Vince Staples is a known Californian rapper and a member of the band known as Cutthroat Boyz. Other group members are Aston Matthews and Joey Fatts.

He is known for his generous donations to people in need, such as his donation to the American Youth Institute program. He is also known for his convencial behaviour, modesty and the fact that he is so close with his family.

Early years

He was born as Vincent Jamal Staples on July 2, 1993 in Compton in California in United States. He grew up in Ramona Park neighbourhood.

Compton area is known for the higg crime rates and a high mortality of young people involved in drugs and criminal activities. This was the main reason why his mother decided that they should move from this area and relocate to North Long Beach in California.

His parents got divorced and his father ended up in jail, serving time for some serious felonies.

Vince comes from a low income family and has three sisters and one older brother. They were always close to each other and helped each other to grow up in poverty.

He and his siblings were raised by their single mother, which was very hard for her to do because they didn’t have enough money for everything she wanted to give to her children. Her fight to make a better life for her children is the reason why Vince respects his mother very much.

He attended Optimal Christian Academy which brought him a good influence on life. He started attending high school in Atlanta where he came to lice with his aunt but he returned home after just a few months.

After that, he attended six different schools. This was because of the problems he had because of his involvment in crime. Today he openly speaks about it and ties to influence youth not to get involved in the gang lifestyle.

After his return to S. California ge became a student at the Jordan High School in Long Beach. He also attended Mayfair High School, Esperanza High School and Kennedy High School. He homeschooled while he attended Opportunity High School.

Career development

Dijon “La Vish” Samo discovered Staples and took him to Los Angeles where he made a lot of guest appearances on the singles made by LaVish’s crue called “Odd Future Collective”. The members of the group were Syd tha Kyd who was a vocalist,  Earl Sweatshirt and Mike G.

Vince was a guest appearance on Sweatshirt’s single “Doris” and was a part of almost all of his projects in the past.

He was featured on Sweatshirt’s single “Epar”.

He was very pleased and satisfied by his own work, so he decided to pursue his rapping career.

His first mixtape came out in 2011 under the name “Shyne Coldchain Vol.1”. One year later he released his new mixtape called “Winter in Prague”.

In 2012, he released his new mixtape “Stolen Youth” entirely produced by an American rapper named Mac Miller.

After the success of his tapes he was invited to sign a record deal with Def Jam Recordings, a known hip hop record label.

In 2014, he published “Shyne Coldchain Vol.2”, featured by many known artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, No ID, DJ Babu and more.

He went on a tour over United States with Schoolboy Q and Isaiah Rashad. It was the “Oxymoron World Tour”, which came in support of “Oxymoron” album made Schoolboy Q.

His track “Blue Suede” became available on itunes in the summer of 2014. After that we released his EP called “Hell Can Wait”.

In 2014 he was invited to a talk show by  Snoop Dogg’s Double G News. The same year he released his fourth mixtape called “Shyne Goldchain, Vol. 2”.

In June 2015, he released his debut album called “Summertime ’06”, produced by Clams Casino and No ID. This album eventually rose to No.3 on the Billboard Hip-Hop chart.

The same year Staples made his first film appearance in a comedy named “Dope”.

In 2016 he released a new EP called “Prima Donna” and the EP came along with with a short film. His single BagBak which came out in 2017 became a trailer for “Black Panther” movie produced by Marvel Studios. A$AP Rocky and Kilo Kish are some of the artists which guest appeared on this album.

He guest appeared on “Ascension”, a single made by Gorillaz. They are a known virtual British bend, and Vince was very proud of the fact that they wanted to make a collaboration with him.

His latest album was called “Big Fish Theory” and featured artists s Ty Dolla Sign and Tyler.  Bon Iver, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross are additional guests on this album. The album was a huge hit and went straight up in the Top five albums on all hip hop charts.

He was a part of “Sprite” campaign in 2015 and received endorsements from them. It was “Obey Your Thirst” campaign where he was joined by many known rappers such as Drake and Nas, who are also Sprite’s spokesmen.

In 2016, he showed his nobelty by giving a large amount of money to YMCA program ment for young people in North Loug Beach.

He became involved in Sprite’s campaign again in 2017.

Sprite is known after it’s connection with hip hop back in 1994 when Sprite started funding hip hop artists and they started advertising the drink. Even today, Sprite and hip hop are tightly connected.

His current management agency is “Blacksmith Agency” and he is signed to three different record labels: Blacksmith Records, Def Jam Recordings and ARTium Recordings.

He is a big fan of a Canadian music producer named Hagler and comments how he found his beat listening to his music.

Personal life

He is very different from other rappers today: he doesn’t drink, don’t do drugs and travels to work by train or Uber.

He appeared in Alexander Wang’s fall campaign.

He was a member of the Crips in his teens, sold drugs (but never used) and running away from the police. This was his way to help the family but he eventually ran away from the crime after he found music, because he knew it wasn’t good for him.

He is a fan of short hair so he is always short-trimmed. He has a charming gap in his front teeth.

He was also a model in Levi’s advertises, a model for Skrillex,  A$AP Ferg, Tinashe, and more. He is handsome and well built so he is often asked for doing clothing commercials.

Quick summary

Full name: Vincent Jamal Staples

Date of birth: July 3, 1993

Birthplace: Compton, California, United States

Age: 25

Profession: rapper, producer

Height: 1, 73 m

Weight: 70 kgs

Net Worth: $ 4 million