Steve Davis is a British Snooker who has won several World Championships and reached the quarterfinals of each and every series. He is an achiever of almost 81 titles that have been professionally acclaimed worldwide.

The six times winner of the World Championship who had been ranked with the first position and acclaimed to be the world’s best snooker player is considered a man of luck and even considered lucky by many.

The English Snooker player is called by many with a unique name “nugget” as one who would bet upon him would surely get a fruitful return. This 6.2 feet tall British players net worth really makes one jaw drop down as it is estimated somewhere around $ 30 million.

Early life

The British Snooker player was born in Plumstead, London, England on August 22nd, 1957. Except for this information, there are no such records avail about Steve.  He came to limelight only after entering into the world of snooker and developed his unique styles and techniques for making his games appreciable. It is known that Davis, was a dominating sports personality in the era of 1980’s and while competing with Dennis Tailor in the World Championship Final in the year 1985, he was considered to be the most proficient snooker player of all times.

He was actually born to Bill Davis, who was a snooker enthusiast as well and started inspiring Steve for following his footsteps.  His father was intelligent enough to gift his son a book based on the game snooker.

The book was named “How I Play Snooker.”  The book helped Steve a lot to know about the fundamentals and unique strategies of playing Snooker.  On learning the basic strategies of the game, he was keen enough to join a club named Lucania Snooker Club situated in Romford at the age 18.

He also had interest in music from his early childhood days and also showed interest to become a professional DJ.  He was associated with electronic DJ for the platform Phoenix FM and was capable enough to fix some of the permanent slots within the circle of public Inns and famous clubs of London. He is an active player for the Bloc Weekend Festival and also did commentary for the Snooker series of BBC.


Steve started participating in the World Championships from the year 1980; his opponent was Terry Griffiths. He won his first title in the United Kingdom Championship. He even won the titles of Classic and the professional titles of International Mastership. He won the reputed titles of English Professional snooker in the year 1981. He also got enlisted for the black – ball finish and acquired a position with a ninth greatest moment of the sporting era.

He even got enlisted for participating in the Channel 4 poll in the year 2002. He was successful in grabbing the 1985 GrandPrix Championship and in the year 1985 itself, he also got entitled to 1985 UK Championship. In the 1988/1989 session, he won with a good sequence of 12-6 and defeated Jimmy White in the prestigious International Open.

David has appeared in several commercial advertisements and even published more than two books on the game snooker and the perfect gaming strategies of chess.  He even takes an interest in cooking and has written books declaring some of the essential tips for cooking.

His famous publications were released in the year 1988, featuring the title “How to be Really Interesting.”  He takes immense interest in the segment of rock music.  One of his major hit is with the musical partner Snooker Loopy. He even participated in the real episodes of ‘I Am A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here and the other being Finished Eight.

Personal life

He was awarded the prestigious CBE award that is probably the highest of the order. The British Government awarded him the prestigious award.  He got married to Judith in the year 1990, but after a long association of about 15 years, the couple got separated and went for a lawsuit ultimately filing a divorce. They got divorced in the year 2005.

Presently, Steve lives in the town of Brentwood and is the father of two sons.

Steve is also considered to be an important authority and one of the members of the BOD of the football club Leyton Orient Football Club.  He is even the residing president of the most popular snooker association Snooker Writer’s Club.  Steve likes to listen to the hit numbers of his favorite rock group Magma.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Steve Davis

Date of Birth: August 22nd, 1957

Birth Place: Plumstead, London, England

Age:  61 Years Old

Profession: Snooker Player

Height:   6.2 feet, 1.88 m

Weight:  90 Kg

Net worth: $ 30 million