Bobby Shmurda is an American rapper originated from Brooklyn and he became famous after the release of his known  single called “Hot Nigga”.

He became even more known for his choreography that he created for that song. It was called“Shmoney dance”.

Early life:

Bobby Shmurda was born as Ackquill Jean Pollard in Miami in Florida in the United States on August 4, 1994.

His only sibling is his older brother named Javese. The boys have always had a good connection since they had to watch eachothers’s backs in the neighbourhood.

His parents came from different islands: his mum came from Trinidad and his father is from Jamaica. He is never ashamed of any of his origins and embraces them in the interviews when people ask about his descendants.

His mother Leslie decided to move to New York soon after she gave birth to Ackquill. She decided to relocate to Brooklyn because it was the cheapest place to live in New York. It was hard for her to provide food and home alone.

She took both of her sons with her because their father Gervase was in prison and couldn’t take care of his boys. He is still in prison, and he will be there till the end of his life because he received a lifetime sentence due to attempted murder he tried to comitt. This obviously had left a scar on the children which had a tough time growing up without their father to be by their side.

He was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) while he was in middle school. It was hard for him to be calm at school so he avoided it as much as he can. He tried to be quiet and sit still but it soom became very difficult for him. He had learning and reading difficulties and often fought with his teachers. Soon he realized that there isn’t a lot of hope for him in the area of school and science, so he decided to find some kind of piece in another hobby.

He started to be interested in rapping when he was only ten. He spent time making rhymes because it was interesting to him and later he used it as a method for relaxation.

He was a member of a gang from his early age. He became the gangleader of “GS9” crew and was known to the police by his crime sheet: drug traffiking, drive-by shootings and a lot more.

It seemed that Ackquill would do anything to keep his tough street name, the fame and the money. He said that his reputation is the most important thing he had.

At the age of twenty he released his single calked  “Knuck if you Buck” but it wasn’t received with too much thrill.

Ackquill, now called Bobby, didn’t want to give up the music so he continued to work and release tapes.

Due to his criminal behaviour he has spent a little over one year in juvenile detention. He violated his probation and ended up in jail. He got his probation after he was arrested because of carrying an illegal weapon. This was all a bit too much complication for the artist and he feels very sorry that all of this happened.

Career development:

He was noticed after the release of his hit single called “Hot Nigga”. He decided to make a video with it becausem the song was popular. That was a great decision because he made his coreography for the song, which was called “Shmoney dance”. The dance became a huge hit and it enlargened his fan base a lot.

The track single came to No. 6 on the Billboard 200 list.

The biggest evidence of his popularity was when Beyonce did his dance moves on her tour with her husband Jay-Z.

It was also used by Drake when he appeared at 2014 ESPY Awards.

His dance style became popular amongst hip hop artists such as Lil Kim, French Montana and more.

It took him a lot of time but he finally succeeded and became famous

In 2014 he finally signed a record deal with a very known label called Epic Records. This was a big deal for Bobby because this label was a part of Sony Music house and it meant top production and a lot of income.

His next work was a collab on a remix with  Junio Reid and Mavado.

He hasn’t released his debut album because he ended up back in prison in 2014. He was arrested under the suspicion that he conspirated with his brother Javese to commit murder. It was supposed to be done with the help of one of GS9 gang member.

He and his crew members were arrested at their music studio. They weren’t aware of a 24 months long investigation that NYPD led collecting informations about the gang’s coacaine and weapon trafficing.

His bail was put at $2 million and his family  tried and failed to post his bail a lot of times but never succeeded in collecting enough money.

Bobby’s attorneys  have tried to lower the bail cost, but never succeeded..

He finally pleaded guilty because he was facing a very long 25 years sentence . To avoid it, he confessed and got 7 years of prison. This was not a great solution, but it was the best option the rapper could take to make sure he will be able to make music again once.

Unfortunately his punishment was prolonged four more years because he smuggled a knife in his cell.

Although he was in jail it hasn’t stopped him in being involved in criminal activities. He was involved in the Bloods and Crisps feud.

He kept his gangsta look in the joint and he exercises a lot, getting his great physic.

Personal life:

Shmurda was in a relationship with an 18-year-old Kimberly Rousseau, who was found guilty for smuggling a knife to Bobby when he was in prison.

The media rambled about this a lot and they focused on the rapper whose morals were obviously mixed up. Nobody seemed to realize why did he date such a young and innocent girl and drag her into the world of crime.

She hid the knife in her bra and although she was charged only for a misdemeanor Bobby got additional four years on his sentence.

Being a Leo in horoscope, this rapper finds himself dangerous, aggressive, scary and brave. He thinks of himself as a king and therefore people oftenly make jokes about him on the internet. This doesn’t seem to bother him.

Quick summary

Full name: Ackquille Jean Pollard

Date of birth: August 4, 1994

Birthplace: Miami, Florida, U.S.

Age: 23

Profession: rapper, songwriter

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Net worth: $400, 000