In the midst of Rock and Pop music, Alan had taken the responsibility of keeping the traditional Country music in its high state. His “Murder on Music Row” has depicted his concerns for soft traditional music over modern hard rocks. The musician from Georgia has started music at early young age. He had served the world of music with his talent for a long time, releasing near about 20 albums. More than 35 years of the musical journey have entertained the listeners and sold almost eighty million records. His musical efforts are common entrants in the prestigious charts like Billboard musical listing. His contribution towards music is often recognized by elite awards.

Along with his fulfilling career, his songwriting ability has also helped many other artists to deliver pleasing music for the innumerable listeners all around. His highly appreciable compositions in traditional music have encouraged many musical aspirants. They have pursued their career in long-established conventional patterns of music. Particularly his composition over the attack on World Trade Centre had been highly acknowledged by huge audience around the globe. All traditional music lovers have always welcomed his works with Gospel. It will not be an overstatement to declare that Alan has not followed the way chosen by most successful musicians. Rather he had taken a different route and tasted all success which a musician can experience. Nevertheless, the ideal singer and lyricist had accumulated not less than 75 million dollars as his estimated net worth.

Early Life

In the Newnan, Georgia, United States of America the famous and loved musician Alan Jackson was born on 17th October 1958. He was born to Joseph Eugene Jackson and Ruth Musick as their youngest child. He grew up with four siblings in a modest Christian family. He got his primary education from the Local Street Elm Elementary. After that, he went to Newnan High School. But the financial hardship of the family pleaded for some odd jobs from the early childhood days. When he was just entering teenage, at 12 years, Alan started working in a shoe store.

Alan has a great interest towards music from early childhood, and through the gospel, he started adopting musical tunes. From the tender age of 12, he started singing in the church. He was not like other boys and was imbued in spiritual songs even in the young age when most young prefer modern rocks. Later while growing further with his interest in divine songs, he got influenced by the country songs of Gene Watson and John Anderson. Along with the spiritual songs, Alan started taking an interest in country music quite seriously. It is worth mentioning that we may not know, who was he but only that friend had invoked an interest in him toward country music. For that friend, the world has been enjoying the delightful music of Alan Jackson for more than three decades.

On the other hand in early part of 80s Alan engaged himself in many odd jobs as a construction worker, car salesman, forklift operator, etc.  He had no other option left but to sacrifice his education much early to support his family. He married Denise who was working as a stewardess in airlines. During this period Alan was performing in the band Dixie Steel at the local clubs. Gradually his songwriting efficiency was growing with the passage of time.


His wife Denise was working as a stewardess in some airlines. The real opportunity came up through her spontaneous reflex. One day wife Denise saw Glen Campbell, the famous country-pop musician waiting in the lounge for his flight. She requested Campbell to listen to her husband Alan’s recorded tape. Campbell extended an appreciable gesture by giving Denise the contacting details of the music company. Shortly after that Alan with his wife moved from Newnan to Nashville in pursuit of some hope for a musical career. When Alan reached the musical company, he was suggested to practice one more year for an appropriate beginning of an excellent career in music.

After a year, on Campbell’s recommendation, Alan went to ‘Arista Records.’ In 1989 Alan came out with the single “Blue Blooded Woman” from the label. Shortly he out with another single titled “Here in The Real World.” His debut album was retained in the United States chart for over a year. Then after in the first part of the 90s, Alan came up with some fabulous releases. His second album titled “Don’t Rock the Jukebox” was released in 1991. The same year he wrote with Randy Travis for latter’s album “High Lonesome.”   In the next year, the artist came up with yet another album “A Lot about Livin.” Both the albums brought him great success with five top singles each. The memorable singles of these albums were “Midnight in Montgomery,” “Love’s Got a Hold on you,” “Chattahoochee,” “She’s Got the Rhythm,” and some more which would come in the favorites of his followers for many years to come.

After the tremendous success of the second and third album, Alan in 1993 brought “Honkey Tonk Christmas” which was holiday album. Then 1994 saw the real country wave of Alan Jackson. Who not only came up with his fifth album titled “Who I Am” filled with the melodies of country songs. But he also gained immense popularity. A song titled “If I Could Make a Living” which was co-written by him went up to the highest rank in the prestigious charts. The record sale of his songs went beyond the 10 million mark. Some remarkable compositions including “Summertime Blues,” “Livin’ on Love,” “Gone Country” and “I Don’t Even Know Your Name” would be long remembered. Only being in the scene for five years and the countryman can create his musical bouquet “The Greatest Hits Collection” in 1995.Within a year time, the collection of songs were sold more than 3 million copies.

When all singers were almost adding up the loud mannerism of singing pops and raps, Alan’s songs were a real relief for many music lovers. In 1996, his another album release “Everything I Love” maintained the reputation of the singer in the most reputed charts of the albums. Five songs reached the top rank in the charts which includes “There Goes” and “Little Bitty.” In 1998 Alan came up with another album titled “High Mileage” which reached the fourth rank with the pop influence. Four of the singles got into the top ten list while the song “Right on the Money” went up to the top of the charts.

In 1999 paid tribute to the past country singers in the form of releasing another album titled “Under the Influence.” The album was enriched by the featuring of Merle Haggard, Jimmy Buffett, Charley Pride, Jones, Don Williams, Jim Ed Brown and Hank William Jr. “It Must Be Love,” and some other songs were highly rated in the charts, but the album did not reach number one. He revived the number one rank with his album titled “When Somebody Loves You” in 2000. The song titled “Where I Come From” of the album reach top ranking in the renowned charts. That very year his collaboration with George Strait created “Murder on Music Row” was a major hit of that time saluting the traditional country songs.

September 11 gave birth to the song “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” gave him an entry in the Top 30 Pops for the first time. In tribute to his father, he composed “Drive” which spawned “Drive (For Daddy Gene)” another top song of the chart. In 2003 he brought out his second memorable hits collection. In 2004 he came up with another release “What I Do.” In 2006 Christmas gift was created in the form of “Precious Memories.” The same year audience cherished another release titled “Like Red on a Rose.”

Personal Life

Perhaps the celebration of 25th anniversary with the excellent compilation “Genuine: The Alan Jackson Story” would not match the relation of Denise and Alan. It has been a long journey with his beloved Denise Jackson since 1979. Denise had tried to express their relation through the book titled “It’s All About Him: Finding The Love Of My Life.”

The parents are blessed with Dani Grace, Mattie Denise, and Alexandra Jane. From the Academy of Country, Music Alan had gathered 20 awards which included Album of the Year, Song of the Year. Country Music Association had honored this singer fifteen times.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Alan Eugene Jackson

Date of Birth: 17th October 1958

Birth Place: Newnan, Georgia, United States of America

Age: 60 Years Old

Profession: Singer, Songwriter, and Gospel Musicians

Height: 1.93 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $75 Million