has got an entry in the XXL magazine as his song “Key to the Streets” enlisted in the 50 Best Hip-Hop Songs of the year 2016.

The media centers and the major magazines are always on the lookout for the insertions of this young artist. The rapper had very productive and fulfilling time in 2017. Billboard Magazine declared Lucci among the top 10 Hip Hop & R&B Artist to Watch in the year 2017. Rolling Stone also fail to deny a place in the segment of 10 New Artists You Need to Know. It is just the beginning of his musical career, and the rapper has already gained massive appreciations from the followers of the hip-hop music all around the globe.

Perhaps a little more time is required for the artist to gather a matching wealth for himself as any other successful musicians of his time. Nevertheless, Lucci has accumulated not less than 400 thousand dollars as his estimated net worth.

Early Life

On 16th February 1991, YFN Lucci was born as Rayshawn Lamar Bennett in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. He was born to an immigrated family who came from Jamaica and settled in the land of America. The rapper was born with an Aquarius horoscope and has American nationality. There is no information available about his father. Lucci had always appreciated his mother who raised her child as a single mother and against every odd met the essentials of life. There is news that while Lucci was away from his house in Atlanta some miscreant shot at his mother and friend who was admitted to the hospital. We also do not have any idea where he got his primary education. There is no information whether he got any higher education.

Lucci has a deep interest towards music from his early childhood days. He has expressed in some interviews that his interest towards music has grown because of his elder brother. It is because of his brother Lucci wanted to build a career in music. His brother is also a rapper and is called as ‘K.’ In the teenage Lucci was highly influenced by the raps of some prominent figures like The Diplomats, Lil Wayne, Tupac Shakur, Jay Z, Hot Boys, Ja Rule, T.I., Fabulous and Young Jeezy. It is apprehended that Lucci was deeply inclined to music from his early teens. He worked hard on the vocabulary and rhymes to improve his rapping ability. He was writing for his music from the age of sixteen.


When he was in his advance teenage at seventeen, he came across Johnny Conco. Johnny is a recording artist at his native place. Johnny saw his work and encouraged Lucci to improve his rapping skills to match the contemporary music world. Lucci took his suggestion seriously and gave full effort to become a rapping star in future. There was a great passion for the music in him from the very beginning of teenage with it he earned confidence while improving. One day he got into a studio. In 2014 Lucci appeared in two mixtape tracks of Cinco.

His collaboration with Cinco for the mixtape made him known to the world. Taking advantage of this popularity in 2014 December Lucci released his debut mixtape titled “Wish Me Well.” He released the mixtape after getting into a contract with the label Think It’s A Game Entertainment. Any renowned musical chart did not recognize the first effort, but the entry into the industry enhanced his confidence to make more tracks. In the same year, the young aspirant came up with 3 more single tracks. The singles are “I Wonder Why” “Made For It” and “Know No Better.” He kept himself busy in the compositions and released one more single at the beginning of the next year. He came up with “Don’t Know Where I’d Be.” These singles gave Lucci a more promising foothold in the world of music.

On 16th February 2016, Lucci released “Wish Me Well 2”. Based on his previous title the release was considerably better than the previous release. On the US Billboard 200, it peaked 183 and reached #17 on the Top Rap Song chart. After few days Lucci released another single titled “Key to the Streets.” It has been one of the best single so far in Lucci’s career. As per Billboard Hot 100, it reached the 70th rank; it peaked #27 on the chart of US Top R&B and Hip-Hop Songs. Within a month the official music video came up on the YouTube channel. The video gathered more than 51,000 views. The same year at its closing Lucci brought out another single titled “Every day We Lit.” The song was created enabling digital download. The song reached #24 as per the chart of Top Rap Songs, on the Billboard Hot 100 it was 69 and on the charts of Top R&B and Hip-Hop Songs the song reached 32nd rank. By April of the same year, musical video of the single was released on YouTube which gathered more than 10,400 views.

So far the artist had made enough promise to the music world and had gained reasonable popularity. On 3rd April 2017, he released an EP titled “Long Live Nuton.” The release of the extended play gave the artist immense satisfaction as the critics and fans both appreciated the EP. On the Billboard Top 200, it reached #27, on the chart of Top R&B and Hip-Hop Songs gained 16th rank and were even better as per the US Top Rap Albums Chart in which it got the 12th position. Another single was released with the title “Never Worried” after few months.

While making his releases, YFN Lucci had also featured in the various works of his fellow artists. He featured in the works of Kayla Brianna, BirdGang Greedy, Jim Fetti and Jose Guapo. The titles in which Lucci was featured are “On My Grind,” “Every day,” “DidDat,” “Room Full of Bitchez,” “Lifestyle” and “Work for It.” His popularity was further enhanced as he collaborated with many prominent figures of the music industry. To name few he collaborated with Black Youngster, PnB Rock, Yo Gotti, Lil Durk, Meek Mill, Rap G and obviously with his chief counselor Johnny Cinco.

Apart from the various releases, the rapper makes a considerable earning from various concerts and shows all through the years. By such performances, Lucci not only earns dollars but these shows play a vital role in building up his popularity further. The artist had also created an official merchandise website to cater a wide range of hats to t-shirts. The official Vevo pages of the rapper also contribute to the earning of Lucci. Since 2015 February when the first music video was uploaded on the YouTube, it had gathered more than 317 thousand subscribers, and the total views of all the videos have gone beyond 136,000,000. Advertising rates in the Vevo are around $25 to $35 per thousand views. This had also taken his earnings to a respectable height.

Personal Life

The rapper is not married yet, but according to some sources he is the father of two children. One child, his son had once appeared in one radio program along with his father in 2015. But the world has no information about the mother of these children. Once a rumor spread out that Lucci had a relation with Jerrika Karla.

It interesting to note that in his stage name YFN is the abbreviation for ‘Young Fly Nigga’ and his elder brother ‘K’ had added Lucci when the two brothers created a mixtape. Presently the young rapper owns a Mercedes Benz GLZ 320.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Rayshawn Lamar Bennett

Date of Birth: 16th February 1991

Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

Age: 27 Years Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches / 1.73 m

Weight: 72 Kg

Net Worth: $300 Thousand