Alana Blanchard Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Alana Blanchard Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Any camera would love to capture the well-balanced figure of Alana Blanchard.  Her exotic beauty surges up with the waves in the beaches.Alana is a well known American model who is also a professional surfer.

She is also known for her bikini modeling photoshoots. She has been famous for making an ASP World Tour and has designed several models lime Rip Curl Swimwear that particularly strides upon the line of swimsuits that are meant especially for surfing purpose. It’s just the beginning that the glamorous diva is earning quite freely through different sources and there is hardly any doubt, and this income would increase to a great extent in the future days.

Alana’s net worth is estimated somewhere around 2 million dollars.

Early life

Alana Blanchard was born to Holt Blanchard in the year 1990, 5th March.  Her upbringing was in Hawaii. She started participating in the surfing tournaments when she just turned nine.  She never gave a second thought and chose the clothing line her professional career.

She soon received the Women’s Pipeline Championship in the city of Hawaii and was successful enough to achieve a gold medal by giving her best performance in the series of The Rip Curl Girls Festival in the category of Junior Pro held in Spain.

In Hawaii, the electrified gorgeous diva achieved the first position in the series of Roxy Pro Trails.  She was more inspired by the continuous wins, and this made her go for grabbing the next prestigious trophy, The Volcom Pufferfish Series held in Pinetrees in the year 2012. There is such information about her educational background, as she was much busy with her professional career.


Alana started competing and participating in the surfing arena when she was only nine years old.  She has been a brilliant surfer and can be considered the best female surfer who is young and ambitious with her approach towards her career.

She started surfing from the year 2005 on a serious note; firstly she was enrolled in the category of shortboard tournament. She was successful in many of the championships and tournaments and was ranked 10th in one of them.

She was successful enough to win the Women’s Pipeline Championships held in Hawaii. She went for participating in the Pro Pre Trials held in Hookipa, Maui Championship and this was the key to her success story.  She became a successful surfer and participated in several tournaments and Championships.  She even became an eminent international personality. Alana is quite a controversial topic when it comes to Sports swimsuit illustrations.

Alana is very professional minded and was ones a part of a television series.  She was there hosting the show “Surfer Girl” on A Network. She has been part of several advertisements that include the Sony Phone commercial advertisements. Her acting abilities were highlighted when she made her appearance in the film titled “Soul Surfers.”  The movie was based on the personal life and Alena’s professional journey.  The movie was a blockbuster.

Personal life

Alana has a huge fan following base, and she has almost 1.6 million in the social networking sites. She is very popular with her fans and is an extraordinary swimsuit model. She is popular for her modeling portfolios rather than her surfing style. The 24-year model is a regular face in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrations. Alana is often spotted with the Australian Junior World Champion Jack Freestone. They have been dating each other since they have come into the association.

The couple is expected to get tied up soon in the bond of marriage. She is having an amazing height of 5 feet 8 inches and has a perfect weight of 54 kg. It is because of Alana’s perfect body measurements and gorgeous and expressive outlook towards life, she liked by all, and her portfolios come out to be full of life.

This American surfer’s nickname is Lana. She has a long way to go and can manage a lot of sponsorship and endorsement that makes her ear heavily. The swimsuit model is highly recognized and accepted in the world of a swimsuit model, and her name has already reached the top managerial level that regulates the working of the industry.

Alana has a desperate attitude and zeal to perform an assigned task with all the effort she possesses. Even in the context of her relationship, she has declared that she would always remain faithful to her boyfriend and would not care about what people say.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Alana Rene Blanchard

Date of Birth: 5th March 1990

Birth Place: Kauai, Hawaii

Age: 28 Years Old

Profession: Surfer

Height: 5 Feet 8 inches / 1.73 m

Weight: 54 Kg / 120 Pounds

Net worth: $2 Million


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