Kortney Wilson is a beautiful Canadian country singer, actress and reality TV star who became known as a real estate professional who appears in Masters of Flip TV series alongside her husband.

Early years

She was born as Kortney Kayle Galerno in a town  Ayr in Ontario in Canada on 8 February 8, 1979.

She is the oldest child in her family and has three more siblings. They often try to get together for a barbecue or a dinner because they have stayed closely connected.

Her nationality is Canadian and her parents are named Ken and Karrie. She is in a good relationship with all members of her close family.

In 1994, when she was only fifteen years old, she was already on the stage, performing in Guelph.

She was 16 when she started earning money by singing at weddings but her first job with a sallary was in a clothing store.

She was always very independent and didn’t want to spend a lot of her parent’s money so she started working as early as she could.

She never continued her high school education by going to college because she wanted to make it in music and have a career as a singer.

Career development

In 1998, Kortney was satisfied by the fact that she had signed a contract Christy DiNapoli, a manager from Scream Marketing and Scream Music Publishing.

In 2001, she began releasing singles but she stopped at only two of them released and her first album didn’t see the light of day.

One of those singles was a song tiltled “Unbroken by You” and it came to Top 50.

At the same time, she has joined the cast of a soap opera called “One Life to Live”.

Since she was a great songwriter she had written a song for Ryan Tyler. It was in 2003  and the song was called “Run, Run, Run”.

In 2009, Kortney’s whole family gained their own reality TV show which was aired on CMT Canada. It was named “Meet the Wilsons” and it was their first flipping houses series.

Kortney and her husband Dave became known as “The Wilsons” and they signed a contract with Open Road Recordings. At the same time he was signed to Lyric Street.

After they lost their record deals they decided to turn to a completely different area of business. They have started with flipping houses in Nashville.

This is the reason they have become stars in a reality TV series “Masters of Flip”.

Kortney and Dave released their debut solo albumas The Wilsons, in 2010.

Although things looked bright in 2009, because their “Meet The Wilsons” show had good ratings, the series didn’t take off to the second season and the family needed steady income, they turned to house renovating.

Dave started working as a waiter to earn enough money but they decided to start house flipping in a way that they subcontracted contractors themselves without hiring a middle mam to run it.

They made all the decisions and watched out on every cent and they earned $15000 after they sold the house.

They decided to give it a try and they have succeeded in it.

Kortney and Dave love children a lot and have decided to adopt. Their third child Lennox was adopted.

Kortney even became an Ambassador for a Canadian organization which ptomotes and advocates adoption, the Adoption Council of Canada.

Kortney was also featured in a documentary called “City of Dreams: Artists for Tennessee Flood Relief” where she played herself.

She isn’t a big fan of retro furniture so she usually tries to go with a modern design. She is a big fan of chandeliers too.

Personal life

Kortney is married to American actor named Dave Wilson and they are married for a long period of time.

It was never revealed how long they have been married.

She is a mother of three children she adores. They are named Jett, Lennox Esmee and Sullivan James. She is in love both with her husband and children and is happy because of it.

Kortney and Dave first met in United States, but Dave lived in England and it was love at first sight.

Dave was in America on his vacation but it seems that he was destined to stay.

After just one month Kortney was aware that she is madly in love with Dave.

David felt the same way but he had a career in England to think of. He eventually decided to make one of the hardest decisions in his life but at the same time the easiest one: he called his band in England and explained that he isn’t returning to England.

Her dream vacation is a trip to Africa.

She isn’t a big fan of coffee so she iften drinks tea.

Quick summary

Full name: Kortney Kayle Galerno

Date of birth: February 8,1979

Birthplace: Ayr, Ontario, Canada

Age: 39

Profession: singer, actress, businesswoman, licensed real estate agent

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million